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What Lipstick Color Is Best With A Purple Dress?

What Lipstick Color Is Best With A Purple Dress?

There is a good reason wizards in cartoons are always wearing purple robes: purple is the color of transformation, creativity, and authority. 

From plum to pale lavender, whether it’s decorating the walls or decorating your body, purple – quite simply – ROCKS! 

Psychologically and spiritually, purple provides majesty and power for any occasion and is an excellent dress color choice for weddings and graduation or dates.

But after the dress decision is made, you then have to tackle the hardest part: what lipstick should go with the purple dress?!?!

Notice we said it is hard to pair a good lipstick with purple. It is not impossible. We’re here to help.

What Lipstick Color Is Best With A Purple Dress?

When looking at the best lipstick color for a purple dress, we also have to look at the hue of purple. For a lilac shade choose anything from nude to red. If your dress is a deep dark purple nude or soft pink is the one to go for. Not that much of a choice, but purple alone is already a statement color. And also nudes and pink tones come in different shades and insensitivity, so there is a color palette to choose from. If your dress goes in the direction of burgundy-purple the right lipstick colors are nude, golden pink, brown shades, pinks and purple tones.

Purple is Not the Easiest Color to Pair

You don’t have to actually be a wizard in order to magically figure out what to slather onto your smackers. There are a lot of sure-fire, sexy options. 

In fact, I’d say almost any color you’re attracted to when you set it alongside your purple dress is going to be a good option- as long as you are not trying to do an exact match of your purple lipstick with the purple fabric.

Purple is just not an easy color to match, and even if you nail it, it often does not create the desired wow effect.

Luckily, purple also signifies bravery and independence. So let that dress give you the strength to forge ahead and explore some awesome lipstick-color ideas!

How Do You Decide Which Lipstick To Wear With A Purple Dress?

You can never go wrong with a nude lipstick

The first rule of thumb in all lipstick selection is to find what is most flattering on your own skin tone, regardless of what clothing you’re wearing.

Do a little research and experimentation to find your best shades and use that as your primary consideration. 

After that, here is another way to narrow down the enormous amount of lipstick colors available at your favorite department store (or in roundups of the best lipsticks of 2021 like this list, once you’ve made a color plan):

Choose your lipstick based on what time of day you’re going to be wearing your purple frock/gown/flirty-frippery:

Purple Dress at Daytime

If you’re donning your dress during the day, lean toward the light or the bright.

So if the fabric of your dress is in the lavender or red-purple category, go for coral lips.

If your fabric is more deep, dark, blue-purple, a berry color is where it’s at.

If you’re feeling bold, go all the way to red.

If you want something flattering but unconventional, this is the perfect time to break out a light green, a baby blue, or a light yellow lip.

Purple Dress at Dinner Time

A hue of pink pairs well with purple

If the evening is the thing for you and your awesome outfit, stick with sandy-colored nudes and gentle pinks.

This is going to be especially true if you are going for heavier, nighttime eye makeup.

If your dress is a lighter shade though, opting for a berry-colored lip would serve you best.

If nothing is striking you or you’re not feeling like going to funky, then don’t push it.

Let the dress be the main color. Stick with nude lips or even just lip liner and chapstick. 

Which Shades of Lipstick Go Best With A Purple Dress?

Pink lipstick also works with a purple dress

Perhaps for you, the setting is less important, or perhaps it is not even known if you like to wander where the wind blows you or there is a surprise coming up.

You can choose the most complementary color ideas based on the specific shade of your purple dress.

If your dress is Lilac, stick to any blue that you find beautiful. (Or, dare we say, blue-tiful?)

If your dress is Plum/Wine/Dark, you can’t go wrong with gold.

If your dress is Earthy Purple, the cream would be a good bet.

If your dress is Bright Purple, pass go and collect pastel pink.

If your dress is Grape Purple, silver would be your way to go.

The above are elegant options, but if you want to break out something more unusual, go for it.

Purple can handle you giving a unique and funky personality to an overall look.

Red and purple is an extravagant combination

Should I Wear A Matte Or Glossy Lipstick With A Purple Dress?

Lipgloss is a solid yes. For sure. 

Matte is a very fine option as well. 

Let which texture or sheen you go with be determined by the time of day and occasion, or by the look of the rest of your makeup and accessories. 

How Should You Do Your Makeup With A Purple Dress?

Purple is versatile but pretty bold all on its own, so don’t feel the need to over-dramatize your makeup.

Especially if you’re going to go the adventurous route with the lips, you’ll definitely want to stick to a lot of natural, easy choices for the rest of your makeup. 

If you have a signature look that is feisty or flamboyant, purple can make it pop.

But if you’re not up for going wild, you certainly don’t need to with any dress from this particular hue family. 

Looking for eyeshadow suggestions?

Follow some of the same principles that were offered for lip shades, as long as the shadow doesn’t fight with your chosen lipstick: pair lavender with blues, pair deep wines with gold, pair medium purples with silver or cream, or pastel pinks.

More About Wearing Purple:

Primal, pretty, positively poppin’ purple.

Not enough good things can be said about it and the lipsticks that go with it.

The greatest significance of purple is that it combines thought with emotion, it bridges the mundane with the innovative, it celebrates the spiritual and the theatrical. 

Purple brings peace of mind, so don’t settle for anything less than a lipstick that does that too!

The purple chakra is the crown chakra if you’re into that.

And if you’re not, purple is also the color of the best ice cream ever created (go to Trader Joes right now and buy their Ube ice cream. Seriously, before they run out. Just stop what you’re doing and go. You’re welcome.) 

Also, don’t forget to take into account that purple is one of the most luxurious colors you can possibly wear.

Historically, purple was always the most expensive dye to make, so originally it was only ever worn by royalty. 

Honor that tradition and spoil yourself with the best lipstick you can possibly find. You deserve it.