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What Shoes to Wear With Culottes

What Shoes to Wear With Culottes

Over the years, culottes have managed to stay in style in some form, ranging from laid-back and casual sweats to dressy, formal, and fitted on the top. 

Culottes are comfortable, and for the most part, they move with you, which makes them a great choice for both work and play.

However, due to the length and the wide-legged cut of culottes, it can be difficult to land on the perfect shoe to wear with them.

If you constantly find yourself wondering what shoes to wear with culottes, you’re not alone.

Stress no more, as we’ll go through a few shoe styles that look absolutely stunning with culottes.

What Shoes to Wear with Culottes

Culottes tend to make the legs appear shorter, just because of the way they’re cut. Due to that fact, most people prefer to wear culottes with heels, sandals, or pointed-toe flats. Any shoes that have a rounded toe, or sneakers, typically do not go well with culottes, as they don’t add the illusion of length. Though adorable, culottes can be difficult to style, so don’t give up if you can’t find the perfect shoe right away. When in doubt, choose something open or pointed!

Choosing the Perfect Shoe for Your Culottes

Culottes can be tricky to dress.

Not only should your shoes compliment the way culottes tend to cut off the height of a person, but they’ve also got to match the style and material of the culotte you’re wearing.

Since culottes have come such a long way when it comes to style, it’s more difficult to nail down the perfect shoe.

Casual Culottes

If you’ve chosen soft, cotton, casual culottes that work for a work-from-home or loungewear look, then you’ll want a shoe that’s just as casual. This type of culotte is great to throw on during the summer, whether you’re working or running morning errands.

When choosing shoes for casual culottes, you’ll want to go with sandals or a casual pointed-toe shoe.

Typically, a flat will work well here. Keep your shoes as casual as your culottes.

Don’t dress down in one aspect of your outfit and dress up in another. If each piece stays in tune with the others, you’ll always look put together.

Dressy Culottes

Culottes tend to be dressy.

They look great for work and special occasions, as long as you’re wearing the correct type of shoe.

Weddings, anniversary parties, date nights, and work are all acceptable places to wear your dressier culottes.

So let’s talk about shoes!

Dressy culottes require shoes that look the part. You can dress up your culottes with pointed-toe flats, tall boots that zip underneath the pants, or heels!

In my humble opinion, it’s easier to dress culottes up than to keep them casual, because there are so many shoe options that go with dressy culottes.

Culottes and Shoe Tips

Matching your culottes to your shoes doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Let’s talk about a few ways to wear your favorite shoes with your culottes.


Wearing high-heels with culottes is a great way to lengthen the leg and add height and shape to your outfit.

Because there’s space between the hem of the culotte and the heel itself, your can wear either round or pointed toe high-heels.

While the height of the heel doesn’t matter, if you’re looking for length, the higher the heel, the better.

Tall Boots

Wearing tall boots with culottes is a must-try for any culotte lover.

If tall boots are your shoe of choice, you’ll want them fitted around the top, so they fit nicely under your culottes.

A fitted tall boot will provide a nice silhouette, so try and avoid wide boots.

Also, make sure your boot comes all the way up under your culottes to achieve the right appearance.


Sneakers are one of my favorite things to wear with culottes.

They give a casual, comfortable appearance without looking disheveled.

Slip-on sneakers look incredible with culottes, but choosing a shoe with a tie will work too.

However, if you’re going with sneakers, make sure that they’re not too bulky. A slender sneaker is a way to go.

Avoid bulky running shoes at all costs.


When it comes to flats and culottes, you’ll want to follow the same basic rules that apply to sneakers.

Pairing a bulky flat with culottes will cause a square appearance to the body.

Instead, go with a flat that lengthens your foot, perhaps with a pointed toe.

The more foot you show, the longer your calves and legs will look!

What Shoes to Wear with Culottes Frequently Asked Questions

Culottes are adorable but hard to match with shoes.

It’s best to follow your style preferences while sticking to basic colors and fashion guidelines.

Can I wear my culottes with any shoes?

Of course. You can wear your culottes however you want, but they look best with a pointed heel, flat, or sandals. Casual culottes look super cute with slip-on sneakers.

Can I wear culottes in cold weather?

Boots look fantastic with culottes, so you can wear your favorite wide-legged pants all winter long. All you have to do to achieve this look is pull a fitted boot up under your culotte, and you’ll find yourself looking sleek and pulled together.

Culottes for All

When it comes to articles of clothing, culottes are grossly underrated. They’re comfortable, versatile, and so much fun to wear, as long as you have the right shoes!