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What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear – 8 Best Colors

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear – 8 Best Colors

Regardless of what color your hair is, your lipstick should always match your skin tone, and hair and coordinate well with your eye color.

People who fall into the brunette category can have every hair color from medium brown hair color with red undertones to brown hair with streaks of blonde hair.

Make sure that your lipstick shade looks flawless with these tips on what color lipstick should brunettes wear.

That brings the answer to the question: What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear?

Also, pay attention to the correct application of the lipstick.

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear

Brunettes should also consider their skin tone and eye color. Peach is great for olive skin, pale pinks and shades look great with fair skin, and darker colors complement dark skin tones. In general berry tones, mauve, dusty rose, burgundy, and fuchsia pink shades compliment brunettes.

Pale Pink Pairs Well With Fair Skin

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear

A very natural shade: pale pink

If you’re a brunette with extremely light-toned skin, pale pink is going to be your most versatile shade.

This neutral color will look exceptionally well with any outfit and any shade of brunette hair.

Wear Peach With Olive Skin

Brunettes with darker skin tones will love the way that a peach makeup color complements both their skin tone and their hair color.

This color will look great with any color of your eyes!

Red Goes With Red Undertones

I tried to dye my hair red years ago and wound up with dark brown and red undertones in my hair.

While it looked stunning, it took some trial and error to find the perfect lip colors to match the warm tones in my hair.

Red in every shade is the perfect makeup color for your lips.

For a bold color, go with burgundy red. Add drama with bright, cherry red.

For a more subtle look that compliments a medium skin tone, opt for shades of pink for your makeup color.

Golden pink and other medium pinks will always compliment a medium skin tone.

Chocolate Brown Looks Great With Ruby Red

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear

Ruby red goes with light and medium-dark skin tones

Bold colors are the perfect colors for brunettes.

Colors like ruby red and fuchsia will look dramatic against pale skin.

They complement a medium skin tone. As for ladies with a dark complexion, these lipstick colors will work equally well.

I love the look of dark colors against dark hair. If you have dark eyes, these colors for brunettes are perfect for you.

Deep Berry Looks Great With Cool Undertones

Insist on wearing silver over gold and having blue veins?

That’s an indication of a cool undertone.

This is common in people with paler skin tones, but you’ll also find cool undertones in people with olive skin tones or brown skin.

For a pop of color, choose a rich color in dark berries.

Orange-Red Is Perfect For Warm Undertones

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear

Orange is a very powerful color

If you have discovered that your skin has warm undertones, deep oranges, orange-reds, and even a brick red will look great.

As a general rule of thumb, these shades look exceptional for those with olive-toned skin.

Nude Shades Are Always The Perfect Shade

What Color Lipstick Should Brunettes Wear

There are endless choices of nude lipstick

Nude lipstick can be worn by almost anyone, and it looks great with various outfits.

Brown-haired beauties that aren’t sure which color lipstick to wear can always wear a nude lip and trust that they will look fabulous.

Match The Undertones In Your Hair

Brunettes that have warm undertones, such as brownish undertones, can wear coordinating warm colors.

For example, reds, browns, and oranges.

Those cool undertones, such as purple undertones, can wear lipstick in the same color palette to ensure that the lipstick and hair complement each other.

Deep berry shades, purple, and dark pink with cool undertones are the perfect color choices.

Lighter Lipstick Compliments Thinner Lips

While there’s nothing wrong with picking a dark purple lipstick or showing off a deep wine color, it’s a general rule of thumb that dark lipstick tends to make lips look a little bit smaller.

If you have thin lips, consider pink lipsticks or neutral lipstick.

Blue Eyed Brunettes Should Wear Pink

Blue-eyed brunettes are advised to stay away from deep shades of red.

This simply doesn’t complement the blue in the eyes. Instead, a pigmented formula in pink will be the perfect compliment.

Opt for medium pink shades for more drama.

Dusty rose is another great option that I would recommend. It’s the perfect complement for both dark hair and blue eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipstick for Brown Hair

What is the best lip color for dark hair?

When choosing a lip color, always consider your eye color and skin color. Pale pinks work well for everyone. Those with dark skin tones will look great with deep wine reds, chocolate colors, and lipstick colors with purple undertones.

The best lipstick for dark lips?

Remember that your lip color should blend well with the natural color of your lips. Dark mauve, red, and mulberry will complement dark lips nicely. However, don’t forget that you can always break the rules and go with lip paint in pale pink!

In Conclusion

Red is an excellent color for brunettes unless you have blue eyes. If you have blue eyes, consider shades of pink instead. Make sure to check out the rest of our blogs for more amazing tips and tricks to help you look your best!