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What color t-shirt Goes with Blue Jeans? 4 Best options

What color t-shirt Goes with Blue Jeans? 4 Best options

What color t-shirt goes with blue jeans?

You want to say ALL COLOR COMBINATIONS, which would be an approach, but you also have to consider the finish of the jeans (light-washed jeans, ripped jeans, or dark blue denim) and with which color it goes well.

So today we look at some possible combinations in detail.

It is impossible to imagine our closet without jeans.

Whether ripped, dark blue, light blue, wide cut, skinny, or crop length, no trend goes by without jeans not being part of it.

As always, colors play a significant role in the fashion world, and even if you can actually combine any color with blue jeans, there are subtle differences.

Therefore, today I dedicate myself to the question: which t-shirt color goes with blue jeans?

The jeans are not only comfortable, but it is also very easy to style them.

T-shirt, sneakers, maybe a blazer or trench coat and you have a cool, modern outfit.

What color t-shirt Goes with Blue Jeans
The finishing of the jeans plays an important role when choosing the right color to wear with it.

What Color T-Shirt Goes with Blue Jeans?

White is probably the most chosen color in combination with blue jeans. White tees, therefore, as it looks great with light as well as dark blue jeans. But also black t-shirts with medium blue pants or a fuchsia pink look very good. For those who find the contrast between white and blue too harsh, they can go for a cream-colored t-shirt. 

It Depends on the Washing!

What color t-shirt Goes with Blue Jeans
Denim trousers are available in many different styles and blue tones.

When it comes to the question of which T-shirt color goes best with blue jeans, it’s not just the T-shirt color that matters, but the interplay between the jeans wash and the T-shirt color.

A very light blue wash and a black t-shirt may not look like you know what you’re doing, while a dark blue wash and a black t-shirt may look quite good together.

And yes, I know that for a long time it was said: do not combine dark blue with black, however, this “fashion rule” is outdated.

You can combine blue and black, the important thing is that it looks intentional.

And so it is with many colors, with one jeans wash it can look very good because it does not work at all with another.

In the following, I will present some colors together with different jeans washes.

I took the lightest jeans I have, however as you can see it is close to a medium blue.

Unfortunately, I don’t have really light blue jeans.

White for All Occasions

One shirt, two different pairs of blue jeans.

One shirt, two different pairs of blue jeans.

I love the combination of white and jeans.

Not only because the wash does not matter, the neutral white really goes with any wash, but also because you can change this “basic look” with a few moves.

For example, with a blazer or a leather jacket.

The bright white and the jeans always give a nice contrast and create a very simple, clean look.

In summer I tend to wear light blue jeans or mid-blue jeans, and pair them with white high-top sneakers.

While in winter I am using the white tee to get some contrast between dark blue denim jeans and a black blazer.

Black for That Little Extra

Black with light and combined with dark blue jeans.

Black with light and combined with dark blue jeans.

Black is a simple, elegant color. A color that goes well with blue. Yes it does!

For a long time it was frowned upon to combine black with blue, but fortunately, this has changed.

Black and blue is a very clever, elegant combination and also works with jeans.

However, I prefer a medium to dark wash here.

Light, light washes and black always look a bit out of print in my opinion.

A medium blue wash combined with a black t-shirt gives the outfit enough contrast without looking overbearing.

With a pair of dark pants, the outfit gets a classy, serious touch and can be worn very well in the office.

Especially with an elegant camisole top, this is a very modern outfit with the right mix of elegant, feminine, and rugged elements.

Pink for a Touch of Color

Summer vibes with a pink shirt

I admit that I also struggle with this combination with very light-colored jeans.

I think with medium blue or dark denims the pink comes out better.

With light-colored jeans, I think it always looks a bit “cheap”.

Therefore, medium blue jeans are the best option. Especially if you wear a fuchsia pink, rather go for medium to dark jeans

Off-white or Cream for the Natural Look

And the combination with a beige shirt

If white creates too much contrast for you, you can go for a beige-colored t-shirt.

It’s a very natural color that looks down-to-earth and is great to wear with blue.

Beige goes well with both light and dark washes and was especially popular during the Nordic style in recent seasons.

But even now, it is a combination that looks very grown up and can also be nicely enhanced with a blazer.

Some Other Colors

The color palette is endless and most colors can be combined very well with blue.

It’s often more a question of color intensity, whether it gets along well with another color or rather not.

I don’t think there is THE perfect t-shirt for blue jeans, as there are just too many colors that can be combined with jeans.

Also, for example, yellow may look good on one person, but not at all on another – and both people wear it with blue jeans.

So many factors are at play when you choose your outfit.

Almost identical look with two different pairs of jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Jeans

Can I wear a brown shirt with jeans?

Yes, brown and blue is a perfect combination. Grad over the last two seasons, brown has become the new trend color. Wear brown with a pair of dark blue jeans for a solid, serious look.

What colors go best with a light wash of jeans?

Pastel shades go best with this. These include pink, lilac, white or mint green. But also dark blue can be combined very nicely with light jeans.

Should I rather wear light or dark washes?

That depends somewhat on personal preference. Dark colors make you look slimmer, while light colors tend to be bulkier. But the cut of the pants also plays an important role. High-cut pants are great for hiding a small tummy, while flared pants are great for balancing out the classic pear-shaped figure.