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How to Make Crayon Lipstick With Vaseline?

How to Make Crayon Lipstick With Vaseline?

Lipsticks are a necessary part of a woman’s makeup routine since it adds color and vibrancy to the lips.

Crayon lipsticks are a variety of lipsticks, that comes in a tube, and do not have applicators.

They are similar to crayons in appearance and texture, hence, the name.

It is every woman’s dream, to slay on a budget.

You don’t have to spend money on every makeup item you like, when you can simply whip up your favorite Ruby Woo lipstick at home.

Ideally, store-bought crayon lipsticks are amazing for the job of making your lips look sexy, however, if you really want to be sure about the ingredients used, it’s best to produce your own lipstick at home.

It also doubles the fun! The two main ingredients are crayons and Vaseline

How to Make Crayon Lipstick With Vaseline?

You can make crayon lipstick with these simple, affordable and readily available ingredients such as; non-toxic crayons, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and Olive oil. You can also replace Vaseline in this recipe, with shea butter, and adjust it to your preferences. You’ll also need equipment such as a bowl, stirring utensils and measuring tools,

How to Produce?

The first step required in making a crayon stick with Vaseline is to get every necessary material needed to produce it.

After doing this, the next step is to peel off the paper surrounding the crayon.

You can do this by placing the crayon in warm water for a few minutes before peeling the wrapper. Cut the crayon into smaller pieces in a bowl.

Then, put a pot of water of minimum quantity on a range or any cooking apparatus with low heat. 

Once you’re done with that, carefully line a bowl with foil paper and place it inside the pot of water which should have cooled down to room temperature by this time.

Afterwards, put the crayon which has been broken into small particles and the petroleum jelly or shea butter into the pot.

Place the pot back on your cooking apparatus and reduce the heat to the lowest possible. Ensure that the water doesn’t get into your mixture to avoid it turning rancid in a short period. 

Let it melt a little, then add a teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture. You can add more olive oil to the mixture, bearing in mind that the amount of oil in your lipstick determines how moisturizing your lipstick will be.

Stir continuously till the crayon dissolves and the mixture becomes somewhat thick. 

After this is done, put down the pot, and pour the mixture into the tube or silicone mold of your choice.

Put the tube with the mixture in the refrigerator to cool off and solidify.

Once you’re done with these processes, you have your homemade Crayon lipstick made with Vaseline and other resources that can be found at home.

Benefits of Crayon Lipsticks?

Crayon lipsticks are long-lasting, smooth to apply and give a nourishing glow to the lips.

It is much more unique than the normal lipstick. Although they serve the same purpose of beautifying the lips, the crayon lipstick gives off a bold vibe and a long-lasting shade to the lips.

It is also a very good base for lip gloss and is quite alluring.

Also, it could protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, if it is made with shea butter or your petroleum jelly contains sun protection factor. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Crayon Lipstick

Why should I trust the homemade lipstick?

Because you made it under safe hygienic conditions, with ingredients that pose no harm to human beings and it was made to suit your need and satisfaction. It is absolutely safe to use because it provides you with the benefits of not having to deal with the toxic chemicals that branded lipsticks might contain.  

Are crayon lipsticks long-lasting?

As deduced from prior information, it absolutely depends on the level of moisture or the number of oils that your lipstick contains. If it doesn’t contain much, crayon lipsticks are guaranteed to last long.

How long does it take to finish up with the production process?

It should take 15 minutes or more, to finish up with the lipstick production process. 

How long does it last?

Homemade lipsticks should last for as long as six months if the ingredients are bacteria-free and are prepared in a clean environment.

How do you apply your crayon lipstick?

Firstly, prep your lips with a lip scrub and moisturize with a lip balm. This creates a hydrated base for your lipstick application. Then, trace the outline of your lips with a lip liner, using a color that matches your lipstick or a slightly brown color. You can extend it over your cupid bow to give the appearance of fuller lips.  Make sure you blend into the edges and corners of your lips. After doing this, fill in the rest of your lips with your lipstick of choice. To achieve a defined lip shape, highlight your upper lip with a concealer that is a shade or two shades lighter than your skin tone and dust a little highlighter over your cupid bow. Contour your lower lip with your foundation or concealer that is exactly your skin tone. This way, your lip looks defined and beautiful. You can also apply gloss over your lipstick to kick it a notch higher.


Beauty is not characterized by the price of your products. Some products are really easy to produce at home and the results are amazing. It gives you a safe feeling if you know what is in your beauty products, given that most of us are wearing make-up 8-10 hours per day.