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7 Choices -What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress?

7 Choices -What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress?

Every woman has a suitcase which contains a different colors of dresses, including the rarest ones like neon orange, yellow, violet, burgundy, etc.

A lot of times, choosing the right shade of makeup, lipstick, in particular, can be a big hassle.

No one wants to go out looking like a clown simply because she’s wearing mismatched colors.

Out of all these colors, Green, with particular emphasis laid on Olive Green, is one that most women have a hard time deciding what color of lipstick, can accompany.

That’s leading us to the question: What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress?

An olive green dress is a color most people seem to shy away from because it is mostly associated with things that are drab and dull.

However, it complements various skin tones and the key to making it look glamorous is your makeup.

In this article, you’ll discover what colors of lipstick you can use to accompany an olive green dress. 

What Color of Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress?

Olive green is a dark green tone with a yellowish touch. The best lipstick colors that look amazing with an olive green dress range from coral lipsticks, pink lipsticks, peach colors, red lipsticks, brown lipsticks and nude lipsticks.

Best Match with Olive Green

Coral Lipsticks Shades

What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress

Coral is a fresh and vivid color

The coral color is one that mostly goes unnoticed, but it suits many outfits.

It gives an amazingly pretty look and will work very well with your olive green dress.

It majorly compliments warm skin tones and doesn’t wash out. Apply the lipstick and also use a lip liner in the same color.

Brown Lipsticks Shades

What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress

Not the usual color: brown

The brown color is a universal shade that defines a bold or no-makeup look.

It is the right choice for any occasion, party, brunch, etc.

It’s one of those colors that complement almost all other colors and is a top choice for a green dress. 

Red Lipsticks Shades

Red is a color that suits all skin types and looks good on almost everyone.

Red lipstick is never a wrong decision when it is worn on an olive green dress.

The color of the dress makes the red lips pop and in turn, the dress and makeup stand out. The key to wearing red lipstick is to ensure that it matches your skin tone.

Red has different shades and they all look different on different skin undertones.

Red shades that are blue-based, are great for cool undertones, while orange-based lipsticks are great for warm undertones. 

Nude Lipsticks Shades

What Lipstick to Wear With an Olive Green Dress

Nude lipstick is always a good option

A nude shade is the right choice of lipstick if you are stuck between a bold color or a light color.

A lovely shade of nude can go hand in hand with an olive green dress and give you a nice look for a casual outing, or a nighttime event.

It is also necessary to consider your undertone or your skin tone before you decide on a shade of nude lipstick to wear.

Also, do not wear nude shades that are lighter than your lip color, to avoid looking sick. 

Pink Lipsticks Shades

Pink is a universal color, as it is a color we use for most of our outfits daily.

Pink is a color that looks good on an olive green dress.

Apply a light shade of pink, similar to a nude color, on your lips and you’re set for your event. 

Peach Lipstick Shades

Peach-colored lipsticks are one of the few pretty colors that sweetly complement a person’s skin tone.

If you like a simple glam look, peach lipstick is your go-to lipstick. 

Makeup Tips For an Olive Green Dress?

For your face, it’s always good that you have flawless skin.

It’s the best base for any makeup look. For an olive green dress, the idea is to make your skin look polished and smooth, hence, you want to avoid a heavy or cakey makeup look.

After wearing your primer, use a sheer light foundation of a tinted moisturizer if you don’t have blemishes at all.

Apply a light concealer to cover your under-eye circles.

This combination will give your makeup a feel that is second to a skin-like finish. Once this is done, set it with loose powder. 

Green eye makeup on a green dress can never be a bad idea as long as you do not overdo it.

Apply an eyeshadow primer to avoid creasing. Apply matte green eyeshadow to your eyelids with an applicator brush. Then apply a green eyeshadow that is a shade or two lighter than the initial color with a blending brush, on your crease.

Apply your eyeliner, mascara, a pair of falsies and you’re good to go! You can also try other colors apart from green.

Soft brown, gold and Smokey eyes are wonderful choices to pair with your olive green dress.

A Smokey eye look is usually paired with a neutral lip color. 

Apply a light pink blush or a soft peachy color if you’re fair-skinned. This will add a natural flush to your cheeks. If your event is an evening event, apply a highlighter over your cheeks and brow bone. 

If you’re wearing nude, pink, peach, or coral lipstick, you can apply lip gloss over it. This creates a flashy and sleek effect, especially for dinner parties. 

Avoid using green eyeliner and mascara alongside a green eyeshadow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Green Dresses

How do I Determine my Undertone?

There are three major categories of skin undertones. They range from; a cool undertone, warm undertone, and neutral undertone. If the veins that are evident on your skin are slightly bluish, you have a cool undertone, if they’re slightly greenish, you have a warm undertone. If you can’t decipher between both colors, you have a neutral undertone.

Are there other ways to determine if a lipstick fits me?

Yes. Simply apply a bit on your wrist and see if it compliments your skin before applying it to your lips. 


A lot of times, it is difficult to select the right color of lipstick to match the olive green color. However, this article has demystified this process for you. Enjoy!