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What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Women’s – 6 Amazing Options

What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Women’s – 6 Amazing Options

Leather jackets are great. No matter what age you are, leather jackets can be worn at any age to any time. Well almost at any time.

They are an all-year-round staple and suit many occasions.

After black, brown is probably the most popular color for leather jackets.

And I admit, I underestimated a good brown leather jacket.

So to change that let’s have a look at what kind of shoes, style, and color, you can wear with a brown leather jacket and let’s deep dive into the question: “What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Women’s?”.


What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket

Heels, biker boots, cowboy boots, or sneakers, almost every shoe can be worn with a brown biker leather jacket – depending on the style you want to archive. But also the color of the shoe matters a lot in order to create the perfect look. You can wear dark brown leather jackets with either brown shoes, dark red shoes, nude shoes, or white sneakers. Cognac brown leather jackets can be worn with black, nude, brown, or white sneakers.

Different Brown Tones

When looking at the question of what shoes we can wear with a brown leather jacket, it’s also essential to have a look at the brown tone.

As so often in fashion, it is all about hues and the intensity of a color.

Therefore we will look at what goes best with a chocolate brown leather jacket and with a cognac brown leather jacket.

Colors that go with Dark Brown

Black and Brown are working well together

Dark brown goes very well with neutrals such as white, off white but also with intense colors such as purple, green, or orange.

But it also goes with black.

Many people are still sticking with the ” don’t wear blue and black, don’t wear brown and black” mantra but fashion became more open and much more is possible in our days.

So why not wear an all-black look with a dark brown leather jacket?

I would just suggest making a clear statement between the materials.

Meaning if you have a suede leather jacket, wear standard black leather shoes.

Just so that the contrast between those two gets a bit clearer.

For a light brown jacket, you can also wear suede leather boots, because light brown is much lighter than black, so the contrast is already there.

Outfit Ideas with a Dark Brown Leather Jacket

Dark brown leather jackets are very versatile

Sneaker + Leather Jacket 

The question “What Shoes to Wear with Brown Leather Jacket Women’s” automatically comes with the answer “Sneakers!”.

One of my favorite combinations is dark brown together with an ivory outfit and Parchment-colored converse.

This is a really light summer look. However, the leather jacket is the focus and the sneaker are giving a sporty touch.

Alternatively, you can also wear dark blue denim, instead of off-white denim, an ivory-colored shirt, and the converse.

Heels + Leather Jacket

For this outfit, I combine black cropped jeans, a white tee, black heels, and a dark brown leather jacket.

I am choosing a white tee to give the jacket more contrast and more power.

However, if I do the look with a cognac-colored jacket, I choose a black shirt.

For a splash of color, wear purple heels.

Boots + Leather Jacket

Flower printed dress, suede boots, and leather jacket.

It’s an easy look, easily pulled together but it’s also a look that is never out of fashion.

For this look you can also wear cowboy boots, to get a bit of a country flair.

Colors that go with Cognac Brown

A leather jacket is a wardrobe staple

Again the neutral tones are rocking the game.

But also colors such as emerald green, navy, or purple work perfectly with cognac.

Depending on the exact shade of the brown, you can also wear them with gray shoes.

But this really comes down to the hue and shade.

So it is a bit of a tricky combination. However, when the shades fit, it is a stunning one!

So try the look at the home and see if your eyes are feeling comfortable or if it’s just not the right shade.

Outfit Ideas with a CognacLeather Jacket

Animal Print + Leather Jacket

White tee, mid-blue denim trousers, and animal printed shoes.

The shoes are reflecting the color of the jacket and the look is rounded up very nicely.

For this outfit, it does not really matter if the shoes are high heels or flat, as it lives from the animal print.

Mules + Leather Jacket

Dark Blue wide-leg trouser, emerald green blouse, and cognac or black mules.

This is a very elegant combination, that gets a rustic touch thanks to the jacket.

Nude Heels + Leather Jacket

We said that you can wear gray and cognac, the question is how.

One idea I have is to wear a light gray shirt, white jeans, nude heels, and a leather jacket.

The gray gives a touch of extravagance. You won’t see this combination daily.


It comes down to the look you want to archive when deciding what shoes you like to wear with your brown leather jacket.

In general, a leather jacket can be paired with any shoe type.

But it will influence the appearance of the whole look. If you want to go dressy, choose heels, mules, or loafers.

Even if it might not seem at first sight but brown can be combined with a lot of colors.

Now, colorful shoes might not be in everyone’s closet, but the good news is you can’t go wrong with the usual colors such as black, neutrals, or even gray.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brown Leather Jackets

How do I create an office look with a brown leather jacket?

To still look professional while wearing a leather jacket, you can combine the jacket with classic business clothing such as an etui dress or a pencil skirt. Wear a black etui dress and brown shoes in the same color as the jacket.

Can I wear a leather jacket in summer?

You certainly can. However, choose your outfit carefully. Wear light garments underneath it. Also, have a look if you find a jacket with cotton instead of a polyester lining, this will help the body to breathe. You can also just throw the jacket over your shoulder. This way it is more an accessory than a jacket, however for colder evenings you have something to wear.