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What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Men’s – 5 Tips

What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Men’s – 5 Tips

Springtime is also leather jacket time. Too cold to go without a jacket, but too warm for the winter jacket.

So it’s time to take out the leather jacket.

No matter if genuine leather or vegan leather, a jacket in a biker, moto, or pilot style is a must-have in every wardrobe.

Also because they are long-lasting and the trend regarding colors and cuts are not changing as fast as it does with other jackets.

Surely, sometimes the trend is more towards biker jackets instead of moto jackets, but still one or the other is never out of fashion.

So let’s look at some shoe options you have with a brown leather jacket.

Brown comes in different shades, from chocolate brown to beige-brown.

We will focus on two shades: dark brown and light brown as those are the most common colors for a leather jacket.

And that leads us to the question: “What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Men’s?”.

What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Men’s

Chelsea boots, sneakers, moc toe boots, or desert boots are a wonderful pairing with a brown leather jacket. Each shoe will influence your look, so before choosing your shoe think about what style you want to archive. Chelsea boots for a more elegant style, sneakers for the sporty touch, more toes for the urban style. The best practice is to match the shoe to the color of the jacket. So when wearing a dark brown leather jacket, wear darker shoes. 

The Different Types of Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets are available in different styles

Let’s have a look at the different types of leather jackets and each characteristic of this jacket type.

Cafe Racer Jacket

This jacket was also invited by the motorcyclist scene. It is a softer form of the moto jacket, without details.

This jacket was also often seen on the car racing circuits in the ’60s and ’70s.

It comes with a stand-up collar, but besides that, it is a very plain jacket and often combined with a more elegant look.

Biker Jacket

Probably the most famous leather jacket. A recognizable detail is the lapel collar and often it has an unsymmetric zipper.

Often they have zippers at the cuffs and a belt. Usually, bike jackets are ending at the hips, so they have a cropped cut.

Moto Jacket

The racer jacket has a sophisticated design, not many details.

It comes with a stand-up collar, and some of them have decorative stitching or quilted shoulders inspired by the protective shoulder pads of a motorcyclist jacket.

Bomber Jacket

Originally invited by the military, the bomber jacket has its regular occurrence on the streets.

Not only in the classic khaki green but also as a leather jacket this cut is among the favorite cuts in menswear.

The ribbed waistband, the ribbed cuffs, and often a ribbed collar are the branding of the bomber jacket.

It is also waist long, but usually, it has loose-fitting.

Bomber jackets are often made from suede leather, which is slightly lighter than standard leather.

What Shoes to Wear with A Brown Leather Jacket

A mixture of different brown shades works very well together

As previously mentioned whenever possible match the shoe color to the color of the jacket.

However, this is not necessarily a must.

So depending on the look you are wearing besides the jacket, the shoes can also be slightly darker or lighter colored than the jacket.

If you decide to wear an all-black outfit underneath your jacket or really dark blue jeans, you can combine black shoes with a brown jacket.

However, try this at home at daylight.

I like the combination of light brown and black, although, when wearing dark brown and black the contrast between those colors is less and it tends to look like you mistakenly took the wrong shoes.

And obviously, another exception is sneakers. Sneakers can have any color, however, they are preferable in the color scheme of brown.

For example blue sneakers with orange, red, or purple details.

The color of the shoe is the one part that influences the overall style of an outfit, the other part is the style of the shoe.

Chelsea Boots

Suede Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple.

Chelsea boots are a classic piece in menswear. No matter if wearing jeans or a suit, Chelsea boots can work perfectly fine with both styles.

And no surprise in that, also with a leather jacket Chelsea boots can be a good choice.

The boot usually suggested a sophisticated elegant look, so if you want to dress up your leather jacket a Chelsea boot is a good choice.


That style might be controversial, the barefoot with loafer look.

But it found its place in the fashion world and you can certainly play around with the contrasts of a rather elegant shoe and a solid leather jacket.

Lace-Up Boots

This shoe is perfect for the urban work style.

A cool and masculine combination and definitely a go with the leather jacket.

This shoe comes also in a slightly more elegant version, with a typical Borogue shoe perforation.

Moc Toe Boots

Moc Toe boots have their name from the toe that has the typical moccasin stitching.

In addition to that, they have a big white sole.

I love the style with a leather jacket, as it gives an urban touch.

Together with dark blue denim and a shirt, they are the perfect combination.

Another option is brown pants, a black shirt, and moc toes.


Sneakers are more forgivable when it comes to the combination.

No matter if white or colorful, you certainly can wear sneakers with a leather jacket.

Always make sure that the sneaker is in the same color palette as the jacket.

So blue, purple, orange, off-white, and green pair beautifully with brown.

Frequently Asked Questions about Leather Jackets for Men

Can I wear black with a brown leather jacket?

We probably all hear the voices in our minds: don’t wear black and brown. But this is simply not true. Brown and black can complement each other very nicely and make a wonderful combination. If you are new to the black and brown game, start with a lighter brown. Light brown creates more contrasts with black and therefore it is easier to put together an outfit with light brown. When combining dark brown and black it really comes down to material and shades of brown.

Can I wear a leather jacket in summer?

Yes, leather jackets can be worn in summer, but make sure to wear light garments underneath them. Also, pay attention to the lining of the jacket, cotton is for summer more suitable for summer due to its breathable features. You can also go for lighter leather, and choose lighter colors for the jacket.