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What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress? 7 Ideas

What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress? 7 Ideas

Jewelry, clutch, and accessories are all essential parts of an outfit.

However, you also need to focus on subtle details to complete the look; these include matching or complementary nail paint. One of the most popular colors these days is royal blue.

So, what nail pain do you pair with color as elegant as royal blue?

Nail paints are an extension of one’s personality.

Apart from nail paint, nail shapes also tell a lot about a person.

Therefore, ensuring that you are wearing the right nail color appropriate to your dress can greatly affect your impression of others.

What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress?

The ideal nail paint will not only enhance your skin tone but also accentuate the distinctive blue tone in your dress. The ideal nail paint colors for a blue dress include blue, baby pink, red, gold, silver, nude shades, black, and grey. Each color has its significance and brings out the blue dress in its own way. Some of these colors also give you the freedom to wear fancy, heavy jewelry, while others need you to keep the dress as the highlight of the outfit.

Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue

What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress?

The Difference between royal and navy blue

Royal blue and navy blue are very similar to each other, but there is a difference in the hue.

While both are blue tones, royal blue is slightly brighter and very intense.

Navy blue is very dark and has pigments of black in it.

Nail Paints that Complement a Royal Blue Dress

What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress

Some of the most common colors that pair with royal blue

Several colors go exceptionally well with royal blue.

As blue is gaining more popularity worldwide, different people are pairing royal blue dressed with different shades, all complementing the blue color in various ways.

Let’s take a look at the most popular colors:


What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress

Blue on blue can be a good option

Among the top nail paint colors is blue. You can either buy the same shade as your dress or go a few shades darker or lighter.

Blue nail paint looks stunning with blue dresses as it gives you a neutral look overall.

You can pair this with blue jewelry and accessories to form a completely blue look or opt for gold or silver accessories.

The blue color is known to bring out skin tones and looks attractive on all body types.

A royal blue dress is suitable for birthday parties, dinners, weddings, date nights, and similar get-together occasions.

Wear blue nail paint with it to complete the look with light accessories.


Another excellent choice for nail paint when wearing a royal blue dress is red.

This sultry color looks good on all skin tones and nail shapes.

Red speaks for itself and always stands out.

Pair your red nail paint with a red lip color to earn compliments all night long.

You can add a pair of bright red heels to be the talk of the town or keep the heels blue if you want the focus to stay on your hands and face.

Red looks wonderful with all shades of blue, including royal blue.

If you are planning a change of outfits overnight, red is a good option as it works with just about any color.

Baby Pink

A color as subtle and soft as baby pink will never disappoint.

Dresses colored royal blue and pink are favorites of several celebrities.

Wear baby pink nail paint to wow your audience.

Baby blue looks good on medium-sized and small nails; however, females with long nails can also go for it.

This shade has a soft look that does not look too much but is also enough to bring an outfit together.


Gold nail paint is a classic color that goes just about with any outfit.

Gold will compliment your royal blue dress like no other.

It looks classic and sophisticated, helping you make a lasting impression.

Gold nail paint also gives you the opportunity to add dainty golden jewelry pieces.

Gold jewelry is also in high demand currently.

So, wear golden with your royal blue dress to look trendy and modern.


What Color to Paint Nails with Royal Blue Dress

Solver with a lilac hue is also stunning with a blue dress

If you can pair a dress with gold, there is very little probability that the same dress will not look good with silver.

This color is also just as impressive as gold.

Silver can get you the attention that you need on all occasions.

Silver nail paint is ideal for nighttime parties as the color catches light pretty well.

You can add silver jewelry and other accessories to your outfit for a lovely look.

To enhance your look further, pair your royal blue dress and silver nail paint with silver heels.

I suggest wearing silver hoops for a stunning look.


Perhaps you can never go wrong with nude nail paints.

With a color as bright as royal blue, nude nail paint is the way to go.

It allows you to accessorize heavily and wear dark lip colors without looking ‘overdressed.’

You can also pair your nude nail paint and royal blue dress with nude lip color and a smoky eye shadow to give a sultry look.

There are countless nude nail paint shades, so you can always find one that complements your skin tone and dress color.

Wear your nude nail paint and dress in nude-colored heels for an attractive look.

If the nail paint color and heels’ color are the same, you will earn wows all night.


Black is for all those girls who only like dark paints.

However, if you have not tried black nail color before, now is the right time.

Pair your royal blue dress with black nail color to look bold and confident.

The black shade adds a stunning look to your outfit, giving you an overall classy look.

Black also allows you to wear pretty and light rings to show off your hands further.

Black looks beautiful against all skin tones and nail shapes.

For a unique look, paint one nail of each hand with blue paint and keep the rest black.

Pair your royal blue dress with black heels to steal the night. Don’t forget a red lip color!


No matter where you are going, whether a birthday, dinner date, or wedding, a royal blue dress will certainly earn you several compliments.

Pair your royal blue dress with blue, red, gold, silver, or nude nail paint to complete the look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Royal Blue 

Which nail polish goes best with a blue dress?

Several nail paints work excellently with royal blue dresses. These nail paint shades include blue (same tone), red, gold, silver, nude shades, brown, and French nail tips.

Does yellow nail polish go well with a royal blue dress?

Royal blue and yellow is a perfect match. So yes, if the occasion allows you, you can wear yellow nail polish with a blue dress. Just pay attention to the shade of yellow: choose an intense deep yellow to avoid the nails looking dirty.

Are French nail tips a good option with a royal blue dress?

French nail tips are a safe option for just about any color. You can go for French nail tips for all occasions, including weddings, birthdays, dinners, and dates.