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What Pants Go with a Sky-Blue Shirt for Women? The 6 Best Color Combinations

What Pants Go with a Sky-Blue Shirt for Women? The 6 Best Color Combinations

Understandably, people want to look their very best whether it’s for a job interview, a hot date, or a trip to the grocery store, but certain colors, such as sky blue, can be difficult to coordinate.

Although this is a beautiful and demure color, sky blue tops can look tacky when combined with some types of pants.

And sky blue paired with red is reminiscent of a once-popular big-box retailer.

Many people mistakenly try to pair sky blue tops with black pants.

While this does work in professional settings, it’s too stark of a contrast.

So, which pants work best with sky blue tops?

Let’s explore the best fashion ensembles that you can create with your sky-blue tops so that you can look fabulous in this color and let’s find answers to the question: “What Pants Go with a Sky-Blue Shirt for Women?”

Also, find a video with some ideas here

What Pants Go with a Sky-Blue Shirt for Women?

If you are trying to achieve a professional look with your sky-blue top, you should pair it together with gray, navy- or white-colored slacks, but if you are going for the business casual look, sky blue works great paired with khaki pants. Of course, jeans go well with anything, so on your days off, that sky-blue top will look amazing with your favorite pair of jeans. Now, if that sky-blue top is light-toned denim, the shirt would work best when paired with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Sky-Blue Tops Look Great with Navy Slacks

Don’t worry. Pairing sky-blue with a darker shade of blue won’t make you look like a blueberry.

On the contrary, the colors will be enhanced by one another, but you do need to be careful with this pairing.

While a light blue shirt will look amazing when worn with navy pants, you should never pair sky-blue with brighter blues, as it can give the impression of clouds drifting over the ocean.

The best way to make this look work is to choose a printed sky-blue top and pair it with navy trousers.

Light brown heels, flats, or loafers will complete the look.

Jewelry should be minimal, but sterling silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces do look great when paired with a blue outfit.

Sky-Blue Tops Look Professional with Gray Trousers

The color sky-blue is known to have a calming effect and emit a relaxing aura, so it’s a great color to wear to a job interview or a meeting with a prospective client.

In combination with black Slacks, you create a sharp contrast. For a softer contrast wear it with gray slacks.

Just wear that sky-blue blouse with a pair of professional-looking gray slacks, a pair of black shoes, and minimal jewelry.

There are endless outfit ideas that can make that sky-blue blouse in your closet look amazing on you.

Sky-Blue Tops and Khaki Pants Work Well for Casual Fridays

If you want to look pulled together without appearing too uptight, pairing a sky-blue top with khaki pants is the look for you.

Sky-blue seems to naturally blend well with khaki, so on casual Fridays or a luncheon with co-workers, that sky-blue blouse or shirt will make you look both casual and professional when you pair it with khaki pants and loafers.

This is also a great look for a Saturday of golfing at the country club or for a parent/teacher conference.

The combination of sky-blue and khaki will work well for those times when you want to look professional, but don’t need the power suit.

Sky-Blue Tops Naturally Go Together with Blue Jeans

Blue and denim are a perfect pair

On those days when you are off work and lounging around the house, your sky-blue blouses and t-shirts will look perfect when matched up with your favorite pair of blue jeans and a pair of boots, sandals, or comfy sneakers.

Of course, the choice of shoes depends on the style of your sky-blue top.

While your appearance may not matter much on your days off, you never know when an unexpected guest will knock on the door, so it’s better to play it safe and avoid pairing your sky-blue shirt with orange shorts unless you are doing laundry or those are the colors of your favorite football team.

Alternatively, your sky-blue top will also work well together with that super-comfy pair of gray cotton pants.

Sky-Blue Denim Pairs Well with Black Skinny Jeans

If you are trying to find a perfect match for your sky-blue denim shirt, black skinny jeans are it.

Although pairing sky-blue blouses with black pants is a strong contrast, when it comes to light-blue denim shirts, the opposite is true.

Maybe it’s just the denim factor, but these shirts look best with black jeans and a pair of boots or black strappy heels or sandals. While you can also pair sky-blue denim with darker shaded blue jeans, for some reason, black just seems to look best, in this case.

Sky Blue and Pastel Outfit

A soft look: pastel color combinations

Kind of a controversial look, paring baby blue with light pink trousers.

So I would rather wear it for a business casual occasion.

If you want to soften the contrast, choose a blue-white striped shirt and add a navy blue blazer.

You can also pair sky blue with other pastel colors such as Violette, pastel yellow, or mint green.

Almost every summertime you have a few key pieces in pastel.

The pastel look was really popular in the summer collection of 2018.

The good news is that pastels are easy to combine with a basic color so you don’t have too much of a candy look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sky-Blue Shirts

Does a Sky-Blue Shirt Match with White Pants?

Sky-blue tops do look great with white pants, so if you are the type of person who can rock the color white while avoiding grass stains and spilled wine, this combination of colors will work well as a weekend look.

What does blue stand for?

Every color is associated with certain attributes. Blue stands for strength, cleaniness, loyalty, and intelligence. So, no wonder, that blue is a favorite color to wear for professional meetings.


Sky-blue is a mild, relaxing color that can place clients and employees at ease while still looking professional if it’s paired with the right pants.

Fortunately, blues are versatile enough to match well with khaki, black, gray, or navy.

Just remember that you are still attractive, regardless of your wardrobe.

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