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How Long After A Spray Tan can I Wear Jeans? – 4 Best Tips

How Long After A Spray Tan can I Wear Jeans? – 4 Best Tips

A spray tan can give you a beautiful, healthy glow without the negative effects of UV rays that you get from lying under a sunbed, or, even worse, out in the sun.

Probably everyone has tried self-tan at home and knows it can stain your clothing, right after the application.

Spay tan works the same way.

And there’s often a short period, directly after getting your spray tan, that you should refrain from wearing certain clothes as they may ruin the effect of the spray tan before it has had time to set.

Therefore, today we gonna focus on the question: How long after a spray tan can I wear Jeans?

How Long After Spray Tan Can I Wear Jeans?

A spray tan needs time to develop before it can be washed off. Some spray tans require 8 to 12 hours to develop, while express spray tans may develop within a two hour period. A shower may be taken as soon as the tan has developed and tight clothes, like jeans, may be worn again after that. However, directly after a spray tan session, it is best to wear loose-fitting, dark clothes.

Setting Time For A Spray Tan

How Long After A Spray Tan can I Wear Jeans
A spray tan can give you a beautiful, healthy glow

A spray tan can give you a beautiful, healthy glow

The most important thing to understand about most spray tans is that no matter how quickly the tan develops, each brand and type of spray tan has the same active ingredient: dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

It is the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in the spray tan that allows the tan to develop, giving you that beautiful bronze look.

There is something of a chemical reaction that occurs between the DHA and the amino acids in your skin.

The DHA reacts with histidine, arginine, and lysine amino acids in the skin.

This is what causes the brown hue to form on the skin, and gives your skin that glorious bronze shade.

Some spray tans develop much faster than others due to the amount of DHA in the spray tan.

The higher the amount of DHA in the spray tan, the faster and darker the tan will develop.

A standard spray tan will take between 8 and 12 hours to develop fully.

An accelerated tan will take between 1 and 3 hours to develop.

Once the tan has fully developed, you are free to take a shower and wash the residue off your skin.

Most people allow a standard spray tan to develop overnight and only shower the next morning.

The True Color of a Spray Tan

Spray tans are traditionally colorless because the DHA in the spray tan is colorless.

Some tanning companies and manufacturers are known to add cosmetic bronzer to the tanning lotion or spray tan.

If the spray tan has a color to it, there is a high likelihood that it will stain your clothes and bedsheets.

What You Should Wear After A Spray Tan

When going in to get a spray tan, it doesn’t really matter what you have on. I mean, certainly any piece of clothe will leave some tan lines, but it is also important what you wear right after getting your fresh spray tan. And jeans after a spray tan can be a challenge. Especially when you’re getting your spray tan in winter, it is a challenge what to wear afterwards.

The point is to wear the right clothes when you leave the salon.

Ideally, you should wear loose-fitting clothes after getting a spray tan.

Remember that denim is a strong fabric and it tends to rub on your skin, or that the tan can rub off on your jeans.

And that is exactly what you want to avoid after a spray tan.

Keep in mind that the freshly sprayed tan will need to be protected.

It is best to wear dark colors and preferably cotton.

Opt for clothing that sits very loose on your body.

Some examples include loose-fitting dresses such as maxi dresses, t-shirt-style dresses, shift dresses, or summer dresses.

The idea is that the piece of clothing should make as little contact with your body as possible.

These types of clothing will help to protect your spray tan while it develops. As you can see, it is important to know what to wear in order to protect the spray tan and give it enough time to develop.

Wear Clothing Made of Cotton After a Spray Tan

There is a probability that some spray tan may rub off on your clothing.

Wearing cotton will ensure that if there is residue on the clothing, it will easily wash out.

Opt for Darker Clothes

Similarly, when and if there is a spray tan that rubs off on clothing, you will not be able to see it and it will not ruin your clothes.

Opt for Loose-fitting Clothes

This will help to minimize or prevent the clothing from rubbing against your skin and causing lines before the tan has had a chance to set.

What You Should Never Wear Immediately After A Spray Tan

Immediately following a spray tan procedure, certain clothes are considered taboo.

These are clothes that sit very tightly and may cause the spray tan to rub off or cause streaks in the spray tan.

In addition, it’s hard to get these types of clothes on.

The clothes will rub against your spray tan for the duration that you wear them, either until you get home or until you decide to take a shower.

The rubbing motion of your skin against the clothes will cause the spray tan to rub off.

  • Jeans
  • Tights
  • Leggings
  • Strappy tops
  • Tight dresses
  • Any tight-fitting clothing

When Can I Wear Jeans Again After My Spray Tan?

I know people that have worn jeans immediately after their spray tan appointment, and it’s actually worked out fine for them. But, personally, I wouldn’t risk it.

Speak to any professional at the studio where you are getting your spray tan done.

Find out what the development time for the spray tan is.

As previously mentioned, this could be between 8 and 12 hours, but some spray tans develop faster. Also, choose a wide leg jeans rather than skinny jeans. And a jean with a loose fit.

After your spray tan has had the opportunity to set up, and you have taken a shower, you can wear your favorite pair of jeans again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Tans

Can I wear a bra after getting a spray tan?

Try avoid wearing a bra, since the straps and elastic in the bra will rub against your body, causing the tan to streak. And you want to avoid tan lines. So it’s better to just wear a t-shirt. However, if you feel uncomfortable without a bra, choose one that has no wire and is really soft to minimize the rubbing.

Can I wear socks after getting my spray tan?

Also when it comes to socks, the credo is to avoid as much fabric as possible. Ideally, flip-flops work best after a spray tan or any other sandal. It’s best to avoid sandals with a lot of straps. However, if you feel that you absolutely must wear socks, aim for dark, loose, cotton socks.

What happens if my tan rubs off? What can I do?

There is nothing you can do to salvage the tan. You will need to get the tan reapplied again. This is why it is so crucial to ensure that you are wearing loose-fitting clothing and allowing the spray tan to set.

How long will my spray tan last?

The average spray tan will last approximately 10 days. But, this all comes down to various factors such as the type of spray tan you applied, how dark the tan was applied, and how light/dark your own natural skin tone is.


Getting a spray tan is a safer alternative to achieving that beautiful bronze, sun-kissed glow.

However, you want to be sure not to rub off the spray tan before it has time to develop.

Jeans may be too tight to wear after a spray tan and you’d be better off waiting through the development time before getting back into your favorite pair of jeans.