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What Color of Lipstick Should You Wear With a Coral Dress

What Color of Lipstick Should You Wear With a Coral Dress

Fashion is a game, that requires absolutely no rules.

The smartest person, however, is one who trusts her instincts, and combines her clothes and colors, in a way that makes absolute sense.

As simple as this task seems, it takes expertise and a required level of skill, to pull this feat off. 

It is very easy to pair colors that are very prominent in the fashion scene.

Colors such as red, blue, purple, black, white, green, etc., are very easy to be combined with others.

However, certain colors are rare and almost unheard of, hence, it is quite hard to pair the color.

The Coral color falls into this category. It lingers between pink and orange colors. It can also be described as a reddish or pinkish shade of orange and can be expressed in different shades.

 Do you plan to wear a coral dress, then you should also pair it with the perfect makeup to wrap up the whole outfit.

A coral dress actually fits all skin tones and hair colors.  Ideally, a coral dress is bright enough, and already attracts a lot of attention. Hence, makeup ideas to pair with a coral dress has to be a bit toned down, so that colors don’t clash.

Here are some coral shades, to give you an idea of the tone. Coral was the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 and it is also considered a “lucky color”.

What Color of Lipstick Should You Wear With a Coral Dress?

Since coral is already a statement color, it is ideal to wear nude lipstick to blend perfectly with your coral dress. You can also wear glossy coral lipstick to maintain a natural look and a nice contrast to the colorful dress. Fashion almost knows no rules so if you feel like it, go with bold lipstick color.

The Power of Nude

Nude lipstick is a makeup item, which doesn’t add color to the lips, but makes it vibrant and beautiful.

It can either be matte or creamy and is very suitable to be worn with loud or very bright colors. Nude lipsticks create a sort of sultry, yet sleek effect, it is advised to select a nude lipstick that suits your skin tone.

The best way to choose this would be to consider your undertone and then decide which shade of nude is best for you. Also, it is advised not to wear nude shades, lighter than your natural lip colors, to avoid looking odd.

Nude lipstick looks best when it’s glossy, so you can top it with gloss to look very good. 

Before you wear your nude lipstick, ensure that your lips are exfoliated and perfectly moisturized. This helps to underline the color and the lips will appear healthy and silky.

Then, line your lips with a lip liner of your choice and apply the lipstick as you would usually do. Contour your lips so it can look defined and top it off with gloss. Yay! You can now step into that party with your A-game on and look like a queen. 

Also, you can wear glossy coral lipstick to match the dress. Endeavor to look for a similar shade to your dress or is just a shade darker than your dress. 

A light peach lip color will also be perfect on a coral dress, especially for a formal event or a wedding reception. 

Other Makeup Tips?

It is trite to note that asides from figuring out the best lip colors to pair with your gorgeous coral dress, the rest of your makeup also plays a vital role in how the entire look turns out. 

Fortunately, because the coral color fits any skin tone, you do not need to go all out with your entire makeup process.

First, apply a tinted moisturizer to your face. Then select a concealer that matches your skin tone. Use a brush or your fingers to dab a little underneath your eyes.

Apply the concealer in an inversed triangle shape and extend to your nose and cheekbone area. This technique helps to lift your face and makes it look defined.

Blend the concealer well. Apply concealer that’s a shade darker than your skin tone to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the temple of your forehead.

Blend very well, because it determines the outcome of your makeup. After doing this, apply some translucent powder and a little blush. This can give you a fresh, dewy but defined look. 

In addition, a coral dress is best paired with bold, dramatic eyeshadow looks.

You can pair it with a smoky, metallic, or glittery eyeshadow look. Firstly, prime your eyelids and apply a light color in your outer corner, as your transition shade.

Apply a slightly dark metallic eyeshadow on your lids and line your eyes with a black pencil. Use a blending brush to buff out the liner so that its smudged and begins to fade, thereby creating the smoky effect.

Tap a little glitter primer on your lids and apply a metallic pigment, or glitters in the exact shade of your metallic eyeshadow. You can also use a shade lighter than the initial eyeshadow color.

Go back into your outer corner, with a slightly dark matte eyeshadow as your transition and blend till everything looks perfect.

Use a black pencil to line your waterline and apply your mascara. Pop on some false eyelashes and you’re ready to go!

Moreover, you can add a little bronze highlighter to accentuate your facial features. This would literally take your makeup game from a 50 to a 100. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipstick

Can I wear a red lipstick on a coral colored dress? 

It is advised not to wear a very bold lipstick on a coral-colored dress, as it could result in a color riot. However, there are no fixed rules concerning lipstick color.

Can I wear an Ombre lip? 

Absolutely! You can wear an ombre lip on a coral dress. Just make sure to stay in the nude or coral lipstick color zone. 


The world of makeup and fashion is a dynamic one. Make sure to explore and have fun while at it. Cheers to looking good!