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It’s Time For Layers -How to Wear Crop Tops in Winter

It’s Time For Layers -How to Wear Crop Tops in Winter

Are you hoping to rock your crop tops in the winter but worried about the snow and cold?

We’ve all been there-saddened to retire our warm-weather ensembles thinking they won’t see the light of day for the next several months.

While winter is usually the time for cozy sweaters and puffy coats don’t put those shortened blouses away just yet!

The chilly months don’t have to mean the end to your summer fashion faves, trust us!

How To Wear Crop Tops in Winter?

There are so many cute ways to wear and style crop tops even when it’s cold. It just takes some creativity and layering. The first choice would be high-rise jeans, but also skirts are working very well with a crop top. the combination with a wool cardigan or warm coat will make sure that you are warm and cozy. And who says you can’t layer a crop top over a dress? Using basic and fashionable pieces already in your wardrobe you can go from beach chic to Macy’s Day Parade ready, without shivering. 

High Rise Jeans

A fashionable way to ensure you stay warm while still wearing your favorite crop top is to pair it with some high-rise jeans.

Your stomach and torso will be mostly covered this way.

The crop top and high-waisted jeans are also super flattering and fashion-forward to show off your figure! 

To make them look even more put together, consider adding a belt so that the focus is on your stomach.

The crop top with a high-rise jeans ensemble is such a classic way to elongate your legs because it gives the illusion of length to your lower half.

It’ll also accentuate your hour-glass shape making your waist look snatched!

The cut of the jeans, if straight, bootcut, flared or skinny does not really matter.

The crop top works well with all kinds of denim, just decide what look you want to achieve.

Layer Shirts Underneath

If you’re still worried about your stomach being too chilly you can always wear a tank top, T-shirt, or long-sleeve shirt under your crop top.

This ensures you’re not cold, and still have you looking cute!

Layers like this can also be really cozy if you’re going to be spending more time outside. 

There are so many pairing options for this outfit that you can make work with what’s already in our closet.

Consider a patterned or colorful crop top with solid basic underneath. 

If you’re feeling more classic, solid over solid in complementary colors is always a good choice!

Opt for a snug-fitting tank top or camisole to wear underneath to avoid bulk. 

Layers On Top

Layering jackets and button-up long-sleeve shirts over your crop top are both comfy and cute!

If you have a solid crop top to wear, pair it with a plaid flannel followed by a long jacket 

The layers add more visual interest to your outfit while still showing off your crop top and waist.

If you’re feeling extra winter vibes, and if the weather calls for top the whole look off with a scarf. 

If you do happen to get too cold you can then easily button up your flannel shirt or zip up your jacket for practicality. 

And the crop top can also function as an accessory: wear it over your A-Line Dress and you will have a completely different look.

A crop top is really something to play around with and try different outfits and possibilities.

Cozy Coats

Coats don’ have to be oversized and unattractive insulators!

They can be chic while still keeping you warm.

A good option and always timeless is to wear a long trench coat the cinches at the waist so that the eye is drawn to the small of your waist where your crop top hits. 

Another look that would be more daring is to wear a leather jacket or leather coat that is plenty warm.

This will add extra drama to your outfit. 

Crop Top Sweaters

Crop tops don’t just have to be t-shirts and tanks, they can be cozy and have long-sleeves too!

A knit sweater with a shortened hem is perfect for a day on the town or a Sunday brunch! If you pair it with high-rise jeans and a light jacket you’ll be sure to look and feel confident! 

Another way to add layering to your top sweater that isn’t a jacket, coat, or flannel is to wear a kimono-style shawl.

Usually, they have a pretty floral pattern so try to match it with a cropped sweater that has a similar color to the kimono.

And if your kimono has 3/4 sleeves and velvet that’s all the better for a winter look! 

Turtleneck Crop Top

Crop tops in the form of turtlenecks are totally an option to keep you looking warm and fierce!

These can look on-point with any of the outfits or pieces mentioned above too.

Turtlenecks are so warm and cozy if it’s an especially cold day, and they don’t have to look frumpy.

You can still be fashion-forward while showing off your abs, no matter the time of year. 

If you’re looking to add to your closet on this occasion here is a great selection to choose from! 

Maxi Skirt

Long maxi skirts worn with crop tops, especially cropped sweaters can look so beautiful together!

This look is so fierce and will instantly become your favorite go-to this winter!

Be sure to wear tights and boots underneath to complete the whole outfit and stay warm when you’re out and about. 


There are many possibilities to wear a crop top.

I believe many people think, when hearing the word crop top, it’s a piece that exposes your belly and stomach but it’s not.

For sure depending on the age the top is worn differently, but you can wear a crop top without exposing anything.

Simply layer it over different shirts or dresses.

It’s easy and it helps to create a new look every day – not only in warm weather but also in the beautiful autumn season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crop Tops

What defines a crop top?

A crop top is any shirt that generally shows your mid-region, however, crop tops can be even shorter falling just past your bust. While they show off your mid-section they can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or halter style. 

Who can wear crop tops?

Crop tops are a fashionable piece of clothing that can be worn by anybody, any time of year! No matter your body type, crop tops should be enjoyed by everyone.