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What Color Shirt and Tie to Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

What Color Shirt and Tie to Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

The last decade has been a lot about men’s style.

Androgyny played a huge role in fashion during this period.

This brings me to my next point. What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

The purple men’s suit. It’s not completely androgynous, but it does contain elements of that.

It’s fashionable, it’s chic, and it’s on-trend.

The only question is how you pair this suit with other elements like a shirt and tie to complete the look.

Apart from that, it is important to know how to tie a tie and make sure it hangs at the right length to complete a look and make it look polished.

Which colors match a purple suit, which colors complement it, and which colors contrast it? Let’s face the question: “What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?”.

What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

A purple suit is a statement piece. For a more conservative approach, pair the purple suit with a white shirt and a gray or black tie. The ties can be solid colors or have a print on them. Paisley patterns with a single color or a simple plain tie with no print are best. Or pair a white shirt with a blue and white polka-dotted tie with this suit. A dark blue shirt with a geometric patterned tie in gray tones looks fashionable and adds masculinity to the suit. If the suit is a solid color, then it’s safe to play around with patterns on the tie.

The Color Wheel

The first thing you must master is the color wheel.

Here lies the secret to successfully matching colors.

Knowing which colors complement each other, which colors contrast each other, and which colors are closest together on the wheel will give you a clear indication of how to combine colors.

This wheel is the foundation of color theory.

It clearly shows the relationship between colors.

The term color harmony describes colors that look good together.

The color wheel is divided into two main areas.

Hues with a warm undertone and hues with a cool undertone.

Analogous colors refer to colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. In terms of purple, these colors include pink and blue.

Complementary colors are the colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.

In terms of purple, this includes yellow and green.

Monochromatic colors are colors that belong to the same category but have either a lighter or darker tone.

For purple, these would be lilac, violet, dark purple, orchid, etc.

Different Patterns on Ties

What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

Know the different patterns and what shirt to combine with it

There is a simple rule when pairing solids and patterns. I

f you choose a pattern on your tie, then either the shirt or the suit or both should be solid colors.

In this post, we will focus on a solid color dark purple suit.

The Paisley Tie

This tie is distinguished by its ornamental design.

It is a distinct pattern that is easily recognizable due to its timeless popularity.

The pattern can be either multicolored or monochromatic with the pattern being the same color.

The tie features a teardrop-shaped motif with curved ends.

It is ideal for formal, business, or professional occasions.

The Diagonal Striped Tie

This tie features stripes that run diagonally across the tie. There are usually two to three distinct colors on this tie.

The Geometric Design Tie

The geometric tie features a repeating, small, symmetrical pattern on a regular grid.

This is probably one of the most popular ties of recent times.

The Polka Dot Tie

As the name implies, the circles on a Polka Dot are either large or small.

This tie usually has two main colors, but can also have a variety of colors.

The Floral Tie

Floral ties usually feature a floral design and are very popular with more eccentric color suits like the purple suit.

The Tartan, Check, or Plaid Tie

These ties feature crossed horizontal and vertical lines across the tie.

What Goes Best with a Purple Suit?

Now that I have covered the color wheel and the different patterns you can find on a tie, it’s time to pair those colors and patterns with a purple suit.


Pair a purple suit with a slightly lighter purple shirt and a medium to dark purple tie.

The tie can be solid or printed with a paisley pattern and in a solid color.

This combination is trendy and chic.

Complete the look with a pair of oxford shoes in black.

White Shirt and a Burgundy Tie

What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

Creates nice contrasts: White and Purple

Creates nice contrasts: White and Purple

For a refined look that embodies sophistication, pair a purple suit with a white shirt and burgundy tie.

The tie should be a solid color, but can also feature a solid pattern, such as a paisley or geometric pattern in various shades of burgundy.

White is a neutral shade that pairs with both cooler and warmer tones.

Burgundy sits very close to purple on the color wheel, making it a beautiful pairing.

Stripes and Geometric Design

Pair a striped windowpane shirt in purple and blue with a tie that features a geometric pattern of brown, purple, and gold squares.

This combination is a bit more adventurous, but still very trendy and hip.

Or combine a purple windowpane shirt with a green and white polka-dotted tie.

This may seem very inappropriate now, but trust me, this combination looks fantastic.

Navy Blue and Lilac

You could effortlessly pair these three colors together.

Select a lilac shirt and pair it with a navy blue tie.

The lilac shirt can feature a windowpane design and the tie could either be a solid color or feature a geometric, polka dot, or paisley pattern.

Green and Yellow

What Color Shirt and Tie Should I Wear With a Dark Purple Suit?

A touch of color: dark yellow fits perfect with a plum-colored suit

This combination is more for adventurers.

You can pair a purple suit with a white or yellow shirt and a yellow paisley tie, or choose a light green shirt in window shades with a slightly darker paisley tie, also in green.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Purple Suit

What color and style of shoe goes with a purple suit?

Purple is a very versatile color. The suit will pair beautifully with a pair of Oxford shoes in either black or deep brown. If the suit is a lighter shade of purple, then opt for a tan Oxford shoe.

Is it okay to mix two different patterns in an outfit?

Yes. Keep in mind that if the tie and shirt feature a pattern, it is best to opt for a solid color suit. If the shirt and tie are both solid colors, then it is safe to wear a jacket that features a pattern on it.


Always pair a purple shirt with colors that compliment it, contrast it, or sit close to it on the color wheel.

Colors that work with a purple suit include navy blue, black, white, yellow, green, and pink.

Do not be afraid to play around with patterns either. But remember, the jacket is always the star of the show.