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How to Wear a Trenchcoat in Winter – Yes It Works!

How to Wear a Trenchcoat in Winter – Yes It Works!

Wearing a trench coat in winter is a great way to keep your style game on point.

Trench coats are one of the most functional pieces of outerwear, and they’re incredibly stylish too!

They were initially designed for military officers in World War I because of their water-resistant material.

Maybe it’s the design, or perhaps it’s the everlasting appeal, but trench coats are universally loved in all seasons and for all occasions.

Trench coats are seen in every season and can be used in many ways.

Whether in the office, for dinner, or sporty casual. It is definitely worth having a trench coat in your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Trench Coat in Winter?

This military coat is perfect for winter. Just wear layers and wool underneath it. A wool turtle neck sweater is a perfect choice because it is warm and the coat can still be the focus. You can also work with cardigans, blazers, and long sleeves or blouses to get the elegant touch. Another nice combination is a thin turtle neck jumper, a shirt over it, buttons half-opened, and the coat to finalize the look. Turn it how you like the trenchcoat is a good winter piece, but you would definitely need to wear a layer underneath it.

With winter in full swing throughout the globe, women welcome suggestions on how to style their trench coats.

Here are some stylish outfits to pair with these coats.

And while the trenchcoat might be more a summer or autumn piece it can be made winterproof.

Just add a few layers underneath it.

The 4 Favourite Layers for Underneath the Trenchcoat

The most famous color for the trenchcoat is beige or olive green.

However, these days you will find a trench coat in almost every color.

The classic Burberry Coat had its reviewal last year when more and more vintage Burberrys were combines with mom Jeans, white sport socks, and old-school sneakers (e.g Reebok Club C 85).

Trench coats are roomy because they were designed to be dressed over military uniforms.

It means you can layer your trench coat with anything from a thin t-shirt to a thick sweater.

In addition, you have the option of using the belt to adjust the fit of your trench coat so it’s never too tight or too loose.

So let’s have a look at a few outfit ideas to make the trenchcoat winterproof.

1. One of my favorite combinations for winter is the all-black look. Black wool turtleneck sweater, slacks, and trench coat.

Is cozy and a good combination of chic and comfortable.

And thanks to the turtleneck you don’t need to wear a scarf, so all the details of the trench coat are shown off.

2. Often the trench coat is worn in beige.

These nude tones can be picked up very nicely in the form of a thick sweater, which can be easily worn under the coat.

Jeans, a white top or blouse, and a beige loose-knit cardigan or jumper are the perfect underlayer for an autumn look.

3. But also with a hoodie sweater can wear the trench coat: hoodie leggings or jeans and coat over it.

Sounds, really basic but with a slightly longer white tee under the hoodie, the look becomes a little twist.

4. For the office or more elegant occasions, a blazer can also be worn very well under the trench coat.

The coat can also just be thrown over the shoulders, without putting the arms through the coat sleeves.

Looks casual and also gives warmth.

You do not need many accessories for the trench coat, because it is already full of details.

Who wants can of course combine a scarf or hat to the look, but there is no need to add a lot of jewelry – we don’t want to steal the show from

the coat.

The Army Coat Became Fashionable

The foundation for the trench coat was laid by Thomas Burberry with the development of the gabardine fabric in 1879.

22 years later, he presented a prototype of the trench coat to the British Army.

And even though the trench coat did not become part of the official equipment at first, it could be bought privately by officers and worn during duty.

The special thing about the fabric is its water-repellent yet breathable attribute and it turned out to be particularly strong.

Unlike a woolen fabric, this fabric did not get waterlogged and was, therefore, lighter than the conventional coats.

Gabardine is a cotton fabric made from a compact twill yarn. It was not until 1914 that the trench coat became an integral part of British army equipment.

Today there are many versions and variations of the trench coat.

The classic coat is characterized by a double row of buttons with six to ten buttons made of horn.

The storm flap or gun flap, a layer of fabric over the shoulders, served to better repel water and prevent it from dripping into the coat when the gun was taken out.

The epaulettes, narrow strips of fabric on both shoulders, were used to attach rank insignia or equipment.

The belt was also used functionally and old models have smaller rings along the belt to attach equipment as well.

The two side pockets could each be closed with a button.


The trench coat is one of the fashion pieces that everyone must have in their wardrobe.

It’s warm yet lightweight, making it perfect for layering during the winter months.

But how can you make your trench stand out? With the right layers underneath it!

It’s stylish, versatile, and will keep you warm in cold weather.

And did we mention that it cuts an elegant silhouette?

As you’ll see from the following design ideas, you can wear a trench with almost any kind of outfit.

The coats are available for all types of seasons, the cut remains the same, the material changes accordingly.

It would be best if you didn’t miss out on this stunning sheer trench coat, regardless of the occasion or season.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trenchcoats

If you’re short, can anyone wear a trench coat?

Shorter trench coats are a great option for petite people because they don’t appear bulky for short legs (just make sure you pair them with slender bottoms). If you’re tiny and voluptuous, though, aim for a lengthier length. Too-short trench coats can make you appear wider than you really are.

Are trenchcoats suitable to wear all year round?

The answer is clearly yes. Only that the clothes under the coat will change depending on the season, but the coat can be worn in any season without any problems. It is a wardrobe essential and fits the most diverse outfits. They’re just as popular in winter as they are in fall and spring, so don’t think you have to ditch your trench coat when the weather gets cold! There is nothing chicer than a woman who looks polished and pulled together, and with the right outfit choices, even frigid temperatures won’t keep you from achieving that look.