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What Color is Fuchsia Pink- Plus 3 Best Outfit Ideas

What Color is Fuchsia Pink- Plus 3 Best Outfit Ideas

Fuchsia is the color of summer 2022.

It’s a beautiful pink tone and since it is part of every collection out there in the shops, we will have a closer look at what color fuchsia pink is and what you can wear with it.

Dark pink is dark pink, and bright pink is bright pink. At least, that’s how it may seem.

The thing is that there are quite a few different shades of dark pink and none is brighter and more attractive than fuchsia pink.

What Color is Fuchsia Pink?

Fuchsia is one of many shades of pink. It’s a bright reddish-purple pink that is a particularly rich color. The name ‘fuchsia pink’ comes from the characteristic color of the flower of the fuchsia plant. Fuchsia pink is very similar to the shade of color called ‘hot pink’. The difference is that fuchsia pink has an overtone of reddish-purple, which is different from the mix between light and dark pink, which is ‘hot pink’.


Fuchsia pink

What Color is Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia is an intense pink tone

Fuchsia pink is one of the darker and brighter shades of pink.

It is a bright reddish-purple pink shade that is recognized for its fullness and richness of color.

Where Does the Name ‘Fuchsia Pink’ Come From?

The name ‘fuchsia pink’ given to the color comes from the plant, a fuchsia.

With fuchsias, it’s not a question of the chicken and the egg: the fuchsia flower came first and the color was named after the flower of the fuchsia plant.

The fuchsia plant itself was named in honor of Leonhard Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist.

The fuchsia flower is made up of two parts: the dark, reddish-purple pink outer petals, with the purple inner.

The characteristic color of the outer petals was named ‘fuchsia’ and has become a popular and recognizable shade, particularly popular in fashion for women, but also features in some men’s looks.

The Fuchsia Plant

The plant known as the ‘fuchsia’ is a shrub that originated in South and Central America.

This means they prefer warm to hot climates. The Fuschia is a perennial plant, growing back each year.

However, in some colder climates, the plants are grown outside only during the warmer months.

Fuchsias grow quite prolifically, forming well-shaped bushes that can grow up to six feet high.

The pointed leaves are quite a dark green.

What stands out, though, are the bright pink and purple flowers that hang down like pendulums.

The most dominant color of the flowers is a deep pink, with a reddish-purple tinge.

Colors That Go with Fuchsia Pink

What Color is Fuchsia Pink

Egg-white is a nice combination with fuchsia

Fuchsia pink can be worn with a range of different colors, but it works particularly when it is contrasted with a solid color like black, white, egg-white, or gray.

It is always fun to play with different shades of the same basic color, so you can pair fuchsia with lighter shades of pink.

Other colors that go with fuchsia pink are brown, beige, grey, and darker shades of blue.

Colors That Don’t go With Fuchsia Pink

Even though fuchsia pink has tinges of red and purple, those two colors on their own do not necessarily go well with pink.

The three colors can work well in a floral fabric design, especially on a black or white background, or with leaves as part of the pattern.

Fuchsia pink doesn’t go particularly well with bright orange, yellow or green.

However, pairing one of these with pink can make a bold statement.

You can also choose fuchsia pink accessories to go with a green dress, or a yellow T-shirt and jeans.

Ideas for outfits featuring fuchsia pink

Simply because fuchsia pink is such a strong, dominant color, it mostly forms the focal point of an outfit.

However, it can also be used very effectively to add interesting touches to an outfit

What Color is Fuchsia Pink

For Women

There are almost endless ideas about how women can wear fuchsia pink, so these are just a few options.

Wear a fuchsia pink loose blouse with a black pencil skirt and high-heeled black sandals.

Add to the look of the outfit with black chunky jewelry and a pink purse.

Let pink talk and wear a pair of fuchsia pink pants and heels, with a very pale pink top and a light pink linen jacket.

Pink is just the color to wear for a formal business look.

Choose a business suit in salmon pink, with matching heels and a purse.

Into this plain look, introduce a dramatic note with a fuchsia pink blouse, or button-down shirt.

On a warm summer day, choose a light, loose floral peasant blouse that features fuchsia pink.

Wear this over skinny jeans and white trainers. For a bit of fun, put fuchsia pink laces in the trainers.

What Color is Fuchsia Pink

Just a hue of fuchsia

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuchsia Pink


Can I wear fuchsia pink with red?

Wearing bright pink with red is quite a gamble because the two colors can often clash. However, both colors can create a strong outfit and work well with each other.

Is fuchsia pink the same as hot pink?

Fuchsia pink is similar in intensity and shade to bright, dark, dominant shades of pink. However, fuchsia pink has a characteristic shade of reddish-purple, which makes it different from other dark pinks.


The fuchsia plant that gives its name to the color fuchsia pink features flowers in this bright, red-purple pink. Because it is such a dominant color, fuchsia pink is best paired with solid, plain colors such as black, white, beige, or gray.