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What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress – 5 Choices

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress – 5 Choices

Don’t blush when it comes to dressing yourself up or down with the best matching jewelry.

Elegant or chunky pieces can all go.

Jewelry is so much more than only accessories.

They give you an elegant, complete look and make sure you shine in every situation.

When it comes to a blush-colored dress, you might find it hard to select the perfect jewelry for it.

Blush is a very special color, a mixture of beige with baby pink hues.

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

Blush is a nude-ish color – sometimes with more beige and sometimes with more baby pink hues

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

The most common type of jewelry to wear with a blush pink dress is discreet and elegant. It should not draw attention to itself, but be a subtle companion. This means wearing rose gold, silver, or copper. However, it is also possible to change the tone of a blush pink dress and use bigger, chunky jewelry to create a funky look.

Here are some options of what jewelry you can wear with your blush pink dress.


Different colors and metals to wear

Silver and gold

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

Gold and silver can be worn with a blush dress

A rose gold diamante necklace and drop earrings create a soft, elegant look with a blush pink dress.

With a casual blush pink mini dress, try a single silver tennis bracelet.

You can also wear a bronze silicone ring on its own, or with a bronze bangle.

For a more elegant, modern look, wear a solid silver choker chain, perhaps with a dangling silver charm. An alternative is to wear a double silver choker.

Bronze and copper

Bronze picks up the color of a blush pink dress and can create a dated look.

Wear a bronze antique look chain necklace with a knee-length loose dress, or filigree bronze earrings and matching ring

If the dress is fitted, then wear a solid copper chunky bangle and copper hoop earrings.

With a plunging neckline, make a statement with a copper and rhinestone intricate lace necklace.

You can wear a copper and gold spiral ring and a copper and gold coin necklace.


One of the best options with a blush dress is pearls.

The clean white creates a nice contrast. Pearls always give a noble touch and compliment the blush dress.

This is a very natural look and  I love the balance between those two colors.

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

Pearls stand out and create a nice contrast


Add a stone

Semi-precious stones with a pink blush dress will create a feature.

You can wear an oval cut amethyst set in a copper ‘frame’ with braided detail on a gold necklace for an antique look.


Sets of jewelry to wear with a blush pink dress

With a blush pink dress, you can wear sets of jewelry with similar looks and themes.

Put together a set of a rose gold decorative ring, complementary bracelet, rose gold necklace with a simple pendant, and rose gold stud earrings.

An alternative is a single gold necklace with gold stud earrings and a thin chain bracelet.

You can also wear a rose quartz beaded necklace, with a matching bracelet and earrings.

Rose quartz is also attractive in a beaded necklace alternating with amethyst beads.

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

Matches with blush: Rose quartz

A bracelet of rose quartz and an amethyst ring will complete the set.

You can also create sets of jewelry that have a more casual and fun look.

Wear chunky plastic dark pink bangles and strands of plastic beads in the same color with your blush pink dress.

A special and unusual set of jewelry uses braided copper as the base.

Combine a gap bangle with a thick choker in the same pattern.


Suit the Style of Dress

Soft long blush pink dress

With a long, soft, floaty blush pink dress, wear simple, light jewelry.

You can choose a thin silver necklace chain and small hoop earrings.

Wear one or two thin, plain silver rings and a chain bracelet to match the necklace.

Tailored blush pink linen dress

A tailored blush pink dress needs to have jewelry that is more elegant and discreet.

Choose a thin, flat rose gold chain and matching bracelet. You can add a plain rose gold ring and thin rose gold sleeper earrings.


Elegant Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

To be considered elegant, jewelry will usually be more discreet and finer.

This means thin chains, simple drop pendants, studs or small earrings, and chain bracelets.

With a blush pink dress, elegant jewelry should also match the color, or complement it.

This means choosing rose gold or sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

You can also choose rose quartz, amethysts, or small ruby pendants.

Long, flowing dresses can be elegant, if you use long necklace chains and discreet earrings, with a thin chain bracelet.

You can also go for the classic look of pearls, preferably in soft pink.

Wear pearls as a choker necklace, bracelet, earrings, and perhaps a ring.

A lovely, elegant choice is to wear a cubic zirconia solitaire set in a rose gold-colored twisted wire as a bracelet and the same setting as a pendant.

You can also wear a chunky ring with a square solitaire amethyst set off-center.


Funky Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

What Jewelry to Wear with a Blush Pink Dress

For a statement choose pink jewelry

Blush pink is not usually a color you will think of as being funky, but there are always exceptions and ways to dress up or down.

For a blush pink dress that has a long skirt and loose bodice, you can choose thick, chunky-looking bangles in bright pink, white or red.

These will go well with a string of beads of the same color.

Mini-dresses always give a great opportunity to be a little out there and funky.

Team your rose blush mini with thick, square solid copper and stainless steel bangles and a bronze silicone ring.

Wear square dangly earrings in copper or stainless steel and a solid choker necklace with a square, patterned pendant.

Then there is the opportunity to go for a full-out contrast.

With a fitted mini-dress, wear multi-stranded necklaces of brightly colored beads and a set of bracelets to match.


Dos and don’ts with jewelry to wear with a blush pink dress

Do choose jewelry in a matching color, such as rose gold and amethyst stones.

Do wear plain silver and gold necklaces and chains with a tailored dress.

Wear strings of beads in muted colors, such as pink, cream, and pearl, with a soft line dress.

Don’t wear bright, funky, chunky plastic jewelry, unless you are creating a fun, ‘out there’ look.

Don’t wear big stones in bright colors if you are creating an elegant look.


Frequently Asked Questions about a Blush Dress

Do rubies go well with a blush pink dress?

When you wear a pink dress of any shade, jewelry in the same base color will go with it. Red and pink are directly related, so you can wear rubies with a blush pink dress. However, stick to smaller, elegant stones, so that they complement the dress.


A blush pink dress seems to be better suited to smaller, discreet, elegant jewelry.

This means that rose gold, silver, and specific stones will go well.

However, you can always challenge the look and wear brighter, heavier jewelry with a blush pink dress.