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What Color Heels to Wear with a Black Dress

What Color Heels to Wear with a Black Dress

Using the color black in a dress never goes out of style, it is a neutral, timeless color and favors all women. Besides that it is much easier to combine and complement with accessories, very few women fail by choosing accessories and shoes for a black dress.

Remember that the color black is a tone that transmits elegance, character, and a lot of attitude to any woman, in addition to combining with any color.

However, it will always depend on you and your choice what you want to convey with your black dress look, as well as when you combine black with any color, whether in footwear or accessories.

That is why this article will guide you and advise you on what colors to use in footwear when wearing a black dress.

It should be noted that the type of shoe matters a lot, but here we will only focus on the color of heels to use, whether it is a Little black dress, casual dresses, midi or maxi dresses for ceremonies, holidays or parties.

What Color Heels to Wear with a Black Dress

On 99% of the occasion, a black dress is a good and safe choice. Then the question comes up what shoe color to wear with this dress. The obvious combination when it comes to a black dress and the color of shoes would be black. However, you can also accentuate the look by choosing pink, silver or red shoes.

All in Black

Wearing black heels, of course, is the main color to combine with a good black dress.

Although we must be careful not to create a look with a lot of black, we do not want an outfit to go to a funeral.

So it is best to try to find a balance, if we use black heels, it will be best to complement it with silver or gold accessories. So be careful with your choice.

Silver Lining

Silver shoes are considered a neutral tone, in case you do not want to vary the color or use something very daring, this color is perfect for you.

It is elegant and it also serves to complement any type of bags, accessories and much more.

So shine a little with your silver shoes.

Perfect Pink

Black being such a versatile and adaptable neutral color and its also a positive element of this color, that its perfectly underlines vibrant colors.

This color is 100% recommended, it is only about being daring and deciding to use this color.

But you should be careful with the accessories you use, the idea is to give it a touch of vibrant color, so don’t overdo it with pink accessories.

Go Green

Whoever dares with green is more beautiful.

If you have a cooler skin tone and have light or red hair color, wearing emerald green or mind green heels is a winning point in the style race, this type of color is perfect for your black dress.

It is a fun color but you will not stop to see you elegant and delicate.

Snow White

White is a neutral tone that adapts to any day look, and it looks good with your black dress if you complement it with white accessories or silver.

Here’s a good idea if you’re invited to a black and white-themed party.

Accessorize with vibrant red or burgundy lipstick to add some color and elegance to this combination.

So shine the next time you hang out with your friends.

Red Temptation

If you consider yourself someone sexy, empowered, and daring, maybe this is the perfect choice for you!

For years the combination of black and red is still the winner when it comes to fashion, so choose some good red heels and a perfect matching portfolio.

Try to use it for events at night to convey elegance and sensuality. Don’t forget to paint your lips red.

Golden Eye

We return to the neutral tones, in this case, the golden, yellow, or beige tones are perfect if you want to combine them with your black dress.

This color transmits elegance and simplicity at the same time, it is also a conservative point when you do not want to attract much attention from the people.

In the world of fashion there is room for everyone, let us remember that fashion adjusts to our attitude and the safety of each one.

Deep Blue Sea

Another winning shoe color is the shades of blue, these are perfect, and it is a color that transmits peace and calm.

It will always stand out but not as much as other colors.

Blue shoes with some gray highlights go perfectly with silver, white or gray accessories. However pay attention to choose some silky, shiny blue shoes. Matt dark blue shoes might look like you took the wrong color by accident.

So get creative and wear this beautiful color.

Mrs. Brown

The brown touch is a casual detail that you can add to your look, these colors are also elegant and conservative if you compliment them with gold and beige accessories. It is recommended to choose light brown colors with a black dress or beige tones.

These go very well with the black dress to go a day events, so keep this combination in mind for your next brunch with friends.

Animal Prints

Another idea, although it is not a color, using animal print in combination with your black dress. In addition to being casual, something daring and fun.

The idea is to transmit security, attitude, and self-esteem to everyone. Believe me, this is the ideal choice.

Combines with golden accessories and bag with animal print.

Flower Power

Another pattern that looks good with a black dress is that of flowers, but you must be careful of the printing time so that the outfit does not look loaded, so be careful with which accessories you complement.

In addition, we recommend using it in special events that are held during the day and that are casual, it is not recommended for night looks.


The black dress is always a good choice: chic and elegant but also sporty with the right accessories and shoes. As so often not only the right color but also the right color shades playes a role. Dark brown shoes combined to a black dress might look odd, but a light brown shade is the perfect match.