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How to Style Mom Shorts – The 5 most Stunning Looks

How to Style Mom Shorts – The 5 most Stunning Looks

It’s shorts season!

Our favorite jeans are definitely getting shorter and breezier.

Sometimes even a little too short.

For those who like to wear shorts but don’t want to go with short shorts, mom shorts come in handy.

So let’s jump right into the question of how to style mom shorts?

How to Style Mom Shorts

Elegant, sporty, sexy, casual? Yes, there are many ways to style a mom jean short. For the dressy touch, wear a blazer, a plain top, and mom shorts. Or simply with a camisole top for a very feminine look. With a t-shirt and flip-flops, it becomes a casual leisure look. Sneakers, wedges, or strap sandals are the perfect shoe to wear with mom denim shorts.

What are Mom Shorts?

How to Style Mom Shorts
Tank top plus shorts are THE summer essentials.

Over the last few years, mom jeans have been the dominant form of jeans in the streets and on the fashion stage.

Originally between the late 80’s to the 90s this fashion piece had its revival at the beginning of the 2010s.

These high waisted jeans, which sit around the thighs a little wider and then narrow to the ankles together, are the perfect companion to conjure up a slim stomach.

Due to the high-cut waistband, the legs are also visually lengthened.

The mom jeans are perfect for almost every body type. No wonder, that the classic mom jeans is also available as shorts.

T-shirts are best stuffed into the waistband to create a beautiful waist because the mom jeans as said around the legs sit a little wider.

Mom shorts are also high waisted and have a slightly wider leg. Usually, the shorts end around mid-tights.

So it is perfect for those who want a slightly longer, wider leg.

The high-cut waist makes it a very nice waist, but also hides love handles.

Such as every other type of denim, mom shorts are available in many denim options: different shades of denim, including black and with a distressed finish.

The mom jeans shorts are the perfect summer outfit.

Useful Tips to Style Mom Shorts

  • Mom jeans are wider around the upper leg. Tuck the shirts into the trousers to avoid looking too bulky. Take advantage of the high waist cut and enhances tour waist to create a feminine look.
  • Mom jeans fit many body types. However, if you are an H shape or an hourglass shape, the mom jeans are made for you. The Mom jeans will give H shape ladies a waist and create a feminine body type. While the high waist will enhance the hourglass body type and underline the natural curves of this body type.
  • Find the right size. Mom jeans should be a bit loose. So don’t buy them too small. Not only because it will be uncomfortable, but also because it will not look good. The skinny jeans era is over.

Outfits with Mom Shorts

Let’s come to the main part: how to style mom shorts?

Well, the good news is, that it’s not that difficult. You can wear mom jean shorts on many occasions.

I feel jeans shorts are always easier to style than chino shorts or Bermudas.

That is because they are slightly shorter than Bermuda shorts and therefore also suitable when you don’t have long legs.

So let us find some elegant, but also sporty casual looks.

Look 1 – Blazer with Shorts

So this is one of my favorite looks: a White Tank top, blue mom shorts, and a crème or white blazer.

You can also twist colors and wear black Mom Shorts with a beige-brown blazer.

For a night out add heels or heeled sandals and switch the tank top with a blouse.

However, also with converse, this look works very well.

And for a date night, a black tank with black mom shorts and heels is an irresistible look.

I feel it’s the right mix between sporty and chic.

For a more “aggressive” look, choose distressed or ripped mom shorts.

Look 2 – Camisole Top

Also, this look plays with contrasts. A filigree camisole top and denim shorts are perfect for hot days.

You can also throw a blazer over your shoulders for an even more elegant appearance.

Mom shorts are high waist and loose fitting, so with a camisole top, you will create a casual yet feminine look.

Look 3 – The Boyfriend Shirt

This is a casual look, perfect when meeting friends.

A simple white tank top, blue mom shorts, and a white shirt.

Leave the shirt open and pick one that is oversized. You can roll the pants up if you like.

For a more sophisticated look, leave it rolled down.

Instead of the tank top, you can also wear a sports bra underneath the shirt, or a crop top and pair the look with white high-cut crew socks and sneakers. Pick a medium wash denim mom shorts to get a cool retro look.

Look 4 – Striped Shirt / Striped Jumper

The street style already indicated it: striped jumpers are back in our wardrobe. Or they were never really gone. So the combination of a high-rise denim shorts and a striped sweater probably never gets old. You can choose from a variety on color options,

A blue-white striped jumper is a wardrobe essential and pairs perfectly with shorts.

Add red sandals to complete the maritime look.

Look 5 – 80s T-Shirt / 80s Sweater

The mom jeans became famous in the late 80s so no wonder that an 80s shirt and mom jeans are an easy combination.

You want to choose an oversized shirt with a retro look. It can be slightly faded out and looked a bit used.

For colder days, you want to choose an oversized sweater.

Again, from a hoodie to a retro sweater, you can wear everything with mom shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mom Shorts

Can I wear jeans shorts to the office?

If you are not working in a strictly formal environment such as a bank or lawyer’s office then yes. However, pair them with traditional formal wear such as a white shirt and blazer. Also, choose loafers instead of sandals to maintain a professional look. I would also go with rather black shorts that don’t have a destroyed look.

Where is the difference between mom shorts and long shorts?

Mom shorts are high-waisted and have a wider leg, while long shorts have a straight leg cut. They are not necessarily high-waisted, but you can get them as mid-waist or low waist shorts. For several years long shorts were a no go to wear, however, in 2022 they have their revival.

Can I wear Mom Shorts when I am in my mid-40s?

Mom shorts can be worn by any age group really. Since they are a bit longer and have a wider leg, they cover zones that you might not feel comfortable showing off when you’re in your 40s. On the other hand, the high waist fit is perfect if you have a tummy and you want to hide that. Mom shorts along with Bermuda shorts or long shorts can perfectly be worn by women in their 40s.


Mom shorts are perfect for everyone who does not want to show too much skin, and who likes a high-waisted loose fit.

They can be styled in many variants and are definitely essential for your summer wardrobe.

Definitely get your hands on some mom denim shorts this summer.