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How to Style Pink Jeans – The 4 Best Outfit Ideas

How to Style Pink Jeans – The 4 Best Outfit Ideas

Sometimes Fashion is a throwback.

Remember 2011 when we were all in love with those colorful trousers?

Colors were the thing and there was no color jeans I didn’t have in my closet.

And now, 10 years later colorful jeans or trousers are a fashion trend again.

Instead of skinny jeans, we’re now wearing wide-leg trousers, but in a lot of different colors.

One of them is my favorite color and that’s pink.

Do you want to be in the pink all year round?

Then choose different options to style your pink jeans to make a statement in any season and for any occasion.


How to Style Pink Jeans

Jeans are a must as part of a winter and summer wardrobe and pink jeans offer a whole lot of ways to put together a stylish outfit. In winter, pink jeans can easily be paired with dark shades of burgundy, purple, blue or brown. In summer, they can be worn with different shades of pink, as well as white and pastel colors. Just about any type of shoes can be worn with pink jeans, depending on the occasion and season. When it comes to accessorizing pink jeans, choosing pink as the main color is always a win.

Read more about how to style your pink jeans.


Pink all the way

How to Style Pink Jeans

Pink trousers can be styled in many different ways

With Fuchsia Pink Jeans

You can choose to go the whole way with pink. Wear fuchsia pink jeans, with a white vest and light pink linen jacket.

For a sophisticated look, add a pair of white strappy heels and a slim silver bracelet and necklace.

Perhaps wear your hair in an updo, or spiked up if it is very short.

Go for a make-up palette that says ‘Look at me’.

Keep the same look more informal and wear pink pumps and a chunky white bangle.

With this, keep your hair loose if it is long, or just finger-dried if it is short.

Use a subtle make-up palette.

The same basic combination can be toned down even further to keep it casual by wearing flip flops and pushing up the sleeves of the jacket.

Don’t wear any jewelry and keep your make-up to an absolute minimum.

Keep It Light

Jeans that are light pink can contrast perfectly with other shades of pink.

In winter, try pairing them with a passion pink polo neck and burgundy brogues, or pink pumps.

For warmth, add a multi-tone pink beanie, a pink scarf and mittens, and a bright pink parka.

In summer, nothing says cool like pale shades.

Wear your pale pink jeans with a slightly darker or pastel pink vest.

Flip-flops are a comfortable casual alternative for footwear.

Or you can wear strappy heels for a more formal look.

If you are going out and about, add a pink chunky bangle and pink beaded necklace.

You should opt for a simple, understated touch of make-up.

Pink lip gloss is always a win, or you can wear coral lipstick, blusher and mascara.


Head for a Contrast

Pink is a versatile color for jeans because it can contrast very well with other colors.

Particularly dark shades of purple, blue, or brown.

It also goes well with white or black.


For a simple winter outfit, wear a white sweater with pink jeans.

Choose pink wellingtons if you are going out in the snow, or white brogues if you are staying indoors, or going out to dinner.

You can opt for a natural look, with or without make-up.

An alternative winter outfit is to wear blush pink skinny jeans with an oversized burgundy or purple hoodie, maroon sneakers, and funky socks.

You can also wear jeans and a hoodie with maroon ankle boots for a slightly less casual style.

Try to pick up some of the pink with your blusher and choose maroon or deep purple lipstick.

Of course, the ultimate contrast is to wear hot pink or bubblegum pink jeans with something like a black sweater and black ankle boots.

Add a dark pink scarf and beanie for a warm, fun look.

Under the sweater, you can wear a light pink shirt, which will pick up the color of the jeans, but still contrast with them.


How to Style Pink Jeans

Different shades of pink will require a different style

In summer, pink jeans can be the ultimate foundation of a contrasting bright outfit.

A really funky option is to wear bubblegum pink jeans with a bubblegum blue vest and matching flip-flops.

Accentuate the blue with a headband in the same color and some chunky, bright blue bangles.

On the other hand, keep the blue to a minimum and wear pink shoes and accessories.

Keep everything cool in summer by wearing blush pink jeans with a soft, white short-sleeved shirt and white tennis shoes.

Add a white fedora and white sling bag to complete the look. You should keep your makeup natural.

A great option for a cool, contrasting outfit in summer is to wear a medium shade of pink with a maroon lacey top over a crop top in the same color.

Wear maroon pumps and accessorize in pink.


Dos and Don’ts for Styling Pink Jeans


Do wear light shades of pink with dark pink jeans.

Do wear silver jewelry with pale pink.

Do wear a patterned, cloth pink bag with any shade of pink jeans.


Don’t be afraid of being a little ‘out there’ when it comes to accessorizing pink jeans. Choose dark pink bangles with pale pink jeans, or heavy rose gold chains and bangles with any shade of pink jeans.

Don’t wear gold jewelry with bright pink jeans. Rather stick to rose gold or silver.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pink Jeans

What is the best style of jacket to wear with skinny pink jeans?

Skinny jeans go well with a jacket that is quite big or a fitted jacket. You can wear a box jacket or one that has a military-style. Alternatively, go for a close-fitting tailored jacket that matches the slim line of skinny pink jeans.

Can I wear an orange coat with pink jeans?

Yes, this method is called color blocking. However, since both colors are very strong colors you have to be careful that the look does not get overwhelming. For example, choose an orange crop top so you keep the orange surface relatively small. Or add a neutral-colored belt to break the two colors and create two surfaces. This way it will calm the eye and will not look too bold.


Pink jeans can be a very versatile garment to dress up or down.

They are perfect as the foundation of either a summer or winter outfit and can be paired with dark or light pink shades of maroon, blue and blue, or the classics, black and white.

When it comes to jewelry, rather choose silver and rose gold, or funky bangles and beads.