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What Colour Goes With Cobalt Blue – The New Level Of Blue

What Colour Goes With Cobalt Blue – The New Level Of Blue

Cobalt blue is the color that you will see on the ocean or your favorite lake on the perfect summer day, and it pairs well with almost any color.

It is not without reason that cobalt blue is a popular color for color-blocking because it’s so easy to combine.

Just have the color wheel in mind and you can pick whatever color you like and wear it with your favorite cobalt blue piece.

It is a color that can be worn in almost any season but makes its best appearance in Spring and Summer.

This is a color that takes the primary color of blue to a new level and sparkles in a way that goes with almost any other shade.

And here comes the answer to the question: “What Colour Goes With Cobalt Blue?”.

What Colour Goes With Cobalt Blue

The color of cobalt is a pop of the primary color of blue, brightens up any room on clothing, and goes well with almost any color. Other blues are probably the only hue that has a difficult time working with cobalt. A wide range of greens, whites, beiges and other neutrals can go with cobalt beautifully. But also intensive colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and green can be paired with cobalt blue.

Most Common Cobalt Blue Pairings

Cobalt blue is a bold color yet elegant.

It had its highs in 2011 however, it has its revival in 2021 2022.

And with rising stars for the summer we wanna have a closer look at what colors you can combine with it.

Spoiler, the possibilities are almost endless, so we will pick the best matches.

Formalwear, Combine Cobalt Blue with White, Cognac or Beige

Cobalt blue can be worn with natural tones such as white, creme, or cognac.

You can also wear this bold color in the office, just combine it with black or neutral colors.

Neutral tones team up really well with cobalt blue

The blue piece can then be used to add a little color to the look, but still create an office-ready outfit. The blue will be present without being overwhelming.

For a formal outfit, I would combine it with black or cognac, as these are classic colors.

If you wear a garment with a large blue surface, for example, a dress, you can throw a black blazer over the look.

This takes the power of the blue tone and the dress becomes more of a splash of color.

Also wear a classic cut when it comes to formal wear.

For example slacks or an etui dress.

This helps to maintain a professional appearance even if the color of the garment is not necessarily considered a formal color.

Color Explosion Mix The Colors

Cobalt blue also goes well with red, yellow, green, and pink

If you pair cobalt blue with other colors, it’s all about the right mixing color scheme and color blocking.

It is relatively easy to mix a color with neutrals, however, when it comes to mixing colors with each other, you need to have a bit of delicacy.

When you are new to the mixing game, start easy.

Choose colors that are complementary colors on the color wheel, such as blue and orange.

I would also start with pairing 2 colors first, also given that cobalt blue is already intense.

Next choose colors that are beside each other, such as purple and blue.

If you have, choose a scarf that contains both colors to kind of build a bridge.

Let’s go to the next color on the color wheel which would be pink.

So blue and pink pair really well together.

If you want to combine the third color, I would suggest using white or cream.

A neutral color also takes away the insensitivity from the look.

The next combination is green and blue.

Start with a darker green and work yourself through a lighter shade.

The reason why I am saying that is that emerald green goes in 99% of the cases with cobalt blue.

However, if you choose a lighter green it really comes down to the hue of the green.

The color wheel is really important when it comes to color matching

You can also combine three colors, however also for this task you should have the color wheel in front of your inner eye.

Let’s say you take cobalt blue trousers, a green belt, and a pink shirt.

The reason why these combination works is that green and blue are analog colors, the same as pink and blue.

Hair and Skin Tones With Cobalt Blue

Lighter skin tones and hair colors in the blonde family are going to look the most stunning with cobalt blue.

Red hair is also beautiful against a cobalt blue blazer, blouse, or shirt.

If you have blue eyes, cobalt is the color to wear, regardless of hair or skin tone.

When you are matching colors with cobalt blue, choose the colors that have the same impact.

A good rule of thumb is darker skin tones will look sweeter with lighter colors such as white or pink when paired with cobalt blue. Yellow and cobalt blue is an elegant combination with darker skin tones.

Lighter skin tones can wear brighter colors with cobalt, such as poppy red, yellows, and even green.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cobalt Blue

What is the best color of green to go with cobalt blue?

Olive green is the most common green to match with a cobalt blue. The olive green serves as a neutral shade, and with the blue, you have the oceanic vibe to the overall outfit.

Can I create a monochromatic look with cobalt blue?

Cobalt blue is an intensive color, nevertheless, a monochromatic look works well. A huge advantage of a monochromatic look you will appear taller and slimmer. Combine some gold or silver jewelry and you have a “turning-heads” look.

Invest in Cobalt Blue Today

Whether you are wearing it or putting it in your living room, cobalt blue is an eye-catching color that stands out. It is stunning as one piece for an outfit, as an accessory in fashion, or as a piece in home décor.