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What are Midi Shorts? Plus 4 Amazing Outfit Ideas

What are Midi Shorts? Plus 4 Amazing Outfit Ideas

What really are midi shorts? Are we talking about mid-length, full-length, or three-quarters?

Why do we need to add ‘midi’ to shorts when they are also just shorts?

Does it even make a difference if I pair my regular shorts with midi shorts?

Actually, yes, it does. Let’s find out why and let’s answer the question: What are Midi Shorts?

Midi shorts is another fancier word for mid-length shorts. Midi shorts are not as long as Bermuda shorts.

They are fairly popular nowadays among the general public, celebrities, as well as renowned stylists.

Midi shorts are good at covering all the essentials without seeming too long.

And since their length is reasonably short, midi shorts are ideal for summers and the warm spring season.

Midi shorts hold special importance in the hearts of women who like free and loose clothing but do not wish to wear very short shorts.

The length allows them to combine the shorts with various items for a dressier look.

Now, let’s not wait for any further and jump right into our topic!

What are Midi Shorts?

Midi shorts are a popular piece of clothing that reach mid-thigh. They are often low-rise, slim-fit, and have a longer seam than regular shorts. The clothing covers the hips and mid-thigh section well while maintaining the ‘shorts’ feel. They are ideal for women who like shorts but do not wish to show too much skin or simply like the idea of longer clothing. When paired with the right clothing, midi shorts can be worn to school, college, and the office without seeming inappropriate. 

What is the Difference between Midi, Long, and Bermuda Shorts?

What are Midi Shorts

Difference between Midi, Bermuda, and Long Shorts

Midi shorts, Bermudas, and long shorts are similar to each other, however, there are differences. Before we look at some outfit ideas around the midi shorts, we will get the differences straight.

Midi shorts are covering the bum and end around 8 1/2″ inches above the knee.

Bermuda shorts are more dressy, they usually have pleated fronts and a longer cut.

Back in the days, Bermuda shorts were “invented” by the British army, stationed in Bermuda.

This loose fit gave the man some relief in the hot climate.

Later the Bermuda shorts became part of sports uniforms and in our days Bermuda shorts are often worn with a blazer to archive business attire during hot summer days.

For a long time, the long shorts were disreputable and not fashionable.

But in the summer of 2022, it’s back in the shops again.

Long shorts have a slim to lose fit and they end around 1inch above the knee.

You can perfectly combine this kind of shorts with a long white shirt and kitten heels.

What are Midi Shorts

Long shorts can be worn by men and women

What to Wear with Midi Shorts?

Midi shorts is a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with several other clothes and shades.

Regardless of the material, denim, polyester, or cotton, midi shorts can help you make casual and professional fits.

You can style midi shorts in the following ways:

Midi Shorts with a Sleeveless Top

One of the most casual outfits you can put together with midi shorts is pairing them with a sleeveless top.

The outfit will keep you cool without seeming too revealing.

Ideally, the sleeveless top should be fitted to give you a clean and elegant look.

While a top with sleeves also works, a sleeveless shirt will balance the outfit better.

You can tuck in the top to define your waist further.

The midi shorts reach mid-thigh, so the top will show a little skin, giving off a fresh and fun vibe.

If you are running an errand, pair the outfit with flip-flops or simply put on some sneakers.

In contrast, for a brunch or daytime lunch with a friend, go for slightly fancier shoes, such as pumps or even plain heels.

Put your hair in a messy bun and add some minimalistic jewelry to complete the look.

Midi Shorts with a Button-up Blouse

Another great way to look sophisticated while staying cool in this heat is to pair your midi shorts with a nice button-up blouse.

The blouse does not necessarily have to be fitted, as that may give it a casual look.

However, an excellent fit with some loose inches from both sides will work well.

You can add a crossbody bag to finish the look.

Let your hair down in curls or straighten them for a sleek look.

Put on a pair of lashes or volumizing mascara with matching lipstick.

You can also wear some gold bracelets, a nice watch, and big earrings.

Go for open-toe or any type of heels with sunglasses, and you are ready to rock the day.

Midi Shorts with a Cardigan

If you are out in the sun and don’t want to tan or simply head out on a warm day that may turn chilly later on, wear your midi shorts with a lovely cardigan.

The cardigan will protect you from the cool breezes without making you feel too work.

For a casual look, add some sneakers and let your hair down.

Alternatively, you can make a messy bun, add a nice big pair of hoops, and ankle boots to keep the look a little formal.

Put on light makeup with plenty of mascara and gloss to shine throughout the day.

Don’t forget the sunglasses if it is sunny outside.

Midi Shorts with Fitted Long-Sleeves Shirt

Don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look cute?

Your midi shorts have got you! Grab a nice plain-fitted long-sleeved shirt to go with your midi shorts.

You do not have to go through the hassle of wearing heels or even pumps.

A comfortable pair of sneakers will work just fine.

Style your hair however you like, but we recommend keeping it open for a feminine look to balance out the sneakers.

Add a dainty necklace, small earrings, little blush and mascara, and some gloss for a clean and elegant look.

You can even carry your sunglasses to look fabulous without making it seem like you put in too much effort.

What are Midi Shorts

Midi shorts are very versatile

What Body Type is Best for Midi Shorts?

Whether you are lean or thick, tall or short, curvy or petite, you will find a suitable pair of midi shorts that emphasize your body shape.

While midi shorts can look flattering on all body types, the ideal fit forms with long legs, fairly thick thighs, and a relatively smaller waist.

If you are conscious of your thick thighs, simply get midi shorts with ample detailing such as pockets, cinches, and fancy belts to bring the eyes up.

However, several types of midi shorts now work exceptionally well with each body type.

Frequently Asked Questions about Midi Shorts

What do I wear with midi shorts to look slim?

If your midi shorts are slightly loose, pair them with fitting shirts, such as off-shoulder and sleeveless tops. You can put your hair in a bun to give a slimming look, along with some facial contouring to highlight the cheekbones.

What kind of shorts are most flattering?

There are several flattering shorts, including high-rise shorts, high-waist shorts, and loose denim Bermuda shorts. Pair loose midi shorts with tight tops and vice versa for a balanced look.

What materials are midi shorts made from?

Midi shorts are frequently made from cotton, linen, and denim. Additionally, fabrics like modal and bamboo are also good options.