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How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter

Some people are cowboy boots enthusiasts, they have a whole collection and are not wearing anything else.

Others might be new to the cowboy boots trend.

Let’s find some hot outfits for cold days and answer the questions: ‘How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter?’

However pretty much since 2019, they are present on the streets and many fast-fashion shops are offering cowboy boots, either in genuine leather or vegan leather.

Some may say that this shoe trend has been superseded by the chunky boots trend, but cowboy boots are still a topic in the summer collections of many fashion retailers as well.

And while it might seem easy to style them in summer, it is often hard to find the right look in winter.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks for winter outfits, but also what is important to know before wearing cowboy boots in the snow or on icy roads.


How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter

Try to get boots with rubber soles instead of leather soles. Leather soles are very slippery. When it comes to the outfit, a knitwear jumper, jeans, and a long coat are always an option. You can also opt-in for a dress, just wear thick tights underneath it. Throw a denim jacket with lining over it and you have a nice country-style look. Choose black for an elegant option: black denim, a black jumper, and a blazer or long tailored black coat. 

Cowboy boots in Winter, Tips, and Tricks

Authentic cowboy boots are made of leather, including the sole.

Leather is a very durable material, however, it is not waterproof but water-resistant.

If you are planning to wear your boots in snowy conditions, treat them with a protector first.

Also, consider the sole of your boot. Usually, the sole is made of leather as well, and they don’t have any grip.

Buy shoes with a rubber sole so have a better grip during slippy conditions.

Winter Styles Around the Western Boot

When you style cowboy boots, always have in mind that the boot itself is already a statement.

So when creating the look, think about what route you will take: the country look route or the more elegant, daily life suitable route?

The shoe already pushes you in one direction, so I use to work against it by pairing items far away from Texas flair.

This means I took pieces I usually would wear in the office: a white shirt, denim, and a blazer and paired the boots with this look.

It gives a complete atmosphere and is certainly more exciting than this look just paired with sneakers.

However, especially since the boot already tells a story, you have to be careful not to look like you’re attending a Halloween party.

I collected some ideas on how to wear cowboy boots in winter.

Look 1 Western Inspired

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter

Belongs together: denim and brown western boots

Brown cowboy boots, blue denim, jumper, and a brown checked coat.

This outfit is western-inspired due to the checked coat and the color brown, however, it does not exaggerate and it is still suitable to wear for shopping tours or going out for lunch with friends.

To enhance the western style, you can also choose a coat with an ethnic look.

If you choose the ethnic style coat, I would opt-in for cowboy ankle boots rather than mid-calf boots.

Ankle boots are not as dominant and you avoid that the look is just too much.

Wear plain cloth underneath it, preferably in the same color as the coat.

Another great idea for the winter look is to use a poncho instead of a coat.

You can also add a big belt around the waist so the poncho does do not fall off.


Look 2 Elegant Winter Look

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Winter

Classic and yet elegant: pencil skirt with cowboy boots

Probably one of the most feminine pieces to wear: is the pencil skirt in midi length.

So why not pair this classic skirt with cowboy boots?

A leather pencil skirt or a vegan leather pencil skirt gives every outfit a noble touch.

Pairing it with a heavy knit sweater, you have the perfect look.

Tuck the front of the sweater slightly into the skirt.

This look also works with a tulle skirt. To maintain a feminine silhouette, I would add a big belt around the waist.

Otherwise, you have two bulky pieces (the heavy knit sweater and the tulle skirt) and you need to add some definition to the outfit.

Look 3 Teddycoat meets Cowgirl

This look is really easy to pull together. Black skinny jeans, black cowboy boots, a white tee, and a teddy coat.

Again you have two statement pieces in this look, so keep the shirt plain and simple.

I would not mix more than 3 colors, simply because the teddy coat and the boots are already dominant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cowboy Boots in Winter

How can I protect my boots?

Once you have invested in a pair of good boots, you wanna make sure that you can enjoy them as long as possible. Winter is a rough time, also for shoes: there is salt on the street, it’s wet and cold. In order to best protect your boots, buy a special leather protection spray. Also, clean your boots regularly, and moisturize them. This will help to maintain the original quality of the leather.

Can cowboy boots be worn if you have wide feet?

Yes, thankfully the boots are available in different toe styles. So if you have wide feet go for the square toe style, it leaves the toes enough wiggle room. Also, many styles are available in wide fit, so check out your local shoe shop.


Cowboy boots can be worn in winter, however, I would avoid wearing them in the deepest snow.

But if you have a dry and sunny day, get the boots out.

They give every outfit a little extra and suggest a taste of fashion.

And you don’t need to get dressed up like you are attending a fashion show, just wear your usual cloth and you will be surprised what the addition of cowboy boots will make out of it.