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How to Wear Flared Trousers – 9 Stunning Outfit Ideas

How to Wear Flared Trousers – 9 Stunning Outfit Ideas

In 2022 and we officially welcome back the flared trousers. And since it has been a few years since we have worn them, we will answer the question How to Wear Flared Trousers?

What a journey it has been.

We probably all remember the pictures of our parents in the ’70s wearing all the prints and flared trousers and then we were wearing them as well in the ’99s when the low-rise flared trousers dominated the fashion game.

And roughly twenty-three years later the flared trousers are back and give a nice change in our wardrobe.

A well-deserved change, after the skinny trouser was omnipresent for more than a decade, bell shape trousers for two seasons and then it slowly converter into wide-leg jeans and now finally flared jeans.

So let’s have a closer look at this jeans shape and how to best rock this style.

How to Wear Flared Trousers

Dress them up, dress them down, sporty chic or elegant, flared trousers can be worn in many ways. You can go in the direction of a bohemian style and combine flared trousers with a ruffle blouse and flat sandals, or you dress it up with a blazer and heels. Also since in 2022 the ’70s are a topic in fashion, it is a perfect modern look to combine flared jeans with platform heels. Seeking a more sporty style. Pair your flared trousers with a striped shirt, a long coat, and converse sneakers. Make sure you go with fitted tops rather than bulky tops, and if you wear the petit collection, go with high heels. Flared trousers and high heels are a dream team for shorter girls. 

What are Flared Trousers?

How to Wear Flared Trousers

Differences between bootcut and Flared Jeans

Many people are confused if there is a difference between flared and bootcut jeans

And yes, there is a difference.

Since we will see bootcut and flare trousers more and more this season, let me quickly point to the difference.

Bootcut trousers have a slightly widening shape starting at the knees.

This is just a small flare so that a boot can be easily worn underneath the pants.

Basically, the top has a straight or slim cut, so it is slightly fitted around the tights.

Flared trousers have a much sharper and wider flare.

There are different models, some are skinny jeans and then taper off from the knee onwards, some have a more straight cut leg up to the knee and then flare widely.

The shape of these trousers is similar to a bell, that’s why they are also often called bell bottoms.

How to Wear Flared Trousers – 8 Important Tips

Flared trousers can easily be worn by smaller people. It is just important how to style it and to follow a few simple rules to avoid looking shorter.

1. Choose a fitted Top

Flared jeans can make a bulky expression since they are not fitted in the end.

So if you pair it with a bulky top, you will lose yourself in too many garments.

Flared jeans need to be combined with a fitted top, to create a silhouette.

2. Choose a short Top

If you combine a top that just covers your bum with a flared trouser, your legs will appear much shorter and your body wider than you actually are.

Again, the look needs definition. So when combining high waist flared trousers with a shorter top, you will optically extend your legs, and the look becomes a clear line between the upper and the lower body.

That is especially important since trousers are adding volume to the look. So you need to balance out this volume.

3. Tuck your Top into the Trousers

To emphasize the line that decides upper from the lower body, tuck your shirt in.

This also helps to create a waist and gives the trouser more surface. As a result, the legs will again appear longer

4. High Heels

The weapon for short legs: high heels. They stretch the body and work especially with long trousers, as the trousers fall over the shoe and create a longer line from the waist to the feet.

5. Monochrome Look

If you create a look with just one color, the eyeliner of the viewer is drawn from the neck all the way down to the toes without any interruptions.

This again stretches the body and the person appears taller.

6. Short Jackets

Short jackets again underline your waistline and parts the upper and lower body.

7. Blazer

Why blazer? Exactly because they are tailored. Well, except for the oversized masculine cut blazer.

But the classic tailored blazer works very well because it is tailored at the waist and that is what we wanna have.

Again, it is all about creating a silhouette to balance out the flare in the end.

8. Coats

You can wear coats with flare jeans. Basically, there are two options: either a coat that ends where the wide leg opening starts or a long coat.

Even a slightly oversized coat will work with flared pants, also long as the rest of the outfit is fitted.

Another huge advantage of the coat is, that it brings some tailoring.

So if you are wearing a slightly loose-fitting top or a longer top, definitely go with a tailored coat.

This sharpens the look and workers against the bulkiness of the outfit.

9. Length

Okay, that’s the only downside of flares jeans. the length has to be right.

So if you planning to wear high heels, the trousers should be a bit longer, so best case the trouser covers the shoe.

It looks confusing if the trouser ends at the ankle and you are wearing high heels.

On the other hand, flared trousers can be worn with flat shoes.

But then it is ugly if the trouser is too long and you swipe up all the dirt from the streets.


How to Wear Flared Trousers

Flared trousers work with many styles

Flared trousers are definitely something you will see in the new summer collection of 2022.

It is also something that people either hate or love.

But I feel with the right styling tips, flared trousers have so many advantages.

It was never easier to look taller, it is not as body-hugging as skinny jeans, so it’s definitely easier to pull a look together.


Frequently Asked Questions about Flared Trousers


Can I wear sneakers with flared trousers?

Yes, if you are rather tall, then also sneakers can be worn with flared jeans.  If you’re shorter, sneakers and flared pants will make you look bunched up. However, I feel that kick flare is the better option to wear with sneakers, and flared jeans match perfectly with a (little) heel.

Can I wear flared trousers plus size?

Flared trousers also work plus size. Draw a clear line between the upper and lower body and avoid too bulky tops. Also, a good option is to go monochrome, as this stretches the body length.