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How to Melt Lipstick into a Palette? All you Need to Know

How to Melt Lipstick into a Palette? All you Need to Know

A woman’s favorite fantasy, is a trip to the Maldives, with her besties, away from the stressful routine of work, housekeeping and the kids, surrounded by nature, with her favorite gadgets, favorite wears and favorite self-care products.

However, moving around, with a box full of clothes, lotions and makeup, is probably tantamount to the reason you’re going on a vacation in the first place; Stress. 

In the same vein, you do not want to stress your beautiful self, trying to think of how to reduce your luggage, I have it all figured out for you.

I know you want to travel with a variety of lipsticks,so you can slay and take amazing pictures for the gram,but you don’t need to.

You can simply transfer your favorite lipstick colours into a palette and voila! You have a travel size palette, that can fit into your makeup purse.

How do you do this, without ruining your prized lipsticks? This article seeks to answer that question. 

How to Melt Lipstick into a Palette?

There are two basic ways of storing your lipsticks in a palette. The first way, is to melt it with heat while the second way is to press it into your palette. You’ll need a palette, a metal spoon, a candle, a spatula or a small knife and definitely, lipsticks. You don’t need to buy a new palette, just for this purpose, you can use an empty lip palette, an old paint palette or even old cases for your contact lens. 

Melting or Pressing?

The first method requires that you melt your lipstick into the palette.

The first step is to gather the lipsticks you want, then wind your lipstick up its tube, until you’re satisfied with the amount it will give.

The second step is to Use your spatula or the small knife, to slice your lipstick neatly, onto your metal spoon. This process is called depotting.

After doing this, light your candle and place the spoon over the candle, slowly heat your depotted lipstick and make sure it doesn’t come to a boil in the process.

Pour the melted lipstick into the pan of your palette and let it cool.

Repeat the process with the other lipsticks, till you reach the desired number. 

It is necessary to note that this process, if not carefully done, can change the consistency of your lipstick, which is why a lot of professional makeup artists prefer the other method that will be explained later.

It should also be noted, that it is necessary to wipe the spoon clean with a kitchen towel, to avoid staining the other lipsticks when you repeat the process.

Also, during this process, you can decide to mix different lipsticks together to get a shade you want or mix a little lip balm in the melted lipstick, to add more moisture.

It’s also quite hygienic because the heat helps to kill off all bacteria that the lipstick might harbor, through constant use. 

The second method requires that you press your lipstick, into the palette. For this process, you only need an empty palette, a spatula and your lipsticks.

The first step is to wind your lipstick up to the desired amount.

Then slice it with your spatula and place in the well or pan of the palette. Press or crush it with your spatula and you’re done! Repeat the process with other lipsticks and you have a custom made lip palette, for you and by you.  

This method is a little messy, but you can clean the palette thoroughly when you’re done. Also, it is the best method for people who do not want the consistency of their product to change.

How to Make Lipstick at Home?

Instead of cutting your favorite lipsticks, you can just have fun, whip some up at home and create your own palette. This is also an inexpensive way to collect various lipstick colors and shades. 

You’ll need a variety of waxes such as rice wax, candelilla wax, beeswax, etc., cocoa or shea butter, oils such as almond oil, coconut oil etc., essential oils, natural colorants like cocoa powder for a nude shade, or beetroot powder for a deep red shade. 

Firstly, melt your wax, oils and shea or cocoa butter, by heating them in a double boiler. Add your chosen colorant and remove the mixture from the heat. Stir in the essential oils and pour the mixture in your palette.

Let it cool and you have a homemade lip palette.

How to Use Your Lip Palette?

It is trite to note, that to fully maximize a lip palette, you might need to invest in a set of lip brushes too.

This aids application of the lipstick, so you don’t have to apply with your hands. Also, you get to blend like a pro! 

Firstly, prep your lips with a lip scrub and moisturize with a lip balm. This creates a hydrated base for your lipstick application. 

Then, line your lips with a lip brush, using a slightly brown lip color.

Make sure you blend into the edges and corners of your lips. After doing this, fill in the rest of your lips with your lipstick of choice. 

To achieve a defined lip shape, highlight your upper lip with a concealer that is a shade or two shades lighter than your skin tone and dust a little highlighter over your cupid bow.

Contour your lower lip with your foundation or concealer that is exactly your skin tone.

This way, your lip looks defined and beautiful. You can also apply gloss over our lipstick to kick it a notch higher. 


Lipsticks are every woman’s favorite part of makeup, and can literally make or ruin your look. It is therefore advised to handle every procedure with care and caution.

Frequently Asked  Questions

How long does it last?

Homemade lipsticks should last for as long as six months, if they are prepared in a clean environment. 

Is it safe to use lipsticks made at home?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to do so. It provides you with the benefits of not having to deal with the toxic chemicals that branded lipsticks might contain.