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How to Choose Lipstick Color for Outfit – 12 Best Tricks

How to Choose Lipstick Color for Outfit – 12 Best Tricks

Skin tone and outfit should match, but also the skin tone, lipstick, and outfit should match.

That can be a challenge, but making sure that your lipstick coordinates perfectly with your outfit is critical for a flawless look.

There are quite a few ways to make sure that your lip color looks good, and there are plenty of ways to mess this one up.

This complete guide will teach you how to pick a lipstick color for an outfit to make sure that your outfit slays.

Here are the answers to the question: How to Choose Lipstick Color for an Outfit?

How To Choose Lipstick Color For Outfit

First, try on different shades to discover what lip colors will look good with your skin tone. Then, coordinate your lip color with key aspects of your outfit, such as accessories. Avoid wearing vibrant shades of both eyeshadow and lipstick. Remember, when in doubt, go with nude lipstick.

Match Your Lipstick And Your Skin Tone

How to Choose Lipstick Color for Outfit
Skin Tones are playing an important role in finding the right lipstick

It’s always important to consider your skin tone when choosing lipstick shades.

If your skin tone doesn’t pair well with your lipstick, it will make the entire outfit look bad.

In general, darker, bold shades look better with darker skin tones and vice versa.

Take the time to try on various shades of lipstick in the mirror to see what looks good.

How to Find your Skin Tone and Undertone in 3 easy steps:

Skin tone is the color of your skin and usually, this is broken down into 3 types: light, medium, and dark.

The easiest way to figure out what skin tone you have is to see how your skin reacts to the sun.

Light skin tone will be very sensitive to the sun and burn fast, while medium skin tone tans easily and does not get sunburned as fast as light skin tones.

Dark skin tones can still get sunburns, so no matter what skin tone you are, use sunscreen.

When purchasing the right makeup, you also need to be aware of your undertones.

Those are the tones underneath your skin, that will complete your complexion of the skin.

  • Check your veins, blue or purple veins mean you have a cool undertone. Blue or greenish veins stand for neutral undertone and green or olive veins for warm undertones.
  • Check your jewelry: gold usually looks best with warm undertones, while silver is flattering on cool undertones. If silver and gold are the perfect matches for you, you likely have a neutral undertone.
  • Hold a white sheet of paper beside your face. If your face appears to have a yellow touch, it indicates a warm skin tone. If your face appears to be any kind of rose or reddish, you have a cool skin tone. A gray hue on your skin would indicate an olive skin tone. If you can not determine if you are rather yellowish, reddish, or gray you most likely have a natural skin tone.

Coordinate Lip Color And Accessories

Wearing a turquoise bracelet and earrings?

Try a bold color of turquoise to make your lipstick pop. Your entire outfit will coordinate together perfectly.

Use The Same Color As Your Outfit

If you’re wearing an all-red dress, you’ll instantly turn heads with a red pout. Bold red is a statement, no question about it.

However, when using this tip, make sure that you remember you should choose a shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone.

For example, if your shirt is hot pink, but you don’t look good in hot pink lipstick, try a lipstick with a lighter nuance such as rose if this works better with your skin type.

But generally speaking, red tones tend to go with every skin tone.

So if you are unsure what kind of lipstick color to pick with your dress, choose one with red hues.

And if you feel the red is too intense, then apply a lip gloss over it.

As you can see, red is a shade that is extremely versatile and it is also perfect for mixing different hues.

Accentuate One Feature

Wearing too much makeup is always a bad idea.

If you’ve already perfected a glam smokey eye, it’s best to play down the lips with a neutral color.

Wearing bold colors on both the eyes and lips is not flattering. Instead, focus on either the eyes or the lips to draw attention.

Nude Lips Are Always A Great Idea

How to Choose Lipstick Color for Outfit
Nude is a safe option when it comes to lipsticks.

Nude lipstick is a makeup staple that every girl should own. As the name indicates, nude is a shade very close to your natural lip color.

This versatile lip shade pairs well with any outfit. It’s an exceptional choice to avoid wearing too much makeup, too!

Rock a dramatic smokey eye with nude lip color for a look that everyone will love.

Another benefit of nude lipstick: it is suitable for every occasion.

