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What Color Lipstick Goes with Green Eyeshadow?

What Color Lipstick Goes with Green Eyeshadow?

Green is the color of the winter season 2021/2022. Green is a powerful but not aggressive color. Darker green tones can be worn by anyone, while a lighter green compliments brown eyes.

If you are a beginner in the green eyeshadow business, try an olive green. This suits every skin tone and it’s perfect for some experiments.

But once the shade of the green has been determined, the next question will be: What about the rest of the makeup?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which shade of lipstick to pair with your green eyeshadow, read on. I’ve done a deep dive into current make-up trends and color theory and settled on a few fantastic options.

So let us have a closer look into the question: What Color Lipstick Goes with Green Eyeshadow?

What Color Lipstick Goes with Green Eyeshadow?

To emphasize the charm of green eyeshadow, it is best to pair it with lipsticks in corals, nudes, or light pinks. Purple is green’s complementary color, and therefore also works well alongside emerald shades. For a striking combination, pair bold green eyeshadow with bright, rich red lipstick.

Emphasizing Green Eyeshadow

Whether you’re applying your make-up yourself or having it done by a professional, there is one basic make-up law that always rings true. Emphasize one feature of your face, whether it be your eyes, lips, brows, or cheekbones.

About green eyeshadow, the same is always true.

If you intend to pop your eye color with rich green tones, your lip color should be more muted so as not to detract.

If you want your lip color to be the point of focus, settle for a green eyeshadow that complements rather than overshadows.

Green Eyeshadow with Nudes, Corals, and Light Pinks

Many factors play into choosing the perfect lip color to complement your green eyeshadow, including depth, intensity, and sheen.

Rich, darker emerald greens pair beautifully with nude and light pink lipsticks. Both these colors give the wearer the look of subtle, glowing lips without taking attention away from the eyes.

Lighter, brighter greens look absolutely breathtaking with soft coral-colored lips for a fun yet mature look.

Shimmer and sheen may further impact your choice when it comes to selecting a lip look.

Current trends are all about pairing metallic greens with soft, matte lipstick shades. Conversely, a glossy lip also complements a well-applied matte eye.

If you’re pairing shine with shine, it’s best to keep your lip color as subtle as possible, opting for barely-there nudes that add a bit of a glow.

Green Eyeshadow and Purple Lipstick

In color theory, greens and purples are considered complementary colors, meaning that they find themselves on close to opposite ends of the color wheel.

For this reason, we know that these two colors work beautifully together. But even so, there are a few things to consider when pairing them in a make-up look.

When it comes to balancing purple and green, it’s all about intensity.

Soft, spring greens will work best when paired with lighter, lavender lips.

Dark, bright emerald greens need to be matched to purples equally vivacious in tone.

Pairing a dark green with a light purple, for example, may throw off the balance of these two colors and leave the wearer looking slightly off-key.

Keeping Focus

While we know purple and green to both be bold, cool colors, the rule of emphasizing one feature remains.

To keep your focus on the eyes, you can try including some purple liner or highlights in your green eyeshadow look.

To keep your focus on lips, limit the amount of green you have on the eyes, reducing it to a pop rather than a fully-painted lid.

Green Eyeshadow and Red Lipstick

If you’re going for a bold, striking look, consider pairing a dark green smokey eye with a bright, bold red lip.

Granted, this isn’t the easiest look to pull off, so some consideration of your precise color selection is crucial. Fortunately, most eyeshadows are purchased in trio or quattro packs, giving you some options for depth.

Darker greens with defined liner and long, thick lashes look breathtaking when paired with deep, glossy red shades.

If red lips are your focal point, a subtle green liner can be used on the eyes to bring out their color without competing to be the focus of the face.

Matching Eyeshadows with Lipstick

Matching your eyeshadow to a lipstick shade depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

A soft green eyeshadow with bronzed cheeks and a nude lip provides the perfect mature and monochromatic feel for subtle day looks.

For bolder, more distinctive looks, deep greens and rich purple or red lips can accentuate your skin tone and bring out the color and intensity of your eyes.

When selecting your products, swatch them on your hand or arm to determine how well they complement one another.

Remember that a balance of sheen and texture is as important as balancing your colors.

And when in doubt, consult a stylist at your place of purchase about current trends and professional make-up pairings that are known to work well together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Green Eyeshadow

What color eyeshadow goes with brown eyes?

Green, purple, grey, bronze, and gold eyeshadows are known to complement brown eyes. Brown eyes can be intense, alluring, and bold, and each of these colors will make them stand out.

Do you get green lipstick?

Yes, you can get green lipstick, and while it’s not the easiest color to wear, it can look stunning when done right. Professional make-up artists recommend soft, subdued eyes and cheeks as the best recourse for pairing with green lipstick

Can you wear green eyeshadow with green eyes?

Green eyeshadow can look beautiful with green eyes, but it can also overshadow them. For this reason, it’s best to choose a shade that is darker or lighter than your eyes and to keep it to a minimum. Eyeshadow colors with cool reds and purples work great with green eyes.


A perfectly curated make-up look is an art unto itself.

Pairing a striking green eyeshadow with the exact right lip shade can lead to a stunning look that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

Best of all, this timeless look can be reapplied for any number of occasions or even just for your day-to-day.