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2 Shiny Choices – What Color of Lipstick fits a Golden Dress?

2 Shiny Choices – What Color of Lipstick fits a Golden Dress?

Asides from the color black and white, one other color that isn’t found in a woman’s wardrobe, is gold.

This is because golden dresses are purely amazing!  Gold compliments every skin color.

Therefore the color can be worn by all types of skin color.

Gold dresses look good when you are wearing them for dinners, parties, or events that majorly hold in the evenings. A golden dress is a must-have, for every woman.

However, it’s been noticed that a lot of women seem to come to a crossroads when it comes to the best makeup to apply when you wear a gold dress.

The largely herculean task seems to be the best color of lipstick to apply, that gets your A-game on, when you wear a golden dress.

This article dives into the various colors of lipstick that can be worn to accompany a golden dress. 

What Color of Lipstick Fits a Golden Dress?

The best lipstick colors to be worn to accentuate a gold dress can be split into two categories namely; Deep dark lipsticks and Red lipsticks. Also, you can wear nude lipstick, light pink lipstick, pale orange lipstick, and peach lipstick. This is best worn if you’re trying to achieve a glowy look on your gold dress.

Let the Gold Shine – Red Shades

Deep dark lipsticks are amazing when worn on a gold dress.

Colors such as red, burgundy, magenta will help the gold to shine. It is a nice contrast, just keep your eye makeup very simple.

Red lipsticks are an absolute fave of mine, to wear on a shimmering, ravishing gold dress.

It’s so versatile that you can wear it in the morning, afternoon, or at night. It works for either of those times.

It can also make you look like a style diva. Red lipstick will make a very loud statement on your gold dress, especially if you paint your nails red too. 

If you go for red lipstick keep the eyes simple.

Use some eyeshadow from the same color family like gold. Those are for example cooper, brown tones, soft browns.

Before you choose red lipstick, it is very important to consider your skin tone and your undertone.

For dark-skinned people, a warm-toned red lipstick that has a brown finish is best. Shades of red like merlot, mahogany, dark cherry are the best for them.

Fair-skinned people should wear red lipstick that has blue undertones while medium-skinned people should wear red lipstick with neutral undertones.

Colors such as deep red, orange tones, crimson will look stunning.

Before you wear your lipstick, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or your toothbrush and apply lip balm or a lip primer, to keep your lips plump and hydrated.

Apply some highlighter on your cupid bow and use a lip liner to line the lips and then apply the lipstick.

You can decide to wear your lipstick I’m a matte formula.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can top it off with some lip gloss, to give your lips some sheen and make it lush. 

A Nude Glowy Look

Nude, peach, pale pink, and pale orange lipsticks are best when you’re trying to achieve a glowy look.

These colors in all their variations, fit almost all complexions and can be worn to any occasion.

It’s is necessary to note, that the shades also need to be selected based on your skin tone and your undertone. 

You can also use your nude lipstick to create an ombrè effect. Simply line your lips with a brown lip liner or brown lipstick. Make your the outline is accurate.

Fill in the rest of your lips with your preferred shade of nude, and blend the harsh lines in. Top the lipstick with gloss and you’re set to go about your day.

For this glowy look, apply some highlighter on your cheekbones and your brows bone to accentuate those features. Also, use bronze-colored eye shadow on your eyelids up to the socket line.

You can apply your eyeliner as you usually would do. For this makeup, I would recommend not to draw a bold line but a classic or simple one.

The next step is to apply some eyeshadow under the lower lash line as well and finish the makeup with mascara.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lipstsick Color to a Golden Dress

Is the lipstick color the only important thing to consider before I wear my golden dress?

Of course not! It is of utmost priority, that you also consider every other aspect of your makeup asides from your lipstick. For your face makeup, the most important thing is a flawless base. Good skin is important and if your skin isn’t so good, you want to focus on hiding the flaws. First, cleanse and tone your skin with micellar water or any toner that you have at hand. After that, apply a moisturizer and a primer. If you have oily skin, it’s best if you wear a mattifying primer. Apply some color corrector, over your spots, to cover them up. If you don’t have one, your best DIY hack is to use creamy lipstick in place of a color corrector. Thank me later! After this step, apply a little foundation and blend in very well. Use a good concealer according to your skin type, that is 2-3 shades lighter on your eye circles and blend well too. Set it with powder and contour the hollows of your face with a powder that is a shade or two, darker than your skin color. This helps to create a slimming effect. 

Can I use blushes on my golden dress?

Yes you can. Blushes are a very good makeup item for a gold dress. However, it is better if you keep it subtle for the daytime. Use a lighter blush such as an apricot, peachy blush if your skin tone is fair to pale. Darker skin tones use a darker blush.

Finally, a gold dress unleashes royalty and regality in you. It is common knowledge, that gold can transform even a duckling, into a swan. Hence, it needs to be perfectly accessorized.