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What Color Lipstick goes with a Light Pink Dress?

What Color Lipstick goes with a Light Pink Dress?

If you are thinking about what makeup to use for your light pink dress, do not despair, so if you plan to go to a wedding or an event, consider your pink dress, surely you have asked yourself so many questions.

But you should know that the makeup you choose and especially the lipstick will completely decide the aesthetics of this outfit.

It may seem like a minor thing, but the lipstick.

Together with the right eyeshadow, you can make a simple and understated look the center of attention.

Do not worry, our main objective is to inform you and give you several tips regarding the lipstick that you should use for perfect makeup to combine with your light pink dress.

So let’s get started, how can you combine lipstick with a dress? It is not weird?

The point is that even if it is rare and does not seem important, it is not the same to choose lipstick for a white, black, or other color dress.

Since it is a soft and delicate tone, that is why here we leave you options that you must take into account and all your doubts will be resolved:

What Color Lipstick Goes With Light Pink Dress?

Dresses in this tone are usually soft or sometimes muted. Pink is mixed with red and white, therefore colors from the same color family compliment the light pink dress. The ideal lip tones to accompany your soft pink dress, are intense red tones, pink tones, burgundy, and nude tones.

Shades of Light Pink

Each color is very diverse and has different color gradations. Each color gradation also has its own name, but when we think of “light pink” as a whole, the following colors come to mind:

Color Palette of Light Pink Tones

And yes with this lineup you can argue that some shades are more of an old pink, I still added them to cover the general color light pink. So let’s look at the different colors which go best with a light pink dress.

Intense Red Tones

Have you ever thought of putting on a light pink dress and accompanying it with fiery red lipstick?

If the answer is no, don’t panic, dare to try it right now. Although it is a risky combination for many, it is the winning option if you want to look elegant and sexy at the same time.

Many celebs use this type of combination and it looks good on them, so why not use it?

We tell you because red, in general, gives intensity to the pink tone of your dress, and pink, in turn, is a balance for the intense red of the lipstick you are using.

Therefore, wear pink in your dress, red for lipstick, and for the rest of your look and makeup, neutral tones such as white, black, or beige. You will see what suits you.

Color Example:

Lip Color in Red, by Bobbi Brown: this creamy lipstick has a semi-matte finish, thanks to the success of its first formula, it was instantly sold out and became a favorite of many.

This shade is a fiery red that will help illuminate your smile and help highlight your dress, as well as add a touch of glam to your makeup.

Pink Tones

In this type of look, some prefer to maintain their grace, play it safe, wearing the same shade of pink or one that is close to the dress.

The color will help to give the style a huge and considerable balance, and a lot of class and elegance.

The rest of the accessories in your makeup will have to be in more sober tones, in order to create a perfect and harmonious contrast in the tones.

What about the rest of your makeup?

My recommendation is to choose an eyeshadow in matte or gradient tones, give the cheeks a little color and choose to use suitable accessories.

If you do it correctly you will have a sure hit!

Color Example:

Rouge G de Guerlain bars, shade 868 Rose Glac&eacute: it is a perfect shade, with a great finish and is very delicate and elegant, in addition to helping to keep your lips hydrated thanks to its creamy texture, it also has oils and hyaluronic acid.

Burgundy Tones

If the examples that we have told you before, you like them but they do not convince you or they simply do not go with you at all, you always have the option of using a burgundy lipstick.

Perfect for your lips and to highlight your dress, you can also complement it with shade in burgundy tones on your eyelid, but only in small quantities.

Remember that this makeup tip can be used for any occasion.

Color Example:

Matte Power Bullet by Huda Beauty: I am specifically talking about the Ladies Night tone.

It is ultra-pigmented and the color, for a deep and strong color experience.

The perfect lipstick to complement your makeup with your pink dress, so do not fear in using it.

Nude Tones

Never go wrong with nude tones. Well almost never. Nude fits almost all colors, and it creates a subtle professional look.

These types of tones are perfect to wear with your light pink dress, it is generally good to wear them and experts recommend using them in daytime events, always accompanied by shades of earth tones and if you feel somewhat daring you can use a pink tone clear in your eyes.

Color Example:

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Mattified Lipstick: There are several shades, in which you can choose, but the one we recommend the most is this.

Since thanks to its tone, it goes with all skin types and will give a sensual and sophisticated touch to your lips.

You can find it at the Sephora store.

Wine Tones

This color par excellence is linked with elegance, perfect for evening meetings, dinners, or special events.

Generally, this lip color adapts to any tone of the dress, just remember to know how to combine your color palette both in makeup and accessories.

The idea is that the lipstick stands out and matches the dress.

Color Example:

DIVA by MAC: It is one of the favorites of many.

Can it be more beautiful?

If we talk about its matte texture, we can say that it does not dry out the lips like other lipsticks.

As you can see, all the finishes of this brand are matt.

It is very special thanks to its burgundy hues but also its brown tones, which makes it a TOP product for every woman.

Frequently Asked Question About Wearing Light Pink

What Skin Tone can wear Light Pink?

As a general rule, you could say: Pastel pink tones go best with a fair skin tone, dusty pink with a normal skin tone. However, determine the skin shade is a bit more than that, you should first figure out your undertones and the season your skin type belongs to. Light pink is usually flattened for people with cool summer skin (light and cool skin tone).

What Eye makeup goes with a Light Pink Dress?

Light pink eyeshadow or neutral eyeshadows works best with a pink dress. Use shimmery eyeshadows for an extra glam look. You can also create a “Smokey Eye Look” with light pink eyeshadow. Just add some darker pink eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye.