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What are Barrel Jeans? – Plus The 5 Best Outfits

What are Barrel Jeans? – Plus The 5 Best Outfits

Barrels jeans? Isn’t a barrel for storage purposes?

Since when do people go around wearing them on their bodies?

Actually, the answer is now. After the mom jeans trend, barrel jeans are the new, fresh jeans style.

So let’s answer the question What are Barrel Jeans?

This piece of clothing has earned significant popularity pretty fast due to its excellent style and versatility.

In easy terms, barrel jeans are a new version of straight-leg jeans with a wider cut, high-waist, cropped legs, and tapering around the ankles.

Barrel jeans, also known as balloon-leg jeans, have a wide cut that gently curves away from the knee area.

Since the barrel jeans are tapered around the ankles, they look pretty flattering, especially if cropped.

These jeans can be styled with several pieces of clothing, including booties and sneakers.

They are often worn due to their comfortability factor as it has a freeing shape that looks elegant with fitted shirts and sweaters.

What are Barrel Jeans?

Barrel jeans, also known as balloon jeans, are currently among the most popular denim styles. They have a distinctive wide cut and are high-waisted. The jeans begin to loosen around the tops of the thighs and are widest at the knees. They then start to slim down and taper down at the ankles. They often have two box pleats left and right from the zip. 

Barrel Jeans- The Right Fit

What are Barrel Jeans

Barrel Jeans in different varieties.

Barrel jeans come in different styles.

The beige one has a slightly wider leg and you can clearly see the barrel cut.

While the black one is overall a bit more narrow, however also the black one has the typical barrel cut around the knees and ends narrow around the ankles.

They are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to wear denim but is not a fan of tight, slim styles.

Barrel jeans will keep you looking fit and smart while also making you feel comfortable.

Fitted at the waist, the barrel jeans widen at the middle and are fitted at the lowermost part.

Since this is a new style, it might take you a while to find the perfect barrel jeans for you.

I struggled with the wider legs because I thought it just adds too much fabric to my silhouette.

So I choose one that has a slightly smaller leg.

But anyhow, you will have to try several pairs of barrel jeans before you find the right fit but then it’s totally worth the effort.

Every body shape is unique and unlike any other; therefore, every denim pair will fit every body type differently.

You will find barrel jeans n every color and price.

The material, however, may stay constant- denim.

You may find different versions of the barrel jeans style.

Find the one that looks best on you and pair them with various shirts and blouses.

To ensure that you have right-fit barrel jeans, keep in mind, that they are fitted around the waist.

So choose your regular size instead of sizing down.

Consider the length and waist size when purchasing your favorite pair of barrel jeans.

Although they don’t look as flattering on everyone, you will fit some barrel jeans style that accentuates your figure.

What to Wear with Barrel Jeans?

What are Barrel Jeans

Three different barrel-fit types of denim

Barrel jeans are a great way to show off your waist, even if you are wider at the bottom or around the hips.

Tuck your top into your barrel jeans or wear a fitted or cropped top for a smart look.

You can even add a belt to highlight your waist further or to add a colorful accessory to your outfit.

You can pair your barrel jeans with a crisp white blouse, cropped jacket, a fitted t-shirt, slim-fit cashmere sweater, a fitted stripe tee, or an oversized cashmere sweater halfway tucked into the barrel jeans.

Let’s take a deeper look into all the smart ways you can style your barrel jeans:

Barrels jeans with a Floral Blouse

Floral designs are your best bet, no matter what you wear or where you go.

You can wear a floral blouse with a pair of light-washed jeans.

Add lovely, colorful earrings to bring a pop of vibrancy into your outfit.

Put on plain black heels with slim straps to keep the attention on the blouse and jeans.

Barrel Jeans with a White Shirt and a Suede / Tan Coat

For a more sophisticated look, pair your barrel jeans with a plain white shirt and put over a suede or tan coat reaching mid-thigh.

The longer coat also creates a horizontal line and takes out a bit of the bulkiness of barrel jeans.

Add a decent, darker-colored belt.

You can fold the barrel jeans from the ankles stopping a little higher than the ankles.

Pair your outfit with plain white heels or whatever color shirt you are wearing.

To accessorize, take a tan-brown or suede-colored handbag.

Get a nice blowout or straighten your hair for a chic look.

Add minimalistic jewelry, such as small hoops and plain rings.

Grab a nice pair of sunglasses on your way out to complete the look.

Barrel Jeans with a Black Coat and Oversized Blouse

If you are all about black outfits, grab a black blouse, a black coat, and black barrel jeans.

Go all out and put on all your black clothing.

If you choose a bulky top, wear a belt to set the focus on your waist and to get more definition to the look.

Put on a nice black and gold belt, a black handbag, and some golden plain jewelry to complete the look.

If the sun is out, don’t forget your black sunglasses!

Barrel Jeans with a Tank Top

If it’s a sunny day and you have errands to run or simply don’t feel like dressing up, grab your comfiest tank top and a pair of barrel jeans.

Put on sneakers or even flip-flops with a decent watch and plain earrings.

This look is perfect to play with different shapes of clothing.

You have a tight shirt and loose pants.

This look creates a beautiful contrast and you can also choose an oversized blazer with it.

The top gives enough definition so that the outfit won’t look too baggy.

Put on a trendy pair of sunglasses, and you are all ready to face the day!

Barrels Jeans with an Oversized Shirt

This fit is for the days you don’t want to make any effort or are running late.

Pair your barrel jeans with an oversized blouse and joggers or sneakers.

Make a high ponytail or let your hair down.

Put on some blush, lots of mascara, and a hydrating gloss, and you are all set.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barrel Jeans

Can I wear Barrel Jeans when I am petite? 

Yes, the best idea is to shop in the petite range of your favorite clothing shop. Also, pair the jeans with a fitted top or a longer coat. This will help to look a bit taller. You can also slightly roll up the hems, to set the focus on the ankles. This will also stretch the silhouette.

What is the difference between barrel jeans and mom jeans?

New denim styles are hitting the market every now and then. You will find different styles, shapes, colors, lengths, and sizes for your body shape, two of them being mom jeans and barrel jeans. While barrel jeans are tapered but fitted at the waist, mom jeans are looser and baggier from the thigh area and waist.

What tops do I wear with barrel jeans?

Barrel jeans, also called balloon jeans, look best with fitted tops and blouses. The jeans are loose and baggy, so the slim top balances the outfit. It is ideal for bringing attention to your waist and elongating the legs.