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What Color Nails go with a Red Dress?- 6 Amazing Options

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress?- 6 Amazing Options

A red dress is a statement piece, no questions about it.

Heads will turn and you will make your appearance when wearing a red dress.

But don’t forget about the importance to match your accessories, makeup, and nail polish with your red dress.

The hands are probably the second thing people will look at after your red dress.

So give your nails a little attention time as well and choose your nail polish wisely.

Let’s deep dive into the question: What Color Nails go with a Red Dress?

I have collected some of the best options on nail polish to wear with a red dress.

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress?

Red nails don’t go well with a red dress, because they may clash, or look too consciously matched. Neutral or nude nails are a great option, with perhaps an accent nail. For specific seasons or special occasions, funky nails go well with a red dress. These can be different basic colors, using stamps that match the event, or they can be brightly colored nails that complement the color of the dress.

Your red dress can either be the basis of an elegant outfit, or the center of a fun look.

Nails that match the look and occasion will go well with a red dress.

Funky Nails

Sometimes, you just need to make a statement with the nail polish you wear with a red dress. These can be in plain colors or have fun or quirky designs. Often, funky nails are linked to an occasion or season.

Christmas Nails

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress

Red is also the color of Christmas and festive events.

You can wear red nails with a red dress, however, this will be a lot of red so maybe reserve this look for Christmas.

If you want to wear red on red, I would suggest choosing a darker nail polish than the dress to set some accent.

However, when it is Christmas time, get all the reds out or pair your dress with green nails.

Choose a nice dark-emerald green, and avoid neon green – we want to make a statement, but not like the Grinch in person.

Green and red striped nails will not only go with your red dress at Christmas but will be the basis for a great, festive outfit.

On the other hand, you can wear plain green nails, which will contrast with your red dress to create a perfect Christmas outfit.

To get the Christmas spirit going, silver or gold nails look great with a red dress.

Try painting your nails white and putting silver glitter over them.

Or you can paint them black or white with a gold glittery topcoat.

Mix and match and use black and gold, with an accent nail that is white and silver.

Candy canes are so much part of Christmas, that nails striped in red and white, or even red, green, and white go perfectly with a red dress.

Or you can do plain white.

On the other hand, use a white base coat, with stamping of presents or reindeer.

Remember that you can always use a stamp on an accent nail.

What looks great with a red dress around Christmas is green nails with white stamps or stripes.

Halloween Nails

Generally, you shouldn’t wear orange nail polish with a red dress, but there are always exceptions – especially when orange is an important color for Halloween.

The colors of Halloween are orange, black, and purple, so why not stripe your nails in these colors and wear them with a red dress?

For Halloween, you can paint your nails black and stamp Jack o’ lanterns on them in orange.

With a red dress, it’ll make them stand out.

Valentine’s Day

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress

Love is in the air with a red dress and Valentine’s nails.

Valentine’s day just screams out to be red, but wearing red nails with a red dress doesn’t always work.

What does go well is white nails with red hearts stamped on them.

You can also reverse that and have red nails with white stamps.

Try to go for a red polish that is the same shade as your dress, or darker.

Change it up a bit and use dark pink for an accent nail. What goes well with a red dress are plain white nails and a pink accent nail.

Easter Eggs

Eggs, chocolate, and bunnies are what Easter is about.

Dark brown nails go well with a red dress at Easter.

You can stamp a bunny on an accent nail, or go full out and put eggs on each nail.

It is also fun to turn your hand into a bunch of Easter eggs and paint each nail in a different color in a skittle effect.

Birthday Nails

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress

White nails are the summer ’22 trend

For your birthday, anything goes and anything will surely look good with your red dress.

Try to stick to browns, purples, and blues, though.

If you are wearing a red dress to a party, then you can paint your nails to go with the theme.

Use a solid color as the base and then stamp shapes or figures.

You can stamp the age of the birthday person on your nails. Or you can stamp gift boxes on the accent nail.


Elegant Nails

What Color Nails go with a Red Dress

An elegant look requires elegant nails

Nothing calls elegance like a French manicure, which will match a red dress beautifully.

The clue to keeping your nails elegant and making sure they go with your red dress is to keep the touches small and specific.

Wear a solid color, like a dark purple, and then add a swirl of white or light blue across the accent nail.

You can also put a topcoat of purple glitter on top of the purple.

To create elegant nails that match a red dress, try to keep your nails simply the same color and add a subtle accent nail.

You can use a glitter topcoat over nude polish and have a red accent nail with the same glitter.

Dos and Don’ts of Nails with a Red Dress


Do wear neutral or nude nail polish.

Do wear nail polish that is darker than the red of your dress.

Do wear black or white nail polish.


Don’t wear orange or yellow nail polish. Some might like it but I think it is just too much.

Don’t wear neon nail polish

Don’t wear gold nail polish, which can be quite garish when worn with a red dress.


Frequently Asked Questions about Nail Polish for a red Dress

Can I wear a fuchsia pink Nail polish with a red dress?

Yes and no. For a dark red dress, avoid fuchsia pink, however for a bright red dress go for it. Still, some people might don’t like the combination, but in a time of color blocking, you can totally do it.

What is the single style of nail that will go with a red dress?

If you want to wear nail polish that will go with a red dress and match any occasion, go for a French manicure. You can also wear nude or skin tone polish, perhaps with a touch of glitter.



Just because you are wearing a red dress, don’t assume that red nails will go with it.

Red is the color to avoid unless it’s Christmas.

For an elegant look, go for a uniform, solid color with a subtle accent nail.

It is when you want to be funky with your nails that just about anything will go well with a red dress.