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What Socks to Wear With Vans

What Socks to Wear With Vans

Socks became more and more important in fashion and reached the status of an accessory.

So the socks do matter for an outfit.

Besides the practical reasons to wear socks (Socks absorb a lot of sweat and can make wearing Vans more comfortable. In addition, socks may help eliminate the odor that comes with not wearing socks.) there is also a fashionable reason to wear socks.

What socks to wear with Vans

Vans can be worn with visible socks or with socks that are not. Either look works well with these shoes. Opt for ankle socks when wearing high-top sneakers. Invisible socks work with low-top sneakers. This is a great option if the look of socks with an outfit is not desired. For a trendier look, knee-high cotton socks in bright colors go well with Vans.

Vans opened its first store in 1966, getting its skateboard logo sometime in the 1970s.

Regardless of whether you can ride a skateboard or not, you probably wore Vans at some point in your youth.

It’s a trendy shoe that seems to be dominating Generation Z right now.

From high tops to ankle shoes, the brand now offers a leather option for fall. How cool is that?

I am not sure how well this type of shoe (leather) would go over with Zoomers though.

But the question remains, how do you wear socks with these trendy shoes?

This will largely depend on your preference and taste.

Some Vans boast a brighter, louder print, while the more traditional shoe is simply black with a white logo.

But, to create a look that stands out, as many of Gen Z’s love to do, it all comes down to the socks.

The shoe is iconic with its ankle padding, wear-resistant treads, and tough exterior (canvas).

Additionally, wearing socks may limit some undesirable outcomes such as blisters, smelly feet (jip I said it), athletes’ feet, and a poor fit.

Things to consider when choosing a sock

Vans are a style.

When considering what socks to wear with these shoes, consider the entire outfit.

These are no ordinary sneakers.

Vans are a statement piece and choosing the right socks to complement the outfit is key to achieving the look you want.

Firstly, pay attention to the style of the shoe.

Some shoes go well with visible socks, while others go better with socks that are not visible, like the Vans Slip-On.

The style of the shoe will be a clear indication of which socks to pair with the shoe.

Secondly, consider the occasion.

Is it a relaxed visit to a friend’s house or a trip to a social event?

Socks are an opportunity to show off your style.

Thirdly, what about the hem of your pants?

You can add a pop of color with bright, barely visible socks if the hem only allows for a sneak peek of the socks.

Sock choices

Vans can be worn with any type of sock if you consider the occasion, the hemline, and the style of the shoe.

The choices range from solid neutral colors to bright, vibrant patterns.

Whether you choose suit socks, no-show socks, casual or athletic socks, it should reflect your personality.

Because that’s exactly what Vans strives to do.

To create and promote individuality among its followers.

This trend is a form of advertising because it also promotes the sale of the shoe.

Know your styles

Don’t fret if you are not familiar with the different styles of Vans.

That’s what I’m here for. It’s important to know what the brands are though, as this is one of the factors that will aid in selecting the right sock.

There are five street styles that most people know and love. They include:

  • The Old-Skool
  • The Slip-On
  • The Authentic
  • The Era
  • The Sk8-High

Consider the look that you are going for.

Think about the colors of the shoes as well as the colors in your outfit.

But the key is having fun and expressing yourself through your Vans.

The Old-Skool

The Old-Skool is probably the most famous of all the shoes in the Vans range. It features the iconic white stripe down the side of the shoe, commonly referred to as the jazz stripe.

It is an absolute favorite for anyone wearing Vans for the first time. From here, most people move on to more vibrant styles and colors.

These shoes pair very well with solid colored shocks in black or even white. Socks are most often worn with this style. Ankle socks are more often than not worn with Old-Skool Vans.

The Slip-On

These shoes are known for delivering a good mix of comfort and style.

It’s one of the easier styles to wear and get into.

For this style of shoe, no-show socks are most common.

However, some individuals still rock bright patterns to show off their personalities.

The Authentic

The Authentic is the original Vans shoes.

These shoes, as the name suggests, first made their appearance in 1966. Believe it or not, these shoes are still as popular today as back in the 1960s.

The shoes are versatile and can be worn with different styles of socks.

Each style creates a different look and it is up to the individual wearing the shoes to convey their style of choice.

Casual, no-show, athletic, and dress socks work great with these shoes.

The Era

The Era was made famous in the 1970s and remains famous today.

These shoes boast extra padding and have a very durable design and structure.

This shoe comes in a variety of patterns and materials.

Much like The Authentic, The Era can be worn with a variety of socks including dress, athletic, casual, and no show.

It will depend on the rest of the outfit and the colors present in both the shoes and the outfit.

The Sk8-High

These shoes are designed to protect the ankles of skaters.

They sit higher up on the ankle and are very popular today.

Sporty socks go best with these shoes, as well as casual socks with bright colors and patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear Vans without socks?

It’s possible to wear Vans without socks, though not recommended. Socks provide more comfort and absorb more sweat, protecting the feet from ailments such as athletes’ feet.

Can Vans be cleaned in the washing machine?

If you have canvas vans then yes, use a mild washing liquid and just choose a cold washing circle. However, be aware that washing in the washing machine might damage the shoe. So it’s best to use a brush and a cloth to remove any dirt.


Whether you own a skateboard or not, you may have sported a pair of Vans at one point or another.

You may even still be wearing them in 2021. That’s because Vans are still relevant and still trendy.

Show your style by pairing the right sock with the right Vans.