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What Are Cigarette Trousers – The Answer And 12 Best Outfits

What Are Cigarette Trousers – The Answer And 12 Best Outfits

Cigarette trousers are a fashion staple that’s surprisingly easy to style.

Over the years, many fashion icons have worn this style of pants, including Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana.

But what are cigarette trousers exactly?

Despite their name, you don’t have to do any smoking to wear these pants.

They’re suitable for all kinds of occasions and come in jeans and dress pants.

What Are Cigarette Trousers?

Cigarette trousers are slim-fitting pants cut straight from the knee to the ankle. While styles vary, most pants are cropped and taper in at the ankle, creating a sleek silhouette. Most cigarette trousers are high-waisted. In the past, they included a pocket for cigarettes, but that’s no longer true today.

Are Cigarette Pants the Same as Skinny Jeans?


What Are Cigarette Trousers

The difference between cigarette, straight and carrot trousers.

Cigarette trousers can be made from denim, but they have a different cut from skinny jeans.

Pants with a skinny cut hug the body from the hip to the ankle.

Cigarette pants are snug from the hip to the knee but have a straight cut from the knee to the ankle.

You can look at these trousers as a cross between skinny and straight-cut pants.

If you find skinny pants to be flattering, but would prefer something slightly less fitted, these trousers are the perfect compromise.

What Are Cigarette Trousers

How to Style Cigarette Pants

Fitted Sweater and a Trench Coat

For a timeless look, wear your pants with a thin, fitted sweater and a classic trench.

Finish off the look with ballet flats or heels and your favorite handbag.

Cigarette Trousers and a Leather Blazer

If you’d like to make your pants look a little edgier, pair them with a leather blazer or moto jacket.

Keep the look simple by wearing a basic black tee under your jacket.

You can pair this look with boots or heels!

Tight Pants and a Baggy Turtleneck

What Are Cigarette Trousers

A comfy everyday look: cigarette trousers and an oversized jumper

Since cigarette trousers are fairly fitted, you can balance your look by wearing them with a baggier top.

A loose-fitting turtleneck will keep you cozy and comfortable, but it will still leave you looking stylish.

The loose-fitting is a nice contrast to the slim trousers. Always remember to work with contrasts. This will help to create a nice silhouette.

Cigarette Trousers In the Office

These trousers are perfect for everyday wear, but they’re also a terrific option for the office.

Wear your pants with a basic white blouse and a neutral-toned blazer.

Add in heels, and you’ll have a very professional look.

Breton Top Looks

Cigarette trousers look very French, which is why you may want to pair them with a classic French top.

If you pair your pants with a Breton shirt, try to match the stripes with your pants.

Silky Camis and Cigarette Trousers

A slightly loose camisole made from a silky material can look beautiful with a pair of fitted cigarette trousers.

If it’s too chilly to leave your arms bare, throw a long, thin sweater on for some extra warmth.

Cigarette Trousers and Cropped Tops

Since these pants are usually high-waisted and often have a wide waistband, they look very nice with cropped tops.

While a cropped sweater is a wonderful choice, you can also try wearing your pants with cropped blouses and even bra tops.

Ruffles and Lace

Cigarette trousers can be worn by both men and women, but you can create a more feminine look by pairing your pants with a top that includes ruffles or lace.

This look works especially well with cigarette trousers since the cut of the trouser is sober and not very spectacular.

So a bit of ruffle and laces will heat the game.

A statement necklace or heels can also add some femininity to your outfit.

Cigarette Jeans and Cowboy Boots

What Are Cigarette Trousers

Perfect match: Cowboy Boots and Cigarette Trousers

Contrast is doing magic for this look. An elegant blazer combined with boots and cigarette jeans is a cool look.

The cigarette trousers are perfect with boots since they are slim fit and you can easily tuck them in.

Patterned Cigarette Trousers and a Plain Top

Most cigarette trousers are available in neutral tones, but you can find pants in bolder colors and patterned trousers as well.

To make sure your look isn’t overly busy, it’s best to wear patterned pants alongside a basic, plain top.

Sleeveless Shirts for Summer

When temperatures rise, try wearing your cigarette trousers with a loose-fitting, billowing tank top.

Finish off your look with a pair of slingback heels or wedge sandals.

Gingham Cigarette Trousers

Gingham is a very trendy print right now, and it looks amazing on cigarette pants.

Try wearing black and white gingham trousers with a feminine black top and black shoes.

Classic and Casual

While cigarette trousers are easy to dress up, you can create very casual looks by pairing your pants with sneakers.

Add a basic white tee and a denim jacket, and you have an outfit that’s perfect for running errands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cigarette Trousers

Are cigarette trousers different from cigarette jeans?

The only difference between cigarette jeans and cigarette trousers is the fabric the pants are made from. “Cigarette” refers to the cut of the pants, not the fabric. If you’re looking for an alternative to skinny jeans, cigarette jeans are a great option. They have a similar silhouette to skinny jeans, but they feel a little more fresh and current.

What shoes should you wear with cigarette trousers?

Since these pants are cropped at the ankles, they look amazing with statement shoes. Heels, flats, loafers, and boots can all complement your pants. During the summer, you can also pair your trousers with wedges or espadrilles. Cigarette pants also look great with shoes that can be hard to style, like clogs.


Cigarette trousers are comfortable and versatile, but they also look incredibly chic.

Whether you opt for sleek cotton pants or don denim, you’ll love having these pants in your wardrobe.