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How Should Hiking Sandals Fit – a Short Guide

How Should Hiking Sandals Fit – a Short Guide

For some years the sporty sandals were mainly seen on camping places or hiking tours.

Not necessarily the kind of fashion piece you would have seen outside of mountains.

Luckily fashion changes and those allrounders are now welcome on many occasions.

Over the last two summers, the sandals are more and more present in the metropolis of this world and they became street and office suitable.

When I was on the lookout for them I decided to go for the brand Teva.

The shoe consists of a strap system where each strap can be adjusted individually for the perfect fit.

The straps are made out of recycled plastic bottles.

However, I had a hard time finding the right size since they are offered in men and women sizes, and I am a US 9 so men and women are offered in my size.

The best way to find this out: test it!

Let’s have a closer look at the sizing.

How Should Teva Sandals fit?

Teva sandals are true to size. That means if you usually wear a size US 9 order this size. They do offer women and men sizes. You can easily order men’s ones, just size down, for example, order US Size 7 (EU39.5) in men instead of US 9 (EU 40) in women sizes. One of the big advantages of Teva when it comes to sizing is that the straps are adjustable. So you can decide if you like the straps rather loose or tight. In general, between your longest toe and the shoe should be a space of 1.2″ so that the feet can wickle while walking. The straps shouldn’t be too loose but also not too tight.

What to Wear with Hiking Sandals?

The Sandals are sophisticated and almost every look works with them.

They are available in many designs some very colorful with straps in different colors, some with printed straps, and in plain standard colors like black, white, and brown.

Plateau shoe lovers will love them as well since the shoe comes in 3 different heights: standard, mid form (1.25″ ), and flatform (2 1/4″ ).

I chose the classic black and white ones as I felt that they fit the best in my closet. Here are some ideas to style your hiking sandals:

Long black dress, a beach bag, and a sun hat

My favorite look to be honest. I choose a slightly elegant midi A-Line Dress and black hiking sandals. The outfit gets a sporty touch but is still suitable for outside summer dining.

Mom-Jeans or straight cut Jeans, loose-fitting shirt, long linen coat

That outfit is perfect for any shopping tour, meeting with friends, or just going for a walk.

It is a sporty but yet well-dressed look. I love the combination of the noble linen and the solid shoes.

Beige shorts, striped T-Shirt, and baseball cap

Love that look with the white Tevas. A Blue and white striped T-shirt is a must wear in every season and it’s an easy combination for a relaxed day.

Slacks, Shirt, and Blazer

Slacks are usually business trousers, however, thanks to the combination with sneakers, they are more present on the streets.

I like the combination of formal trousers and then there is the contrast of the sports sandals.

The Colorful Hiking Sandals

If you are more into the colorful ones, I would choose plain garments to focus on the shoes.

Or you create a color-blocking outfit and combines it with the Teva in 90s multi-color.

However, avoid bold prints – combined with the multi-color shoes the look will get a clownish touch and that’s most likely not what you want.

Bold prints go better with plain color Tevas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Sandals

How to clean your hiking sandals?

The best way is to hand wash them with a mild soap. Put some water and mild soap in a bucket and leave them there for a couple of minutes. Then take a soft brush and clean them carefully. They are not suitable for machine wash.

Are hiking sandals comfy?

The huge advantage of hiking sandals is that each strap is adjustable. Another advantage is that you can wear them in water as well. They have a soft footbed and are suitable for long walks. When the feet are swollen you can just adjust the straps and you don’t have to feel squeezed in your shoes.