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How to Style Mid Heel Shoes – They are as Good as High Heels

How to Style Mid Heel Shoes – They are as Good as High Heels

Mid heels, high heels, block heels, wedges, flat shoes… there are many different styles of heels.

Today we gonna look at mid heels.

How to style them and what to watch out for when wearing mid-heel boots.

For a long time, women were supposed to wear high heels.

I think we all remember the flight attendance wearing high heels on a 12-hour flight.

Then the uniforms were changed and they switched to mid heels.

Now even one airline switched to sneakers – my personal favorite.

So high heels stand for sexiness and feminism and experienced a huge bump during the Sex and The City area. The 4 inches shoe became the new normal. Well at least in the movies.

Heels have power, women feel more feminine when wearing heels.

But despite all that, also a smaller heel can do the magic.

The combination of outfits, shoes, and accessories counts. And that you can properly walk in the shoes. No benefit of wearing 4 inches when every step hurts to watch.

Mid heels are for all ages.

I know they were long associated with some elderly women, but there are modern models out there and you don’t always need to wear high heels. It’s also a matter of height.

I prefer mid-heel because they still elongate your leg, however, they are much more comfortable to walk in than high heels.

But let’s have a closer look at the question “How to Style Mid Heel Shoes?”.

How to Style Mid Heel Shoes

Block heels are very comfortable

How to Style Mid Heel Shoes

You can style mid-heels shoes with a skirt, trousers, denim, and dresses. Kick flare jeans, a white shirt, and a red mid-heel shoe with a french heel is a comfy everyday combination. For an elegant occasion, you can opt-in for a black dress and kitten heels. There are some tricks to elongate the leg even with mid-heel shoes. Choose pointed mid heel shoes over square toes and go with a low vamp rather than a high vamp shoe. 

What are Mid-Heel Shoes

A mid-heel shoe is defined with a heel of 2-3 inches.

They come in various models and you will still have the feeling of wearing heels.

However, it is much easier to walk with them and also much healthier.

They are a bit higher than kitten heels but still as elegant as high heels.

Kitten heels have usually a thin heel of one to two inches, high heels between 3 and four inches.

So mid-heels are nicely in between.

Wearing mid heels will still have the effect that you appear to be taller, however, you will also be more stable on your shoes.

Why Are Mid Heels Great for Tall and Small Women

Cute and comfy: kitten heels

As often when it comes to aesthetics it’s all about balance.

Smaller people want to win some inches, however, if they wear heels that go up to the sky, the look seems unbalanced.

A mid-heel or a smaller high heel just gives the necessary height without looking out of proportion.

Women are getting taller and it’s harder to find a man that is taller than you.

And here comes the mid-heel into play. It gives a little extra but you won’t be the Empire State Building on two legs.

They do the clack-clack-clack sound we all love when wearing heels, but they don’t go overboard and you can walk in them 24/7.

Outfit Ideas with Mid Heel Shoes


Kick Flare with Mid Heels

Mules and jeans are a stylish combination

Kick Flare and mid heels are a perfect combination.

It is an easy look and you can wear it to any occasion.

Usually, I combine a white shirt and a few accessories with this look.

Kick flares can be worn with sneakers as well, however, I think a little heel stretches the leg nicely and the flare is the key element in this look.

Dresses with Mid Heels

You don’t always need to wear super high heels with your pencil skirt.

Also, mid heels or kitten heels are a good option. For a pencil skirt, I would recommend choosing a rather skin heel, to balance it with the skirt.

If you prefer an A-line skirt, you can also go with a block heel.

When wearing a dress with mid-heel shoes, choose shoes with a low vamp.

That means that the shoe will just end above your toes. While high vamps will cover most of the feet.

The reason behind wearing a low vamp shoe is that the legs appear longer in low vamp shoes, as the feet function as an extension of the leg.

Also, the toe shape is important: a pointed toe is an extension to your feet, while a square toe just cuts the fees off and the legs appear to be shorter.


Frequently Asked Questions about Mid-heel Shoes


What heel is the most comfortable one?

When choosing the right heel high and form for yourself, many factors play into it: Are you used to walking in heels? The form of your feet and the quality of the shoes. There is no general tool to this question, however, there are voices that say one to two inches is the best heel height. But again this comes down to personal preference. Some might say that 1 or two inches in kitten heels do not feel comfortable at all.

Do look mid heel shoes better on taller women?

Mid-heel shoes can be worn by all body types or body heights. For women who usually buy petite collections, mid-heel shoes are great because they give a bit of height, but do not exaggerate and the look is balanced out. Taller women also get a few inches, but they won’t be a giant between all the other people. Even with mid-heel shoes, your posture will adjust and you will still feel like you are wearing heels. However, in the end, they are easier to walk in and the pressure on the back is not as high as with high heels.


As often the heights do not matter. Mid-heel shoes can be as elegant as high heels or flat shoes.

It is a matter of what kind of shoes you feel comfortable in.

There is no point in wearing a certain piece just to be “fashionable” if you don’t feel comfortable the whole look will not work.

So choose your favorite heel height and wear it like a queen.