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What Color Lipstick goes with Maroon Dress – Best Options

What Color Lipstick goes with Maroon Dress – Best Options

Maroon is a very sensual, mysterious color. And, a maroon dress adds an air of sophistication, class, and elegance to the wearer, regardless of style.

The art of enhancing a look like this lies in accessories and makeup.

The right shade of lipstick can complete the look beautifully. It is also important to apply the lipstick correctly.

What Color Lipstick goes with Maroon Dress

The shade of lipstick depends on both skin tone and occasion. Darker shades of red such as wine red, brownish, red, and reds with warmer tones are good. A matt lipstick that matches the color of the dress also works very well. Alternatively, nude shades or a simple lip gloss can also work well.

What color is “maroon”

Maroon is a dark red with brownish hues added. It is a typical autumn color.

Maroon is not burgundy, the difference is that burgundy has more purple hues, rather than brown hues.

What Color Lipstick goes with Maroon Dress
Difference between maroon and burgundy

Things to remember

Matching lipstick color to the rest of your makeup is just as important as matching lipstick color to your dress and to the occasion.

In any case, you want to archive the perfect look, and that consists of the best makeup and a stunning dress.

The rule of thumb is that if the eyeshadow is dark, the lip color should be light. If the eyeshadow is light, the lipstick should be dark.

Contrast is key. If both the lipstick and the eyeshadow are dark, it does not look as elegant.

It is possible to combine dark eyeshadow with bolder lipstick shades, but for an amateur makeup enthusiast, this is a difficult endeavor that can look very loud if applied incorrectly.

If you are applying darker shades of eyeshadow, you should especially consider the ombre look.

It goes great with this shade and gives it a more dramatic look.

For a bold effect, choose a darker lipstick shade.

For a softer effect, choose lighter lipstick. And adjust the eye shadow as described above.

Eyebrows are often overlooked.

This is a very important feature that frames the eye.

Fill and color your eyebrows accordingly. Depending on hair and skin tone, brown looks great with a maroon dress.

Whether you are spending a night in the town or having lunch in a quiet setting, do not forget the mascara.

Regardless of the shade of lipstick, dramatic colors such as maroon call for dramatic lashes.

Always opt for a blush that matches the skin tone rather than the color of the dress.

So the question remains, what color lipstick with a maroon dress works well.

The Natural Look

Opt for more toned-down shades for a more natural look.

This works very well with maroon. A soft pink or light pink lipstick combined with a nude eyeshadow creates an effortless look.

Be sure not to use foundation, but a tinted moisturizer instead, to keep skin from looking dull and give it a sun-kissed glow.

This look is simple yet very elegant.

The natural look is great for an evening out, a day at the office, or even lunch with a friend.

Bold Lips

For a timeless look, pair burgundy lipstick with a maroon dress.

Opt for matte lipstick instead of a glossy one. Darker shades smudge easily and are unflattering when smudged.

Deep plum red, dark red, brownish red, and wine red are all great shades for dark lipsticks that add a pop of color and look bold.

These shades make for a confident, bold look.

Pair pink blush and a lighter eye shadow with this look.

Bolder lipstick shades are better suited for an evening look.

However, you can also wear it during the day.

Just remember to keep the eye makeup simple. You don’t want eyes and lips to compete with each other.

Nude Lips

Nude lipstick works very well with a maroon dress.

Choose a shade similar to the natural shade of the lips. You can also use a nude lip liner to give your lips more definition.

Pair this with smokey eyes in darker brown shades to add a touch of sophistication and mystery.

For fairer skin tones, brighten up the look with a soft, rosy blush on the cheekbones.

Complete the look by adding a soft pink gloss over the nude lipstick.

This look is sultry and works best for an evening out.

Burgundy lip gloss

For some, darker lipstick shades are a bit too bold.

Lipgloss in a darker shade might be a better option.

Apply a darker shade of lip gloss in burgundy, deep plum, deep red, or wine glow red.

Or, match the color of the lip gloss to the color of the dress. A burgundy lip gloss goes very well with a maroon dress.

It provides a pop of color. Also, the shade is flattering on most skin tones.

Combine lip gloss in a darker shade with a nude or pink eye shadow.

The pink shade should not be too flashy.

Pastel shades are ideal and complement the darker shade of lip gloss.

It also gives you a more natural look.

This shade does not distract from the dress and draws the focus more on the dress than the makeup.

Pink Lips

It may not sound like a good combination, but pink lips actually look fantastic with a maroon dress.

Pair bright pink lips with dramatic winged eyeliner.

The focus is on lipstick and eyeliner.

The eyeshadow should complement the shade of the lipstick and not compete with it. Opt for simple nude shades.

This is a great look for day and night and suits most occasions because it is so versatile.


The minimalist look calls only for defined lips. No other makeup is needed or applied.

The focus is on keeping the face bare and highlighting only the lips.

Darker, bolder shades are great for this look.

For lighter skin tones, apply a tinted moisturizer to give the skin a natural glow that will accentuate the lipstick shade even more.

This look is effortless, natural, and adorable.

A great look for the day.

With a toned-down appearance on the eye makeup, this look can work very well and is not too flashy for daytime.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use glitter on my makeup?

Yes, absolutely. Of course, this is something that should be used in moderation on the eyes. Also, it works best if the shade of lipstick is nude or a lip gloss. Adding small amounts of glitter to the eye make-up complements the shade of lipstick, as mentioned above, and looks fantastic when applied correctly.

Will scarlet red lipstick work with this color?

Yes, it can work with this color. Although darker shades of red work best with this color.


A maroon dress, when worn with the right shade of lipstick, is a statement-maker for any occasion.

Bolder lipstick shades work excellently with a maroon dress, but so do natural shades of lipstick.

Always match the lipstick to the dress and the occasion.