If a day in the office, a day with friends nude lipstick is always a safe choice.

You can apply gloss over the nude lipstick for an evening occasion.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when wearing nude lipstick is to find the right shade for your skin tone.

So the same rule applies to colored lipstick: without the right lipstick tone, your skin will look pale and fade.

Some tips to find the perfect nude tone for you:

Dark Skin Tones: 

Probably the easiest skin tone when it comes to nude lipstick is dark skin tone. Nude colors with caramel to darker brown shades will suit you.

Medium & Olive Skin Tone

Go with peachy nude tones but also lighter brown tones will be flattering since your skin tone already has a brownish touch and the lipstick will nicely enhance this.

Light & Fair Skin Tone

Finding nude lipstick for this skin tone is a bit tricky but not impossible.

Use a peachy to light rose tone. Also, a good option is a slightly tinted rose gloss.

You also want to consider your undertone, if you have warm undertones choose lipstick with pink hues and avoid camel tones.

If you have warm undertones, choose a nude lipstick with beige, orange or purple hues.

Try the lipstick on your wrist, because you can also see the veins that help to determine the undertone of your skin tone.

Spice Things Up With Ombre Lips

Graphic lips and dramatic colors are always trending. Go bold might be the statement of the day.

Create a red and pink ombre lip color by using red on the outside of the lips, and drawing a line of pink down the middle of both lips.

Then, smooch the lips together until the colors are completely blended.

You can try this makeup look with any of your two favorite lip colors!

Stick With The Same Color Palette

Sticking with the same color palette guarantees that your outfit won’t be too matchy, but you’ll also look great.

For example, a pink dress can be worn with shades of lip color in pale pink.

Outfits with shades of brown will look good with brown, tan, and nude lip colors.

Avoid Matching Everything

While it’s a classic tip to match lipstick with a dress, it’s important not to match everything.

Matching your dress, lip color, eye color, and accessories will be an overpowering yet unflattering look.

Instead, play around with different color combinations and use complementary colors for makeup.

Every Color Lipstick Goes Well With White

When wearing white, it’s significant to note that every color of lipstick will look great.

Soft pinks and nudes will have a lighthearted look.

Bold colors can also be paired with white for dramatic flair.

However, make sure that the lip color looks good with your skin color.

When Wearing Red, Go With Peach, Pink, Or Nude

Red shirts and dresses go particularly well with other shades of red.

Wear nude shades with metallic eyeshadow.

A pink lipstick shade will look great on anyone that has a fair skin tone.

When considering shades of pink, it’s critical to pick a light shade of pink.

Avoid bold shades, such as hot pink. Peachy lipsticks are another great idea!

This classic color complements most bold outfits, including those with bright red.

Clash Your Makeup And Outfit Styles

How to Choose Lipstick Color for Outfit
Color Explosion with purple lips

Wearing dramatic outfits with dramatic glam makeup can be overkill.

Instead, consider clashing the two.

For glamorous outfits, tone the makeup down with a natural makeup look and light pink lipstick.

When wearing basic outfits, add more dramatic makeup looks, such as graphic eyeliner or bold, glittery lipstick in a beautiful shade of pink.

Add Drama With Bold Lips

The color red seems to scream drama, whether it’s a daring red dress or an eye-catching red lip color.

Red lips are the perfect choice for black outfits, glamorous weddings, and even an afternoon out running errands.

Red lipstick says that you are confident and ready to take on the world. Depending on your skin tone, you can also add a hue of orange lipstick and mix it with red.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipstick

What is the best lipstick color for fair skin?

For fair skin, wear a makeup color that is a natural color. A nude color is a great idea. You can also wear peachy shades of lipstick or light shades of pink. Avoid vibrant colors and dark lipstick. Instead, add a pop of color to your outfit with a little bit of eyeshadow or accessories.

What color lipstick should I wear with a red dress?

When wearing a red dress, avoiding too much vibrant color is important. Red lips look good with a red dress, but that is the only vibrant color that will work. Other options include peach and light pink lipstick shades. When in doubt, stick with a nude lip color.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect lip color to coordinate with an outfit color can be challenging, but it simply takes a little bit of practice.

Remember these tips and tricks, and start trying on lipstick to find your perfect shade!

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