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What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Shorts

What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Shorts


The long and cold winter has finally passed, summer is here in full bloom, shorts will it be all the way.

But what to wear with the shorts is a big question that may leave us stumped every now and then.

If you have been following our blog, you know that we have been talking about shorts and what to wear with some specific color shorts in the last couple of posts. In this post we will find answers to the question: What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Shorts

What shirt goes with gray shorts?

Gray is an innocent color that goes along with shirts and tops of any color. The most common and loved combinations include black, white, dark blue, pink, and striped patterns in black and white.

The Multiple Shades Of Gray

Ironically, gray is an achromatic color. It means it is a color devoid of color; it is a mixture of black and white. And it depicts clouds and maturity.

Out of the countless shades and tints on the grayscale, there are some more achromatic than others, like light gray, silver, dim gray, and Spanish gray.

While other categories are:

off-grays that include platinum, ash gray, nickel, charcoal, and platinum,

cool grays like slate gray and blue-gray,

and warm grays like taupe and rose quartz.

Everyday Silhouettes With Gray Shorts

Coupling a solid basic tee/polo/tank with a pair of shorts can never go wrong.

And by this I mean to use clothes that are somewhat contrasting and uplifting to make an outfit fit together.

For instance, a set of light blue shorts look awesomely chic with a dark-colored, stunning top.

Conversely, if you are wearing red shorts, these have their own factor of eye-catchiness and would look great with a neutral and low-key shaded top.

And when we talk about gray shorts, the important thing to realize is that gray would go with virtually any color.

Having said that, I think I cannot emphasize enough the stylishness of a basic top with a pair of gray shorts.

The basic tones of black and white look the best with gray, but you can definitely pair any shade that depicts your personality and style.

This means any color from the red end to the violet end of the rainbow, including all the underrated and overstated colors in between, can complement the gray.

Some Impressive Outfits With Gray Shorts For men

So, we are listing here some silhouettes that can be used as a source of inspiration to have on your way to styling.

First off, you could opt for the casual look of the light gray Metal Vent Tech Henley 2.0 with dark gray shorts, in short or long sleeves, depending on the weather and personal preference.

Another combination would be for a striped tee, like the green and white Free Assembly Men’s Long Sleeve Stripe Pocket T-Shirt or the blue Men’s Chaps Classic-Fit Striped Everyday Polo with gray shorts.

For cooler weather, but still warm enough for shorts, you could look at the full-sleeved options with gray shorts, for instance, hoodies, like the Metal Vent Tech Hoodie 2.0, or in the sweatshirts section the Gildan Men’s Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Coming to less casual and more formal styles, gray shorts also go well with button-down shirts for a semi-formal event. Such combinations can include gray shorts with a striped pattern like the Men Button Front Striped Shirt.

If you are a floral or tropical print person, you could look at SHEIN Men Notch Collar Paisley Print Shirt. And still yet, if you prefer subtle prints, the options look like SHEIN Men Collared Allover Print Shirt.

Gray shorts also look great with chambray denim shirts. See the Ely Cattleman long-sleeve chambray for ideas.

And finally, a layered look is also possible with an arrangement of gray shorts, a basic tee, and open front denim shirt on top.

You could also have the same inner set with a colorful or printed front open shirt, a windbreaker, or even a denim jacket.

Gorgeous Outfits With Gray Shorts For Women

Coming to the ladies’ attire, the first silhouette is a combination of gray shorts with a sleeveless tank or tee top.

You could opt for something as simple as SHEIN BASICS Mock Neck Solid Tank Crop Top in pink, or the Striped And Color Block Tee in blue, gray, and white.

A smart-casual style that you could look at is with a set of printed gray shorts with blouses, such as the Women Short Sleeve V-Neck Pleated Tunic or the Allegra K Women’s Floral V-Neck Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse.

For more options and great casual looks, you could find your style in any of these options.

There is the classy Striped Button Up Blouse in black and white, the elegant Solid Notch Neck Blouse in maroon with a deep V-neck.

Then there is the vibrant One Shoulder Striped Print Peplum Blouse in pink and white, and the chic spaghetti strap Appliques Contrast Mesh Flounce Sleeve Blouse.

If you prefer layering up, then you could opt for a monotone set of shorts and a top with a denim jacket in white.

You could also go for a white basic top and have a layer of open-front printed shirt or tropical kimono.

A Short Guide To Shorts

The cotton and linen shorts are made of breathable and light materials, ideal for summer days.

The athletic shorts are more fitted and shorter in structure. Their fabric usually has the added features of bright colored patterns, flexible synthetic material, and quick drying.

The cargo shorts have flapped pockets, usually more than four. These are great for outdoor activities like camping, picnics, and friendly outings.

The Bermuda shorts or the dress shorts usually have a cuffed hem, lying at or slightly above the knee.

These are best worn with blazers and jackets to form a semi-casual outfit.

Long shorts are long enough to fall below the knees. These are quite vastly used for everyday and refined both types of silhouettes.