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What Color Lipstick Goes With A Green Dress

What Color Lipstick Goes With A Green Dress

It is the color of prosperity, the color of the environment, the color that flatters every single skin tone known to humankind- it is no surprise that you chose a green dress!

So, now, how do you turn your big hit into a full-on home run?

You choose the best lipstick to go along with your Emerald City staple, of course!

And the best news of all?

Pretty much every color of lipstick is a viable choice for a green dress. Seriously.

So read on to let us help you narrow down the rainbow of choices.

What Color Lipstick Goes With A Green Dress

Different green shades need different lipstick. Emerald green goes best with a deep red or burgundy lipstick. Jade and olive green pair best with nude lipstick while light green pair well with peachy shades and a hint of pink. 

How Do You Select The Best Lipstick To Go With A Green Dress?

Jade green goes best with a classic nude lipstick

The absolute #1 most important consideration is what colors look best with your own skin tone.

Regardless of age, regardless of location, there is a green-colored dress that looks stunning on every skin type and a lipstick that does too.

Bring them together for a fashion look that is made in heaven.

Green does not make your skin look darker or lighter, it brightens every complexion as long as you get a shade that you feel good in.

Nude lips colors are beautiful, but not if they wash you out and make you look ill.

Then that powerful green quickly becomes a symbol of illness.

Do not let yourself look puke green. 

Go bold and bright if you are comfortable with it.

But if you’re not the bubbly type or it’s not the right context to be brazen, the event could devolve into people referring to you as “the parrot.” Avoid looking costumed.

Again, your stunning green number can sustain any lip color you prefer, as long as it feels like the best fit for your skin.

What Lipsticks Go Best With Particular Shades Of Green?

Teal green works very well with coral lipstick

Bright green pairs well with pink bright or peachy shades.

Dark green craves deep lip colors like wine reds and dramatic greys. 

Blue-green calls for a touch of berry or a jewel tone, especially pinks and purples or traditional reds.

Olive green loves a solid nude lip.

Medium green or lime green wants glossy, soft corals and oranges,

A very important note: if you are reaching for dark lipstick, absolutely do not skip the lip liner.

You need it to keep your lip color smooth and long-lasting to make sure the bold choice you’ve made in outfit and lip are both shown off in the best possible way.

An even more important note: none of these principles are absolute rules!

Try our suggestions, but always follow your gut first and foremost.

Confidence is sexy and if you feel good other people will feel good being around you, in whatever you chose to wear. 

Should I Wear A Matte, Satin, or Sheer Lipstick With A Green Dress?

For a dramatic look pair forest green with  deep red

The biggest factor in what texture of lipstick you should choose, is what kind of occasion are you wearing your green dress to?

Gentle lip shades can be better for longer events since you may have to keep applying and you do not want this to dry out your lips.

Lip gloss is always stellar at a party.

Matte is a solid go-to for work endeavors.

Consider matching the sheen of your lips to the sheen (or lack thereof) in your dress.

Is the fabric shiny and calling for a matching or an opposite shine on your lip?

Trust the strength of your instincts.

Also, if you end up going in the smooth matte direction, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly before applying lipstick.

What Makeup Do You Wear With A Green Dress?

Mint green and peachy lipstick is an awesome combination

It is possible that you will feel indecisive about lip color since there are so many options, in which case you could always plan the rest of your face strategy first in order to help you decide about your kisser. 

With a green dress, in particular, it is always advisable to match your eyeshadow to your dress.

This is certainly not something you have to do, but it nearly always looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Dramatic makeup is acceptable with a green dress because green is such a versatile and strong color.

Just make sure if you go dramatic that not everything is dramatic, balance it out.

If you go for a bold eye, then choose a subtle lip.

If you have bright eyes and lots of highlighters, consider skipping the eyeliner and leaning toward brown lipstick to really bring the focus back to the dress.

Whatever choice you make, be sure you DO NOT overdo the foundation. 

Your base makeup needs to be light and natural with any green dress.

If it’s not, that heavy caking will make you look sick and fake and awkward. 

What Accessories Should You Do With A Green Dress?

Once more, the awesomeness of a green dress knows no bounds. Any accessory color or shade you wish is welcome here.

Gold is good. 

Rose or copper or bronze is a go.

Silver is awesome.

All you need to do is balance and complement your accessories with your makeup, especially your lips.

Final Thoughts On Pairing A Green Dress With Any Lipstick

Final Thoughts On Pairing A Green Dress With Any Lipstick

So make sure you set it up to succeed and to let your heart thrive by pairing it with the most stellar lipstick you can find. 

If your “this one is just right” shade is eluding you, remember what Dorothy found after expending all her energy trying to reach the Emerald City.

You may not need to look any further than your own backyard, and instead of stressing and scouring the globe, you could always make your own shade of lipstick.

You do not need lots of money or oodles of time to spend browsing in the mall to find a great lipstick to go with your green dress.

Mix your existing lipsticks, chapsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners with one another.

Mix them with your eyeshadows and blushes.

Mix them with samples you get from MAC or the Avon lady down the street. 

The more creative you are, the more empowered you will feel.

Then you can discover, as Dorothy did, that there is no place like home.

And home is feeling like a million bucks in your own skin – with a knock-out green dress and the perfect lips to go with it!