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Are Culottes Unflattering for Short Girls? 6 Best Hacks

Are Culottes Unflattering for Short Girls? 6 Best Hacks

Culottes are one of those garments that go in and out of fashion.

They are also useful as in-between season wear.

Because culottes are quite full and wide, short girls think they may be unflattering.

Think again!

If they are worn correctly, culottes can flatter a short girl’s figure.

Are Culottes Unflattering for Short Girls?

Short girls can wear culottes as well as taller girls and easily with as much style as any other garment. If they are worn correctly, culottes will flatter short girls. The golden rule is to keep balance in the outfit. Short girls should not wear culottes any longer than calf-length, in a neutral or dark color. Culottes should be worn with a fitted, or even tight, top, which doesn’t hide their high waist. This combination will flatter girls with short stature.

What are Culottes?

Are Culottes Unflattering for Short Girls
Culottes can be worn with boots, sneakers, or heels.

Culottes are a form of wide pants that resemble a divided skirt.

The classic culottes are ending just below the knee, similar to long shorts.

However, our days we are also talking from a culotte when it ends above the ankle.

Culottes have straight wider legs.

A pair of culottes can be very full and look like a skirt until the person moves.

They can also be much less full and look like a pair of pants.

They do tend to be fuller than cropped pants, though.

Cropped Pants vs Culottes vs Palazzo Pants

Are Culottes Unflattering for Short Girls
The difference between palazzo trousers, culottes and cropped trousers

Cropped pants are the name to describe any pants that end just under the calves and above the ankles.

They can vary from being tight to quite loose but are not full.

Culottes usually end just below the knee, however, they can also be as long as a mid calf or end just under the calves.

They are also fuller and wider than cropped pants.

Palazzo pants are wide-legged pants that go all the way to the floor.

They can be as wide as culottes but are not as full.

They don’t tend to like a skirt, whereas culottes do.

Can Short Girls Wear Culottes?

The short answer to the question about short girls wearing culottes is ‘Yes’.

Anyone, really, can wear culottes. Whether they are flattering or not is the next question.

Because culottes are quite full, they tend to shorten the figure.

You may think that this will be unflattering to a short girl.

This isn’t necessarily the case, though.

It is because culottes are no longer just about ankle length that they can actually be quite flattering.

It also depends on how you wear the culottes.

If you are a shorter girl looking to wear culottes, here are some tips.

Rather Go Shorter than Longer

Long, full culottes that end just above the ankle can make your legs look wide and short.

A better choice is shorter culottes – no longer than just above the calf.

So basically the classic midi length you would choose with a skirt.

This leaves some of your legs showing, which makes them look longer.

You can wear sneakers or stilettos with it.

Avoid ankle booties, rather go for tall boots and wear the culottes over them.

The reason why you should avoid ankle boots is that the vertical line from your hips to your toes is interrupted and that shortens the leg.

A shorter girl should definitely not go for short culotte shorts.

These will look as though they are bunching around your hips and make you look shorter.

Keep your Outfit Balanced

Whenever I choose to wear a particular garment, I look at the whole outfit.

This is very important when you wear culottes.

You should aim to keep the lines of your body balanced.

Because the culottes are full, this means keeping your top half slimline.

Go for a tailored, close-fitting top. You can also wear a vest or a crop top.

Make sure your tuck your shirt in, this will also set the focus to your waist and gives the silhouette more definition.

Draw Attention to the Waist

Most culottes are high-waisted, which draws attention to your waist.

This draws the eye away from the fullness of the culottes. It also adds a few inches to your legs.

Don’t let your top go below your waist. If it does, use a broad belt to bring it in. When you wear culottes, keep your tops closely fitting.

Choose Darker or Neutral Colors

If you are going to wear culottes, then choose darker or neutral colors.

These create a more flowing line to your outfit.

Wearing shoes in in same color as the pants, or nude shoes, will also elongate the leg. As you see there are many tips and tricks to make a culotte work, also when you’re “petite.”

Go for Vertical Stripes

If you are going to wear culottes with patterns, then stripes are a great alternative.

Avoid horizontal stripes, though.

They emphasize the curves of the body and can make you look shorter.

Choose vertical stripes, which will seem to elongate your legs.

It’s also a good idea to choose narrow stripes against a neutral background.

Anchor the Outfit with Solid Heels

Creating balance with an outfit if you are shorter means anchoring the outfit.

Wearing heels can make you look taller, but rather go for wedges or platforms with culottes.

These give a more solid look with the fullness of the garment.

Ideas for Outfits

If you are shorter and want to wear culottes, here are some ideas for outfits that will make sure the culottes are flattering.

Wear a pair of calf-length culottes in a neutral color with a white crop top that sits just above the waist. Add wedge sandals in nude or white.

A sling bag will also add to the look.

Pair high-waisted denim culottes to just below the calf with sandals with a low wedge.

Add a close-fitting, peasant-style top.

A pair of high-waisted denim culottes with a thin pinstripe looks great when paired with a white t-shirt and platform sandals.

You can also add a light denim gilet with the same stripe.

This outfit gives you the perfect opportunity to accessorize boldly.

Wear chunky beads and bangles.

In winter, you can wear a pair of brown, calf-length culottes with tights and chunky mules.

Wear a beige polo-neck jersey and accessorize with a chunky gold chain and bracelets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Culottes

Are palazzo pants the same as culottes?

Palazzo pants are similar to culottes, because they both have wide legs. Palazzo pants are full-length, while culottes don’t go longer than just above the ankle. Culottes are also fuller than palazzo pants and can look like a skirt.

If I am not very tall, can I wear striped culottes?

If you are not very tall, you should choose colors and patterns that don’t make you seem shorter. Stripes are a good pattern to go for with culottes. However, make sure the stripes are vertical and not horizontal. Also, choose thinner stripes. The combination can make you seem to be taller.

Culottes or no Culottes?

For shorter girls, culottes are not a fashion no-no.

They can be the basis of an attractive outfit. However, remember that the culottes should be no longer than calf-length and must not be too full.

Try to wear neutral or dark colors, or culottes with a thin, vertical stripe.

You can also ground the outfit with wedge heels.