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What Goes With Light Blue Shorts – Ideas for Men and Women

What Goes With Light Blue Shorts – Ideas for Men and Women

Shorts are part of the usual go-to set of apparel for a lot of youngsters during summer.

Blue shorts, particularly a pair of denim shorts, are a wardrobe staple. Blue is one of the most common color for apparel around the world.

What goes with light blue shorts?

Light blue shorts are an easy-to-wear and carry set of shorts that can go with any white shirt, dark-colored top, or a striped T-Shirt.

For casual wear, you could pair it with a basic tee or tank, while for semi-formal events, you could wear it with button-down shirts and blouses.

An important aspect is the presence of accessories that define the personality and add the chic factor to any dressing.

Tailored accessories (watches, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags), appropriate footwear (sandals, open heels, pair of sneakers, boat shoes) and to complete it off a blazer or kimono, and voila! You got yourself a fit-looking outfit.

Shades of blue

Blue is the color of calmness, serenity, and harmony. It is one of the three primary colors and is used to represent two important elements of nature; sky and water.

Since blue lies between green and violet in the rainbow spectrum, most of the blues have an added shade from these two colors.

Ultramarine, periwinkle, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, navy blue, indigo, sky blue, midnight blue, sapphire, light blue, azure and aquamarine; these are just a few shades of blue.

The pigment ultramarine is one of the most expensive pigments around the world.

Formal and Casual outfits with Blue shorts

Blue shorts can be a part of both casual and semi-formal outfits, depending upon how you want to carry them. Likewise, denim is a versatile category, not restricted for the beach.

We have put together some unique styles and silhouettes that can be a source of inspiration for you.

Everyday Look

A pair of blue shorts with a basic, solid-colored tee, or a graphic printed one, can never go wrong in summer.

And when it comes to light blue shorts, anyone can rock the look with a darker colored tee, some basic accessories, and a good pair of sneakers.

For instance, the Hanes solid-colored products for both genders, the Men’s and Big Men’s Authentic Short Sleeve Tee, and the Women’s Nano-T V-Neck T-Shirt available at Walmart.

Another set of classy outfits would be coupling a raglan tee similar to the Men’s Sonoma Goods For Life Raglan Tee at the Kohl’s, or a nice crop top like the Juniors’ SO Ruched-Front Puff-Sleeve Top with your light colored-shorts.

Both of these products are available in lots of different colors and patterns, and you can pick any to complement your light blue shorts.

In case you are into graphic prints, the Women’s Sonoma Goods For Life Short Sleeve Crewneck and the Men’s Apt. 9 Abstract Geometric Triangle Collage Tee are some great basic products to give you ideas.

Elegant Styles For Her

For the ladies, you can be ready for a casual day by pairing your blue shorts with any of the colorful blouse options from the Women’s LC Lauren Conrad Banded Neck Peasant Blouse or the Women’s Ruffle Floral 3/4 Sleeve Bow Tie Back Chiffon Blouse.

Another kind of top that would look great with shorts is the off-shoulder sort, like the Polka Dot Off the Shoulder Crop Blouse with puffed sleeves.

If you prefer having an external shell over your silhouette, a casual way to outfit your blue shorts would be to wear a leather jacket, blazer, or colorful kimono.

You don’t want too much happening all at once, so ideally wear it with a plain tee.

The Floral Belted Split Hem Kimono look and the Flap Detail Single Button Blazer outfit on Shein are both quite chic in their own ways.

If you are looking for a semi-formal and elegant look, you could opt for a monotone lacey or net blouse to pair with blue shorts or conversely, a pair of distressed shorts with a chiffon blouse.

Have a look at these gorgeous products; the Swiss Dot Notched Neck Flounce Sleeve Blouse and the Chiffon Notched Neck Flutter Sleeve Button Front Blouse.

Styles For Him

When it comes to apparel, men honestly get away with too many easy options.

A quick and sporty style for young men includes denim shorts and a full sleeve or sleeve-less hoodie to complement the outfit, such as the Surge Warm Full Zip and the Men’s Gaiam Namaste Sleeveless Hoodie.

For gents, a smart outfit would include a pair of hemmed blue shorts with a plain or a checkered dark shirt.

For a casual friendly outing, you could also opt for a printed button-down shirt.

Some interesting options include the Free Assembly Men’s Everyday Point Collar Madras Shirt and the SHEIN Men Collared Allover Print Shirt.

FAQs: How to pick shorts for yourself?

Picking out the perfect shorts with the comfiest length, the best-suited width, and the number of pockets, is not a piece of cake unless you know what you are exactly looking for.

This all is in addition to knowing your size.

If you are tall, wearing shorter shorts will make the total look awkward.

Conversely, if you are short, wearing a lengthier pair of shorts will make you appear even shorter.

The ideal shorts have at least 1-2cm of skin showing above the knee.

If you have a pair of longer shorts, the easiest way to change it into your size is by folding the hem into cuffs; cuffs are always in style and make the shorts look more sophisticated.

Baggier and loose-fit shorts make you look shorter, while tighter and tailored ones enhance the leg shape and make you look taller and more muscular.

Colorful and patterned shorts add variety to the wardrobe and show the adventurous side of a personality.

The point is to have a non-busy top with such shorts to keep the total picture subtle and easygoing.

If you are wearing shorts, ditch the socks, or wear no-show socks. Shorts and socks do not go together as one shows off your legs while the latter covers it.