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What Shoe with Split Release Hem Jeans?

What Shoe with Split Release Hem Jeans?

The best thing about denim is the way it seamlessly goes with anything.

You can dress denim up or down, and really put your imagination to use when it comes to incorporating versatile denim into your wardrobe. 

Split release hem jeans are making a serious comeback these days, and they’re perfect because they go with almost any shoe.

If you’ve recently purchased a new pair of split release hem jeans, and you find yourself going over the question of split release hem jeans what shoe?

You aren’t the only one! Luckily, split release hem jeans go with pretty much anything, so here, I’ll discuss some favorites!

What Shoe with Split Release Hem Jeans?

Split release hem jeans can be worn with a variety of shoes, but they look particularly amazing with sneakers, flats, boots, booties, heels, and sandals! The open seams at the bottom of split release hem jeans make it possible to pair them with so many different shoes, that they’ve become a closet staple for millions of people. Split release hem jeans go with almost any shoe color as well, so there is plenty of freedom regarding what you choose to wear with your jeans.

Shoes that Complement Split Release Jeans

Chances are, if you look in your closet for a pair of shoes that will complement your split-release hem jeans, you won’t have any trouble finding them!

Split release hem jeans are so easy to dress up or down, which means you can blindly pull a pair of shoes out of a pile, and they’ll likely match perfectly.


Sneakers of all shapes and sizes go with split-release hem jeans.

Sneakers that tie and slip-on will work, as well as high-top shoes like Chuck Taylors or Nikes.

Split release hem jeans have plenty of room at the ankle, so they can adorably accommodate any sneaker without bunching around the bottom.

Denim and sneakers go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s always a good choice to wear sneakers with your split release hem jeans.

Pair them with a long-sleeve tee or oversized sweatshirt and you’ll have the perfect look for casual fall outings.

Flat Shoes

There aren’t many denim pieces that don’t go with flat shoes, and split release hem jeans are no exception to that rule.

Not only do they go well with flats, but they look sleek and incredible together.

Flats and split release hem denim are an unstoppable duo, turning heads in casual office settings across the globe.

You can wear any style of flat shoe with split release hem jeans, ranging from pointed to rounded toes in colors of every hue.

They go perfectly from a day at the office to dinner out on the town, and paired with flat shoes, the comfort is optimal.

Boots & Booties

While this season is showing way more booties than boots from a fashion perspective, you can wear whatever you like, because split release hem jeans go swimmingly with both!

Tall boots with a little space around the top fit well over split hem jeans, depending on the length of the split, while tight, tall boots can fit over and, occasionally, underneath them!

Many split-release hem jeans are fitted to the ankle, so most boots finish them off nicely.

Booties look fantastic no matter the length of the split or size of the opening at the hem.

Split release hem jeans that are fitted around the ankle will look great with any boot height.


Don’t be mistaken, the days of heels and jeans are not gone, they’re just evolving.

You can absolutely wear your split release hem jeans with high-heeled shoes, varying styles, and colors to suit your mood.

Split release hem jeans look great with round toe heels, pointed toe heels, and square toe heels.

You can wear any size heel, though anything upward of three inches will add height to your leg.

Height isn’t necessary to look and feel amazing, so don’t shy away from pairing your favorite kitten heels with split release hem jeans as well!

Sandals & Crocs

Sandals complement split release hem jeans well because the split often causes the hem of the jean to fall nicely over flat or heeling sandals.

A split hem gives a nice introduction to the foot, without looking awkward or bunchy.

My split release hem jeans are my absolute favorite to wear with sandals and a tank during the summer.

It’s an easy outfit that looks pulled together with very little effort.

I also love wearing split release hem jeans with Crocs, for a quick run to the grocery store or school pick-up.

Split Release Hem Jeans What Shoe FAQs

The good news is you can wear almost any shoe with split release hem jeans. It all comes down to what you prefer to wear and feel your best in!

What are the best shoes to wear with split release hem jeans?

Split release hem jeans look amazing in so many different ways, paired with various shoes of all shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to decide what looks best, but you can’t go wrong with heels, boots, sneakers, and flats.

Can I wear split release hem jeans with casual and dress shoes?

Yes, you can dress them up or down. Whatever your current favorite shoe is, it’s very likely that it will go with your split release hem jeans!

Shoes and Split Release Hem Jeans

Split release hem jeans are revolutionary in that, unlike other jeans, they go with almost every shoe, from thin and dainty to bulky and wide.

However you prefer, your footwear is completely okay with your split release hem jeans, and that alone is a reason to love them, and buy more than one pair!