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What Color of Eyeshadow Fits Red Lipstick?

What Color of Eyeshadow Fits Red Lipstick?

From time immemorial, one of the exquisite lip colors that women have worn is red.

It announces your presence and gives off a strong, classy yet feminine vibe.

This is the perfect combination for a woman who commands respect.

However, selecting the right eyeshadow to compliment your red lips can be a herculean task.

The red is already an eyecatcher and depending on the occasion it does not need too much eye makeup.

But still, the lips shouldn’t take away the glory from the eyes and so it is always a good idea to pay attention to the eyes as well.

The question remains; what eyeshadow ideas, look good on red lipstick? This article has got you covered. Relax and keep reading!

What Color of Eyeshadow Fits Red Lipstick

There are various,show-stopping eyeshadow looks, to wear alongside your red lipstick. You can wear neutral-toned eyeshadows, that is Gold, copper, bronze, and soft browns. You can also wear bold eyeshadows like blue, red, and pink eyeshadows.

Gold, Bronze, Nude and Red

Gold is a magical color. It can be worn by almost every skin tone, is not obtrusive, and always adds a glamourous touch to your outfit.

Red and gold is the color combination for celebrations and special occasions.

This color pair is also easy to combine with other colors, such as black, ivory, or red.

So the questions about what to wear with this makeup are resolved quickly.

Alternatively, if you are not so into gold, bronze is a good choice. It is darker than gold, but will still create a glamourous look.

Also, you can use the soft shades of brown, to create a smokey eye look like you normally would, and pair this with a classic red lip.

The result is amazing! You can make a difference with this smokey eye look, by adding a bit of sparkle to it. Apply your base makeup first, and go ahead with a regular smokey eye look.

Once you’re done, add some sparkle to the inner corners of your eyes.

People mostly use gold, but you can use silver also. It adds a dash of freshness to a seemingly regular look, and it’s beautiful.

For statement makeup, you can choose a red eyeshadow.

Yes, red! While red is more common for lips, it has also a beautiful appearance on the eyes. Choose a red with brown tones. On one part of the eyelids, you apply the red, and then fill the rest of the eyelid with a dark brown.

After that, choose a gold-tone and add a gold layer over the two colors.

You should have a smooth transition between both colors, similar to smokey-eye makeup. 

Also, these neutral colors can be used to make cut-creases.

Cut-creases and red lips are an awesome combination.

For this look you apply a lighter eyeshadow and add one contrast line across the middle crease of the eyelid.

Basically divide the eyelid into two parts. There are variations of this technique, so you may also just apply one line of eyeshadow.

It might sound easy but it needs some practice to achieve the perfect cut-crease look.

So try it a few times before the big event.

You can also decide to wear a nude eyeshadow that is barely noticeable.

The focus will then be on the red lips rather than an all-in makeup. I like this look for more formal events or if you are not comfortable wearing bold makeup.

Bold eyeshadows, although rarely worn, can also be paired with red lipstick.

A monochromatic look, that is red eyeshadow and mascara combined with red lips is a statement no question.

For this look it is essential that it’s done the right way to avoid looking like the vampire next door.

So if you feel comfortable with your makeup skills, give it a try.

You can also wear blue or teal-colored eyeshadow with your red lipstick.

This combination is preferred for evening outings or parties, as it can appear too daring for a corporate setting.

If you’re looking for something unconventional when it comes to wearing red lipstick, then a pink eyeshadow is your best bet.

It’s bold, bright, and beautiful. 

Other Makeup Ideas in Combination with Red Lipstick?

One of the combinations which are always in the spotlight is red lips and long lashes.

Either natural lashes or fake lashes, this looks stands out. And it is quick and hassle-free makeup. 

Also, you can simply keep your eyes natural and add a touch of mascara.

Bring your eyebrows in shape and apply some foundation for a healthy, fresh look. Wear your red lipstick and step into your event, looking like a stunner.

You can wear eyeliner with this look if you choose to, but if a black liner feels too much at that period, you can just wear a brown eyeliner.

Brown is not so harsh as black and the look gets a softer touch.

For a last-minute look that is simple and yet adds some sparkle, just add some gold eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye, et voila finished.

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Lipstick

How do I choose the perfect red color for me?

Red is very versatile and as so often, knowing your undertone is key to determine the right red tone for you. Red has undertones itself with two main undertones: Orange and Blue. People with a warm skin tone wear reds with an orange undertone best. Reds with blue undertones are matching people with a cool skin tone perfectly.

How can I stop my lipstick from drying out my lips?

Generally, your lips tend to get quite dry, when you apply lipstick. A Lipbalm is a solution. Apply the lip balm before applying the lipstick. Let it dry a bit and then apply the lipstick. If you would like to have slightly glossy lipstick, just apply some lip balm over the dried lipstick. It will help to keep the lips moisturized.

Finally, the next time you pick up that tube of red lipstick, I hope you’re reminded of these eyeshadow ideas and you implement them.