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What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans?- 5 Best Looks

What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans?- 5 Best Looks

On my last stroll through the shops, I found a wide range of beige jeans.

Different styles and hues, but beige jeans are very present at the moment.

Therefore we will focus today on the question: What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans?

Autumn arrives and with it the autumn trends of 2022.

And while we still have a lot of colors in the shops, especially green and fuchsia, we also have natural, earthy tones such as brown, dark green, and beige.

What would be a better idea than combining those two trends?

Color meet a natural tone! Sounds like a plan? Yes, but let’s also face the truth: not everyone loves to wear fuchsia pink.

What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans?

Beige can be worn in combination with many colors. Essentially you can combine beige with natural colors such as emerald green, brown, black, white gray, or blue. On the other hand, you can go down the colorful path and wear your beige jeans with fuchsia pink, purple or red.

Beige in Its Varieties

What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans
Beige jeans come in different shades and hues.

Beige is basically white with brown hues.

Naturally beige comes in many different shades, from lighter shades to darker ones.

It is similar to many skin tones, therefore beige is not the easiest color to wear.

However, a beige shirt is in direct contact with your skin, while a pair of trousers isn’t.

Therefore it is much easier to wear beige jeans than a beige shirt.

I also like beige trousers because you can wear them all year round.

In winter with a wool jumper or in summer with a tank top.

And I feel they are a bit more modest than white trousers.

Outfit Ideas with Beige Trousers

Outfit 1 – Stripes

What Color Top Should I wear with Beige Jeans
Stripes and a leather jacket teamed up with beige jeans.

You probably have seen this combination before, but it’s just a safe combination to go for.

The white striped shirt brings a hue of maritime look to it.

Sometimes I am combining it with either a blue blazer or a blue leather jacket.

I chose slightly darker beige trousers to set more contrast and to go away from the maritime look.

The white high Top sneakers blend perfectly into the white-beige-blue combo.

Outfit 2 – Elegant and Classy

Balloon beige types of denim and a blazer – my all-time favorite.

This look is a classy look and you can wear it in your no matter if you are in your 20s or 60s.

The combination of a white shirt, beige trousers, and a black blazer is so timeless that you can not go wrong with that.

For a sporty touch wear sneakers, but for an elegant look grab the heels.

You can wear some accessories but I won’t overdo them.

This look works with denim trousers, but also with suit pants.

The jeans I am wearing is a loose fitting mid-waist jeans.

So I have a bit of a contrast between the elegant blazer and the casual jeans.

Outfit 3 – Winter Look

Beige and brown hues for autumn/winter time.

A monochromatic winter look.

I teamed up my beige jeans with a high-neck wool sweater and boots.

Depending on the occasion, you can also wear a blazer or a coat with this look.

Monochromatic looks are not only on trend right now, but they also come with a great side effect: to elongate the silhouette.

You can go all in one tone, or you choose different shades from the same color family as I did for this look.

Outfit 4 – A Splash of Color

Purple and beige are great together.

As mentioned you can also combine colors with beige jeans.

The outfit is a plain, simple one, but I added the purple coat to make it more fun and interesting.

The contrast is again not as harsh as if you would wear it with white jeans.

Beige fits with plum-purple but also with lavender, and lilac tone.

As a rule of thumb (and yes this rule is not applicable to all outfits) combine lighter beige shades with lighter purple shades and darker beige with plum-purple shades.

Outfit 5 – Denim Combinations

The all-denim look is a huge subject in the shops, so time to reinvent it and combine your fav denim shirt with beige denim trousers.

So you have the same texture and material in the look, but get a change from an all-blue denim look.

Other Combinations That Works As Well

While I pulled together the different looks with beige jeans, I just realized that there are so many more options than I originally thought.

I am really into the combination of gray and beige jeans.

But also red and beige is an eye-catching combination.

So beige does not only work with natural, earthy colors but also with powerful colors such as pink and red.

Often you also see yellow and a darker beige – personally I struggle with this team, but that does not mean that you can not pull an outfit together with those two colors.

Sophisticated nordic style with gray and beige.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beige Jeans

Can I wear beige jeans for a business meeting?

If you planning to wear beige jeans for a business meeting, make sure to combine it with a blazer and elegant shoes to maintain the business attire. Also, choose plain jeans without any details or a destroyed look.

What color of Handbag can I wear with beige jeans?

The best way is to match your handbag with your shoes or blazer. If you decide to wear an olive green blazer, also choose an olive green bag. Otherwise, black, brown, dark blue, and cream are lovely colors in combination with beige.


Beige jeans are one of those wardrobe staples, that you will wear over and over again, once you have a few outfit combinations.

Beige is not only a color for summer, but it is also very nice in winter.

From sporty to elegant, beige jeans can be styled in many different ways.