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What Do You Wear With Kick Flare Jeans? Give it a New Kick

What Do You Wear With Kick Flare Jeans? Give it a New Kick

Kick flare or cropped flare jeans bring some changes in the team of jeans.

These jeans are the perfect addition if you want to have some exchange in between your straight leg, bootcut and skinny jeans.

And while it’s not the latest trend and maybe a controversial one as well, kick flare jeans did survive a few seasons and are still present in the big retail shops.

So there has to be something to them.

I know that some people think they just look ridiculous and are something for high water season so that your trousers are not getting wet.

And yes the cut might need time for acclimatization but if styled correctly kick flare jeans can easily replace mom-fit or skinny pants.

As almost every jeans also this one can be worn to almost any occasion and with many shoe types.

There is no turning back so let’s have a closer look at how to wear this allrounder.

What Do You Wear With Kick Flare Jeans?

I love wearing kick flare jeans with a black blazer, a bow-blouse, and loafers. This is my every day in the office look. For casual occasions, I wear them with a white tee, an oversize blazer, and sneakers. What you also can do with kick-flare jeans is to create a 70’s throwback look. Wear a brown short leather jacket, booties, and a bow blouse. If you feel like adding a hat and you have a cute outfit for a stroll through the city. These pants also work exceptionally well with off-shoulder tops and waistcoats.

What are Kick Flare Jeans

Kick flare jeans are cropped-length jeans that become wider, flare under the knee.

It has a straight cut in the beginning, comparable to shortened bootcut jeans. Thank its length and flare the ankle appears very thin and filigree.

Kick flares are suitable for every body type, but the flare balance very nicely wider hips so it is also a perfect trouser for plus size.

Some jeans have a wider flare, some just a mini flare. There are also kick flare leggings with a fitted upper part and a wider flare from the knees.

Kick Flare for Shorter Girls

As previously mentioned kick flare jeans can suit any body type, however, they are cropped.

So yea, they optical shorten the leg.

But, you can work against it, with a few simple tricks. Luckily almost every fashion shop offers a “Petit Collection”, so the length is of the jeans is already perfect for smaller people.

Secondly, choose a high waist model, this balances out the cropped cut and adds some length.

Tuck the shirt in and avoid combining it with longer shirts.

The goal is to see the waistband, so the look has more surface area that makes the legs look longer.

And finally the secret weapon: Heels! They do their work and are a perfect match with a cropped length.

Outfit Ideas around Kick Flare Jeans

Kick flare jeans are easy to combine, and while you might need time to get used to the new cut, they are very flattering. Here are some outfit ideas.

A Day in the Office

Kick flare jeans, blazer, and loafers perfect for the office

I usually choose black kick flare jeans, a white blouse, and a black blazer.

I love wearing kick flare with loafers or high heels.

Tuck the shirt in and the best thing: take a leather jacket with you in the office so you can quickly transform the look for the after-work drinks.

A leather jacket can do magic here.

If you decide to wear ankle boots, choose ankle boots that have a narrow shaft so the legs appear thin and therefore it does not shorten the leg.

Brunch with Friends

Easy Brunch Look

Brunch is also hoodie time for me. I always choose a slightly fitted hoodie simply because I feel an oversized hoodie is just too much with the flared hems.

It kind of destroys the silhouette. I wear this look with sneakers and an oversized coat.

Alternatively, in summer a printed T-shirt is the one to grab.

This always gives a bit of a 70’s feeling and I love the combination with a rocky touch and ankle boots.

Add a hat to get a more eye-catching look.

Shopping Tour

Left side: leather kick flare and sweater, right a kick flare jeans with a leather jacket

Time for the off-should top. You can also choose an off-shoulder top with ruffles to get a slightly romantic look.

Pair some loafers to the look for a comfortable but yet elegant outfit.

The flare jeans also let you create a nice sailor look, with a blue and white striped top.

For the french girl touch and a red beret hat.

And also my favorite piece of clothing is perfect to be worn with cropped flare jeans: the turtle neck sweater.

I think I love this sweater so much because you can literally wear everything over it: a leather jacket, blazer, waistcoat or a long masculine coat.

Cropped Flare Jeans on Colder Days

In all fairness, it can get cold on the ankles with cropped trousers.

The obvious choice is therefore ankle boots.

As previously mentioned, wear ankle boots that are relatively tight around the ankle.

Or opt-in for sock boots.

The good news is that also socks work with kick flared jeans.

And I understand that this might sound a bit weird.

But you can either wear some thicker socks and loafers or net-tights. Luckily the season where socks were kind of a no-go is over.

Now the sock functions more and more as an accessory.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kick Flare Jeans

Do it yourself, can I make a kick flare jeans?

Yes, if you have old flare jeans at home, you can just cut them. However, pay attention to the length, I would suggest cutting it little by little to avoid it being too short in the end. Cuff it just above the ankle and mark it. Then cut it on the marked line.

Can I wear a crop-top with a kick flare jeans?

Yes, also cropped tops can be combined with kick flared jeans. This looks works best on taller persons as the cropped jeans already shorten the silhouette. Smaller ladies can wear a blues and tuck it in the high waist jeans. This stretches the body.