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How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit- 4 Best Looks and Tips

How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit- 4 Best Looks and Tips

The perfect look lives from the composition of clothing, makeup accessories, and shoes.

Only if all those parts are working together, you have created the perfect look.

Today we gonna have a closer look at sandals.

I always feel that sneakers are so easy to style, however, sandals are often a challenge, so let us find out how to pick the right sandals for the outfit?

How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit

The occasion, style, and color come into play when you decide which sandals to wear. For a comfy everyday look go with sandals with a good footbed. For a formal event choose sandals with heels, and make sure they’re fitting properly. If you want to rock the bohemian style choose sandals with color full tassels or gladiator sandals.

The Right Fit

The right fit of the shoe is important for all shoe models.

However, if a sandal does not fit, everyone will realize it, since the shoe is open.

How many pictures are on the internet of stars, with shoes where the toe rags out over the edge or where the feet are squeezed into the sandal no matter what!

What’s important when buying sandals? The toes should also have some wiggle room because the feet will start swelling during the day.

So buy your shoes in the afternoon.

Good sandals should also stabilize the foot, that’s often difficult in sandals since they don’t have a supportive shell like sneakers.

So have a look for sandals with good straps, wider straps are giving better support.

Choose sandals with a thicker sole, as this helps to cushion the step and you avoid back pain.

The sole should fit your feet, so it should be as wide as your foot.

If you planning of doing a lot of walking in the sandals, get some with adjustable straps.

The Outfit and The Right Style of Sandals

How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit

Different styles of sandals

Automatically the occasion and the rest of the look will also determine what kind of sandals to wear. Before we look at some outfit ideas, let’s get a quick overview of all sandal models and when to wear them.

  • Wedges: This is the perfect shoe if you need a bit of heel, but you are not comfortable on small heels. Wedges can be worn elegant or casual, depending on the design of the shoe


  • Flip Flops: Perfect for the beach. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a lot of support for your feet, so better don’t wear them for longer walks. However, they are cute with a dress or shorts and very practical if you just need to grab something at the coffee shop around the corner


  • Strappy Sandals: They usually come with a heel, sometimes mid-heel sometimes high heel. This is an elegant option and suitable for office or evening events.


  • Strap sandals: those sandals are usually the comfy ones with a nice footbed such as Birkenstock Arizona.  They came back in style a few years ago and are still very fashionable and comfy.


  • Hiking/ Trekking Sandals: hiking sandals such as Tevas had their trend high two to three years ago in the area of the Scandinavian chic. They are part of the clean, sophisticated look, in natural tones and often combined with sustainable clothes.


  • Thong Sandals: they are very similar to flip flops, however, thong sandals usually have a thicker sole and more details such as decorative gold chains.


  • Gladiator Sandals: Those sandals have a lot of straps going on. There are variants of gladiator boots when the sandals are knee-high. This sandal is usually flat and made out of leather or vegan leather. Sometimes you can also find tassels and other details on the shoe. It is especially lovely for a casual occasion in combination with a maxi skirt or shorts.

Some Outfit Ideas for Sandals in Summer

How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit

One strap sandals and a flower dress are perfect for hot days

Pepa Dress With Brown Slide sandals

Pepa dresses are my summer favorite! I rock this with brown slide sandals for an ultimate outfit. The outfit comes in handy with summer’s heat.

You can upgrade this outfit with some summer apparel like a pair of tassel earrings.

Booty Shorts and Boho Top with Espadrilles Sandals

A booty shot and boho top look is boring.

However, you can transform this look immediately by rocking this outfit with your espadrilles sandals for a sophisticated look.

Moreover, a messy hair updo adds style to this outfit.

Grey Skinny Jeans and a White T-Shirt With Brown Summer Sandals

This is a low-profile but still exquisite casual street outfit.

Just wear an oversized white t-shirt with skinny grey jeans.

Then pair them with matching sandals and a brown leather shoulder bag.

White Mini Skirt With a Black Oversized T-Shirt and Gold Summer Sandals

If you like to look a little artistic, this white, black, and gold outfit fits you.

Wear an oversized black t-shirt with a white mini skirt or white mini shorts for some beautiful layers.

Some Outfit Ideas for Sandals in Winter

How to Pick the Right Sandals for the Outfit

Business chic with mules

Fur-lined Slides With Neutral socks

This can be worn with pencil skirts and a turtle neck top tucked in. It is a ladylike look ideal for your Christmas parties or brunches. Plus, this casual winter wear is suited for low-key parties. You can wear it with a crop top, a pair of skinny jeans, and your puffer jacket or pullover.

 A Layered Maxi Dress With Strapped Sandals

This outfit gives you a sophisticated look! Pair it with a bomber or denim jacket for an attractive, fashionable look.

Just one request! Don’t walk for too long if you pick heels. If you want a casual look, combine your denim jacket with oxford sandals.

A Minimalist Style With Ballerina Sandals 

This outfit looks elegant, especially when pulled off right. Choose either printed leggings or bright-colored tights to embrace an eccentric look.

You can wear this outfit with classic ballerina sandals for a perfect outfit.

Denim Jackets With Lace-Up Heels     

Whether it’s a friend’s or family party, this footwear option is perfect for rocking the outfit! Lace-up heels perfectly fit any outfit you wish.

You can wear them with classic ponchos or rib-knit dresses to keep your winter essence alive!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sandals

Does it matter how many straps the sandals have?

Straps stabilize the feet and help to feel more comfortable. More straps can help to walk better in the shoes and to feel more comfortable. However, also the position of the strap and if you have a small or wide strap will play an important role. Choose sandals with a wider strap and straps that are adjustable.

Does the material of the sandal matter?

Plastic will likely let your feet sweat faster and it mind rubs on your skin. Natural materials are skin friendlier. However, always consider the occasion. If you go to the beach choose the plastic sandals, if you go for a city stroll I would suggest more comfortable sandals made out of natural materials.