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How to Accessorize a Black Lace Dress – 3 Key Points

How to Accessorize a Black Lace Dress – 3 Key Points

The Importance of Simplicity

The black lace dress is an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe, and it is, for sure, one of the most precious articles for a woman.

Colors are primal when choosing accessories, and black favors any other color.

Black lace is a complicated material to accessorize, mainly for two reasons.

First, its rococo style does not favor the use of any accessories if one wants to stand out for the art of simplicity; second, specifically, black lace never helps the use of any accessories as it is very difficult to appreciate.

We need to focus on simplicity and elegance to achieve a beautiful outfit with a black lace dress as the main protagonist of the occasion.

Black will always be the new black.

How to Accessories a Black Lace Dress

Black favors almost every color, however when it comes to accessories a black lace dress there are certain points we need to pay attention to. The laces interrupt the plain black already, therefore not too much Jewlerry should be used. Using dark details and accessories is not helping in this instance, instead, choose jewelry in bright colors or traditional gold and silver. With this method, we will achieve a surprise effect and lighting the black outfit. 

The Key Is Jewellery

As a lover of simplicity, and I believe that it is the basis of elegance.

There is no need to accessorize a lace dress with extravagant items since lace already looks on its own and stands out as the protagonist of the outfit. And the laces should not compete with the accessories. 

However, jewelry is essential and many women might feel naked without it. The outfit’s crown jewel should never get overshadowed by other minor jewelry. I

f we decide on a beautiful gold necklace, such as Dior’s “Rose des vents” ($ 2,240), we should not wear long earrings but opt for smaller pearls or choose not to wear earrings to the occasion.

The same happens with any other jewelry item, such as bangles, watches, or bracelets, as well as rings.

It is essential not to overweight the outfit with lots of jewelry. It is better if we choose to wear only a necklace or, perhaps, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

The key is not putting two pieces of jewelry too close, so each one can go solo.

The Spark Goes With The Bag

Since the bag is also an accessory, let’s look at the bags that go with a black lace dress.

The rule here is the same: the bag should match the jewelry and if you go for a statement bag, choose simple jewelry. 

For example, the Rock Metallic Savage clutch from Zadig & Voltaire in its gold version, which is currently in sale for $ 199 on the webpage.

This accessory would give the outfit a rebellious point, but we could also opt for more traditional options and carry a clutch or a small bag, for a more sophisticated look.

Small bags are the key when we want to achieve an elegant and smart outfit. With a black lace dress, that is what we are trying to get.

A Pair of Heavenly Shoes

No outfit can be complete without a proper pair of shoes. In this case, and without a doubt, we should opt for high heels, stiletto, and black.

A 120mm patent leather pair of shoes like Christian Louboutin’s “So Kate“, now available for $ 745 on the web, would be the ideal option.

Otherwise, you could also opt for a slightly lower shoe, although always keeping the heel, preferably a spike one.

Not everyone feels comfortable on high heels, so also flat shoes can make the outfit work.For instance with the HANGISIFLAT from Manolo Blahnik. However, remember that heels highlight the legs much better than flat shoes.

The End of an Outfit 

Having added these accessories, we must remember that overloading the outfit would be even harmful.

In simplicity is elegance, and a necklace, a bag, and some good heels say much more than a body decorated from top to bottom with unnecessary accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions on Accessorizing a Black Lace Dress

May I wear different colors than gold and silver to accessorize my dress?

Undoubtedly! The clearest examples are always pure colors, but you can let your imagination fly as far as you want. Rose gold is a color that stands out a lot with black, just like white or bright colors. I do not recommend using dark accessories since they would hardly be distinguished when you wanted. Bright colors do also give light to your outfit, which is pretty dark on its base.

What if I do not like wearing heels?

No problem! Heels are only the most appropriate option if it is a more formal event. You can accompany the dress with wedge sandals, or perhaps esparto platforms (depending, obviously, on what time of year we are). There is also the option of wearing flat shoes, such as ballerinas shoes. You could even combine a black lace dress with elegant and classic decorations, giving the outfit fun and sporty touch.

What about the bags? Is it essential to wear a small one?

It’s not! That is just my recommendation, as you do not want to overshadow the dress, which is the protagonist of the outfit. A small bag is an accompaniment, and it has to look like that. A clutch that is too big makes an overly ostentatious appearance and dulls the sense of a lace dress, which should always be considered subtle.