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How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50 – Ladies The 5 Best Styles

How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50 – Ladies The 5 Best Styles

Biker boots, have been a staple in ladies’ wardrobes for several years.

While the shoe trends changes slightly, and in some years combat boots are more present, in others biker boots. But one is for sure: they are our winter staples.

Both types of ankle boots have a slightly chunky appearance and they are perfect in combination with dresses or jeans.

Love them or hate them, they always feature every winter.

This year, though, they have gone from the traditional black, lace-up, mid-calf boots to incorporating a few very interesting shades and details.

So how exactly do women over the age of 50 styles these boots?

How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50

Ladies’ biker boots are a versatile wardrobe staple that can easily be dressed up or down. The boots embody the masculine side and may be paired with items that feature more feminine qualities. These boots work well with midi-skirts, boyfriend jeans, faux leather leggings, turtlenecks, and leather jackets. Pair them with elegant gowns such as a blazer or a silk skirt.

Combat Boots vs Biker Boots

How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50
Difference between combat, cowboy and biker boots

Biker boots, combat boots, cowboy boots, are those the same style of shoes or is there a difference?

And can you wear combat boots over 50?

First things first, what is the difference between all those shoe types? Then yes, there is a difference.

Biker boots or motor boots usually have no laces.

This ankle boot is often closed with a zip, or you can just slip in.

Some models have a buckle for decoration.

Also, this boot is rather chunky.

A combat boots comes with laces. It has its origin in the military, like many other fashion pieces.

Like biker boots, combat boots find their home in the family of ankle boots.

They typically come with a round toe.

A good example for a combat style boots are Dr. Martens Combs or Dr. Martens Pascal.

Those shoes look beautiful with maxi dresses or even with leggings.

The cowboy boots are a complete different style.

Cowboy boots regularly have a pointed or square toe.

They are also considered ankle boots and look chic with jeans and blazer.

What ever shoe you want to wear, feel free to do so, if over or under 50. Each boot will give your outfit a certain look and style. And you can create many boots outfits with each style.

Things to Keep in Mind

Let’s start with the fact that women over 50 and girls in their 20’s won’t necessarily wear these boots in the same way.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from going a bit edgy with the boots.

Playing around with masculine and feminine, or being daring with certain materials or colors, but the key is to keep the look fresh, timeless, edgy, sleek, classy, or funky, without looking like you are trying too hard.

And, for women over 50, that means that you want to pay attention to the details.

Knowing your personal style is half the battle already.

For me, I know that a classy look works best.

But for my best friend, something more edgy works better.

It’s about your personality, because, after all, style is all about an expression of self.

Who are you and what do you want to convey through the style that you present?

Having said that, let’s get into it!

The Classy Look – Blazer or Poncho

How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50
Poncho and biker boots are an elegant combo

Let’s start with my favorite.

For this one, you are going to play around with solid colors and mix them up between masculine and feminine.

While patterns may also work, I think to really embody the elegance of this look, solid colors work best.

Pair biker boots with tailored pants.

If the boots are black, leather, and lace-up or zip-up, pair them with a sleek pair of black form-fitting trousers.

Add a poncho.

The key is to go for rich colors like burgundy, plum, emerald green, navy blue, creamy white, or deep tan.

Now, like I previously mentioned, it’s all in the details.

If the poncho doesn’t have a turtleneck, but a rounded neck, add a turtleneck underneath in an earthy tone.

These rich colors pair beautifully with gold chunky jewelry to balance out the masculine and feminine.

The jewelry should be minimal, though.

So a chunky necklace and bangle. Or earrings and a bangle.

The poncho gives off a soft, elegant feel.

The Casual Look

How to Wear Biker Boots Over 50
Dress your biker boots up or down with a blazer or leather jacket.

This is another favorite of mine.

And it works effortlessly well as a daytime look or early evening dinner with friends.

Pair your favorite biker boots with a pair of boyfriend jeans, and a funnel neck jersey that is loose-fitting.

This look isn’t too edgy.

It’s easy to wear and super easy to style.

Don’t tuck the jeans into the boots.

Instead, roll up the hem of the jeans to show off the boots but let the jeans hang over the boots.

For an extra eye, catcher you can add a statement necklace to your look.

It’s fun, light, and very casual.

When it comes to colors, stick to tonal colors like gray, black, or white for the funnel neck.

You could pair a creamy white funnel neck with nude biker boots.

The Edgy Fun Look

This look isn’t for everyone.

And, not everyone can pull it off. Having said that, it is one of the most fun, edgy, and flirty looks of all.

Pair a midi, ruffle skirt, with a polo neck jersey and combat boots. If you like it, add a leather jacket.

This is where you can play around with color.

This look is trendy, fun, chic, and just all-around timeless.

The ruffle skirt is very soft and feminine.

It flows. It is in direct contrast to the biker boots giving off a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine.

You want to keep the jewelry to a minimum with this look.

I would honestly only pair a single piece of jewelry with this outfit.

But, whatever you do choose to pair with it, make sure you are opting for a statement piece.

This isn’t your everyday look.

I would say this is more of an evening look.

Something you would wear to the new art exhibition with friends.

I would also personally recommend sticking to tonal colors on this one.

Gray, black, white, or even navy blue.

And, when it comes to make-up, don’t be afraid to go dramatic.

A bold red lipstick absolutely goes with this outfit.

You could even mix it up.

Opt for a long skirt, and add a cropped denim jacket.

Or, skip the denim and opt for a biker, cropped jacket.

And what about a mini skirt? Not feeling too sure about it?

True, a mini skirt might not be something for everyone.

But you can totally wear it over 40 or 50 years old. Well, pair it with thick tights.

Personally I don’t like wearing mini skirt in summer, but with tights it is one of my winter staple.

So there is no reason why mature women shouldn’t wear a mini skirt.

Add some chunky boots, a oversized sweater, and you have the perfect biker boot outfit.

But, whatever you do choose to pair with it, make sure you are opting for a statement piece.

The Trendy Look

This is another fun and trendy look.

Pair your favorite combat boots with faux leather leggings, a turtle neck, and a sleek cardigan jersey.

You could opt to go monochromatic on this look or go all-out black.

This is a very form-fitting outfit. Don’t tuck the turtleneck in.

Allow it to hang over the leggings.

When it comes to color, I would go all black and pair it with beautiful silver jewelry.

Or, opt for black faux leather leggings, black boots, and a rich, chunky, burgundy cardigan with a neutral shade turtle neck.

Or charcoal gray over white. Or navy blue over a medium gray turtle neck.

The Simple Look

This look is biker edgy but still very simple.

Pair your biker boots with a skinny-fit type of denim or a straight leg.

Add a plain form-fitting t-shirt tucked in the front of the jean, with a tailored blazer with cropped sleeves.

This look is more appropriate for spring or winters that are less cold.

Frequently Asked Questions about Biker Boots

Can I wear a short skirt with biker boots?

Yes, you can pair your favorite biker boots with a mini skirt. Just make sure that you don’t have the “wellie-effect” around the calves. So the boots should sit loose without being too loose. Mini skirts are also perfect for winter, with a thick tight.

How tight should biker boots be?

The boot should sit snug with only a little room to play. Not too tight and not too loose. Try them on with tights and jeans, to check if they are too loose around the calves.


Biker boots have shown that they are here to stay.

Wearing these boots is as simple as knowing which styles work best for you and which colors are most complimentary to you.

Select patterns and styles that compliment your body type.

Biker boots are fun, trendy, and super versatile. Invest in a pair and watch them make a return every winter.