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What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans – The 4 Best Outfits

What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans – The 4 Best Outfits

During the height of the skinny jeans, the coated jeans came into the game.

It was a nice change and created a whole new look.

Women felt like biker girls or rockstars without having to invest in expensive leather trousers.

From this point onwards, it seems that for every holiday season the coated denim is back.

This makes sense, given that you can create very elegant outfits with these trousers.

With the right combination, you can wear them in the office, while hanging out with friends, and for dinner.

They’re super versatile.

In the meantime, the coated denim is available in almost every cut, from kick flare to wide leg.

However, the most common cut for coated jeans is still the skinny one.

Coated denim is definitely a key piece you need in your wardrobe, so let’s look at some goes and no-goes when it comes to coated jeans.

What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans

Coated jeans have a slightly shimmery look, therefore they are very flattering in combination with a monochromatic all-black look, but also with a classic white shirt, black blazer combination the coated jeans is a perfect match. For casual occasions take a white tee, a denim shirt, and coated jeans and you have an easy-going weekend combination.

What are Coated Jeans?

Coated jeans are denim trousers that have a special coat that shines and looks a bit like leather pants.

The coat is almost like wax.  There are different coating techniques, some use pigment coating, others acryl or polyurethane coating.

Depending on if you want to archive, you might get a shiny look or a matt finished wax look, or something more leather-like.

Often you find coated denim with decorative seams to emphasize the biker look.

How to Take Care of  Coated Jeans?

What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans

Casual or business, coated jeans are a wardrobe staple

Coated jeans are not an item I would wash after every use.

Similar to jeans, I often just hang them out and use tome textile refresher.

However, at a certain point, you would need to wash your trousers.

Usually, I hand-wash them, in warm water and with mild soap.

Always turn them inside out before washing. I carefully wring out the water and hanging them to dry.

The other option I have tried is washing them in the washing machine, on a short cycle, with cold water.

Though this worked for me, check the washing instructions before taking any action.

If you have one single stain on your coated jeans, try to avoid rubbing the material with a cloth.

This can partially remove the coating and the stain left will be even bigger.

So in this scenario, it is also best to hand-wash your trousers.

Outfit Ideas around the Coated Jeans

We have scratched the surface all the endless possibilities of styling black coated jeans.

Let’s gather some ideas and what goes and what doesn’t go so well with these kinds of jeans.

Office Look with Coated Jeans

What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans

Business Look with coated jeans

You can style coated jeans in a very elegant way.

I admit, coated trousers are more set than the well-known slack, but if you build the look around it correctly, it can work perfectly.

And therefore if you are not working in a conservative office environment, coated jeans can be worn for business.

I would just suggest keeping the rest of the look rather classic.

With a white shirt, a blazer, and heels or loafers.

Another great option is to wear a white blazer, white shirt, and leo print shoes.

I love this combination, because it is elegant enough for the office, but is not the classic black and white look.

The leopard prints add a little something and the look becomes more vivid.

Everyday Look Monochromatic

What to Wear with Black Coated Jeans

Coated jeans are perfect for a monochromatic look

Coated jeans are perfect for a monochromatic look.

Thanks to the different textures of the garment, it adds a contrast to the look, while remaining in the same color family.

All black looks are always a good choice and lately, these monochromatic looks gained more and more fans.

Also because a monochromatic look always lets you appear taller and thinner.

Casual Look

So whenever I think of black coated jeans I also think of the combination with a denim shirt.

And I admit, I’ve seen this combination so often: white shirt, denim shirt left open, and black coated jeans.

And while this look works, no question about that, I am not a huge fan of this combination.

That’s probably because I’ve seen it too often. However, I feel if you wear a blazer over the denim shirt, the look gets elevated.

Coated denim with an oversized knitted sweater is my all-time favorite.

That’s an outfit I am often wearing and since coated jeans are more for autumn/winter (as they are not really breathable due to the coating) this is an easy outfit and can be put together quickly!

Wear a long coat and add some accessories such as a beanie or a hat and you are fully dressed.

What Does Not Go with Coated Jeans?

Basically, there is no no-go or no piece you shouldn’t wear with coated jeans.

I mean it’s a pair of black trousers, so it’s hard to find something that does not match.

Personally, I don’t wear black leather jackets with black coated denim, because I feel that the different materials don’t match.

I would also be careful with too shiny garments, as the coated trousers shine as well, so you want to keep the balance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coated Denim


Can I Iron Coated Jeans?

Avoid ironing your coated jeans, as this might damage the coating. If absolutely necessary, use a steamer, or just take your iron and steam the trouser carefully. However, think of your coated trouser as you think of faux leather jackets: don’t iron them.

Are Coated Jeans Always A Skinny Fit?

You can get different jeans styles with the coated material, however, the skinny one is the most popular. When coating was at its peak you also could wear coated denim jackets, coated shorts, and so on. However, this kind of material works best in the skinny style.


If you are looking for chic trousers with more statement than just regular black jeans, then choose coated jeans.

The mix between leather-look and laminated-look makes it the perfect piece to give our outfit extravagance.

And it works not only in black, but also coated jeans in other colors such as white are great, because the garment is much thicker and they are not transparent