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What Color Lipstick Goes With A Red Dress? 3 Catchy Colors

What Color Lipstick Goes With A Red Dress? 3 Catchy Colors

Red is a very loud and bold color. If you wear red, you stand out.

So it’s even more important that you create the perfect look, including the perfect makeup. 

Some women might struggle with the lipstick to wear with a red dress because the red is already so loud and present.

But actually, there are a few good lipstick options, you can pair with a true red dress. 

What Color Lipstick Goes With A Red Dress? 

The three colors that are going best with a true red dress are nude, peach pink, and red. For evening occasions you can add some drama with plum or burgundy lipstick. Make sure to balance out the makeup, if you wearing a bold lipstick color and a blood dress, take it easy with the eye makeup. For day occasions natural tones are the one to go for. They just give the lips some definition, without competing with the dress. 

Red Dress and Nude Lipstick

What Color Lipstick Goes With A Red Dress

The dress will be the focus with a nude lipstick

A red dress is already a statement and an eyecatcher.

There is no need to complete this effect with strong makeup. Therefore is nude the perfect choice.

Nude just gives the lips a bit of definition and enhances the natural color. Make sure to choose the right lipliner, especially when applying nude lipstick. 

And while it is easy to combine nude lipstick, it might not be so easy to find the right shade for your skin tone.

So let’s quickly look into this as well, as this is essential to rock the nude lipstick look. 

Fair-skinned people go with nude lipstick with rosy-pink pigments or beige pink pigments.

Dark skin tones can go with caramel or brown nude and medium skin tones with an orangy peachy shade. 

And here comes the but, this overview is a little helper, however every skin tone and every nude shade is so different, that it might look good on person A with a medium skin tone, but not on person B with a medium skin tone. 

So try out different brands and different shades within your color palette. 

Red Dress and Red Lipstick 

Red on red is a very powerful look

Red lips attract! In combination with a red dress, it definitely attracts attention.

You can wear red lipstick and a red dress, for me it’s more of an evening combination, but the monochrome look is an eyecatcher.

When choosing the red tone, make sure that the red is from the same color family as the dress.

Pair warm red with warm reds and cool reds with cool reds.

Also, keep the eye makeup simple and natural.

Red on red is already a statement and you don’t want the eye makeup to compete with the rest of the look. 

Red Dress and Burgundy Lipstick

That’s a combination that might take some time to actually figure out how it works.

I feel it works best on medium to dark skin.

The difficulty is to find the balance between true red and the right shade of burgundy.

If you feel the contrast is just too strong, you can also apply the burgundy as ombre style or just paddy on a bit with your fingers. 

Red Dress and Pink Lipstick

For a natural look with a hue of color: pink and red

I think pink is the easiest combination with a red dress. It is easier to find the right pink shade than to find the right nude shade. It complements the dress color, without being as bold as red. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipstick for a Red Dress

Can I wear fuchsia lipstick with a red dress? 

Fuchsia is an analogous color to red and fits therefore perfectly. For sure, it is an eyecatcher and more something for a night out, but it works perfectly. Match your shoes with your lipstick for the extra pop of color. And since color blocking is back in fashion you’re on the right side. 

Should I wear accessories when wearing a red dress and red lipstick?

Red on red is already a bold statement. There is no need of wearing much jewelry unless you wish to look like a Christmas tree. Keep the eye makeup and accessory discreet. Every look should have a focus point, either makeup, dress, or accessories. So with red lipstick combined with a red dress you already have a lot going on in your outfit. 


The difficulty when working with colors is that it really comes down to shades and hues.

Working with makeup makes it even more adventurous because the skin tone and undertone play a big role.

The colors above are the best choices to wear with a red dress.

But in all fairness, you can also pull together a look with a red dress and blue lipstick. 

So feel free to experiment.

Trust your instincts.

We live in the best era EVER for this question, because you can test all the possibilities out with some unabashed selfies before actually facing the world.

Overall, just keep thinking of the 80’s song Lady In Red…

He’ll never forget her, she has never looked so lovely, he has totally fallen in love… and he never once mentions her lip color. Just sayin’. 

It’s about the overall effect and how you feel wearing your lipstick and your red dress.

You’ve done the most important part already by raiding the local vintage store or splurging on the display dress in the window you pass every day for this important closet staple, the red dress. 

So picking out the lipstick should be the fun encore event. You got this.