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How to Wear a Leather Jacket Over 40? 5 Best Styles

How to Wear a Leather Jacket Over 40? 5 Best Styles

And here we go, time flies and the 40 is around the corner.

I never really thought that I will stop wearing certain items because of my age.

In the end, it’s a matter that you style the item age-appropriate.

So I was a bit surprised when I came across the statement: “You can not wear a leather jacket when you are over 40”.

For me, the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and I wear mine as often as blue jeans, so I had a closer look at some outfit ideas for over 40s and the key points when styling a look with a leather jacket.

How to Wear A Leather Jacket Over 40

A leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, no matter if genuine leather or vegan leather. When it comes to wearing a leather jacket over 40 you can definitely do that as long as you feel comfortable with it. Choose a plain, clean leather jacket, no studs no prints. You can pair it with slacks and sneakers or a nice A-line skirt. A brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and boots always work magic. Add some accessories but don’t exaggerate, the jacket is the focus point.

Key Facts about Wearing a Leather Jacket over 40

Most common leather jackets: Racer, Moto and Biker Jacket

Less Is More

Less is more we heard this several times before but there was never so much truth behind it as when it comes to a leather jacket.

A clean elegant look is what you want to archive. So choose a leather jacket without many details. It can have the classic biker cut (reverse collar, hip-length and zips at the cuffs) or a clean racer cut.

The moto model works with details that remind you of the protectors of the professional motorcyclist suit.

But even this one works very well for over 40’s as the rest of the jacket is plain and sober.

Materials Matters

Leather is a robust, rough material, and it tends to have you look harsh when it’s close to mature skin.

To avoid that work with fine materials underneath it.

This will balance out the look.

Also, lighter colors do not have this effect has much, so why not try a beige leather jacket?


Also when it comes to accessories the credo is: not too much.

A nice scarf, some earrings, bags and that’s pretty much it. Don’t use heavy accessories, as the leather jacket is already “heavy”.

So with heavy accessories, you will look harsh and for this look, you really need to find a balance between fine and rustic.


Shoewise I would also go on the elegant side rather than on the chunky side.

However if you well like wearing your Dr. Martens, you certainly can do that, however, just make sure that the garments underneath are fine material.

Outfit Inspo for a Leather Jacket over 40

Now as we have looked at the playbook for wearing a leather jacket over 40, let’s have a look at some outfits.

Wide-Leg Trousers and a Leather Jacket

Blue Wide-leg trousers and a blue leather jacket – perfect office look

This look I am wearing over and over again. Not only because it’s very comfy but also because it creates a nice silhouette.

I chose high waist wide-leg trousers, a camisole top, and a leather jacket. So the top balance out the roughness of the jacket.

I do wear this look either with sneakers or heels.

This monochrome look also brings the big advantage, that it let you appear taller and smaller.

As with all monochromatic looks, this effect is very welcome and does not only apply to all back looks but to all monochromatic looks.

Wide-leg denim for a casual everyday look

Culottes and Leather Jacket

Culottes are cropped wide-leg trousers. I wear them in the office all year round, and in summer with a simple tee.

For this look, I chose a very plain all-black look. A turtle neck sweater, a biker jacket, and loafers.

You don’t really need to think about this look, it’s easy, comfy, and suitable for many occasions.

Culottes are comfy and can be worn by all body types

Hoodie and Leather Jacket

So for this look, I chose my longer biker jacket. I love it in combination with skinny jeans and high-top sneakers.

This look also works very well with biker boots.

You can also pair this look with leggings. Similar to the jacket, I chose a longer hoodie when pairing it with leggings.

White Tee and Leathere Jacket

Always works always looks good: a white tee and a leather jacket.

No matter if jeans or black slacks, the leather jacket, and a white tee are just made for each other.

If you feel the contrast between white and black is too strong, you can also take a gray t-shirt.

Stiped Shirt and Blue Leather Jacket

I admit that most leather jackets I owe are black, but I have one blue one.

This one is perfect in combination with a white-blue-striped shirt. It gives a touch of a sailor look.

In summer I am wearing it with white jeans, or blue jeans.

I love the longer leather jacket as it stretches the upper body

Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Jackets for over 40’s

Can you be too old to wear a leather jacket?

Same as with almost every fashion piece I don’t feel you can be too old. It’s more a question of styling it age-appropriated. And a leather jacket is a basic item, so if you choose a clean design there is no problem wearing a leather jacket when you are 40, 50, or 60.

Should I buy my regular size in a leather jacket?

That really depends on the style of the jacket and what you want to wear underneath it. From my experience, I always choose my regular size, and usually, even a knitted jumper fits underneath it. When buying a leather jacket, check some different shirts in the shop, so you see which size is the best for you.


No matter if real leather or vegan leather, a jacket belongs in every wardrobe.

No matter how old you are, you can always wear leather jackets.

The style will change a bit, but the jacket will always be a key piece of the outfit.

If you go for a real leather jacket, choose carefully since it will be an investment, but an investment that will accompany you all your life.